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  1. Who else had Carole King's "You've Got a Friend" just go through their head? "You've Got a Fiend". I especially love James Taylor's version.
  2. Excellent! Don't people love chambered and weight-relieved guitars and basses anyway?
  3. 15 lbs should be equal to the weight of 1.5 heavy basses, as far as I am concerned.
  4. No affiliation. "There are small holes/indentions in finish. Does not go down to the wood, they are very small. (Please see photos) I am not sure how they got there or what they are from. I bought the bass with them there. Owner I bought if from said it may have been a factory defect in the finish." Does anybody know what on Earth could have caused these holes? https://reverb.com/item/42289979-ernie-ball-music-man-caprice-bass-2019-ivory-white
  5. Agreed. Even apart from the crack in the back of the neck, that home finish is hideous.
  6. Good point, but lots of bands that use these walls of extra Marshall shells have at least one legitimate cab in there somewhere.
  7. "Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Kenney Jones Reunite for New Faces Recordings" New Faces?! How about Wrinkly Old Faces?
  8. At the least the Marshalls have not been replaced by a (Line 6) Pod!
  9. That is right up there with the incredibly pompous, "Don't you know who I am?" I cannot imagine using such a line myself, but it has been used on me twice that I remember. Both times I answered honestly, "No, I don't."
  10. I import gear all the time to Canada. All I pay is local sales tax, unless FedEx or UPS decides to charge a brokerage fee, which can run into hundreds of dollars. From Europe, I would recommend either the Post Office, or DHL.
  11. Can you really walk into the police office, lay a guitar on the floor, and do a transaction? Wouldn't anybody tell you to move along?
  12. Yes, of course there is a huge difference. The point is the huge percentage of refund, and so in my opinion, a $1500 refund would make the deal much more attractive. Why not just buy cmatthes' bass instead? It already has the 50% discount!
  13. Yes, it looks to me like a case of surface finish cracks from cold weather. This bass is currently in California, but obviously it was shipped from a colder place at some point. (This is not exactly stunning detective work... because at the very least, we all know where this bass was made!) I had a Hamer import shipped to me that looked like this: I ended up getting a $160 USD partial refund on a total sale price of $315 USD! What a deal!! It plays great, though.
  14. https://reverb.com/news/the-official-mike-campbell-reverb-shop-preview?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Midweek_Content_20210714_(US)&utm_term=Variant_2
  15. I love the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Obviously, rap is not my genre of choice. This video was just for fun.
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