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  1. Oh, yes, for sure. The three knobs in line is a giveaway, isn't it? Son Seals himself is wearing a white hat!
  2. Yes, this was even stated explicitly in another thread just this week.
  3. For $350?! With negotiating skills like that, this kid doesn't need our wisdom at all!
  4. I remember jonesing for a Frost Bite Flanger while waiting for the second round of reissue ADA flangers to come out in 2009. I waited... but then I fell in love with the Foxrox Paradox. I still have the ADA on the shelf, though!
  5. Oakland is really trying hard to change its image, according to the Netflix documentary Last Chance U. Even before the surgery, however, the Yoshi's club was super cool! I watched Robben Ford perform there.
  6. I agree with this 100%. These are great entry level instruments. They claim to be hand-made... although I am sure some tools are involved as well.
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