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  1. I love the Mac Mini! I use it much more than I use my iMac.
  2. Me, too! If you are going to write on the guitar, at least, please, PLEASE, write it on the back. Better still, why not use a Post-It note?
  3. No logo on the headstock. The pickup selector switch looks, to me, like it is from a Gibson. I am not an expert, but I haven't seen a circular plastic ring around the selector switch on a Vector before.
  4. Corey claims that he and Michael Jackson were friends growing up, and that they used to dance together.
  5. Go for it! And check out this ridiculous video that Corey Feldman intended to be serious:
  6. That's what I call a flame-top! In my opinion, this is the optimal use of PRS guitars.
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