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  1. Details? Pictures, please! I love happy endings! (The clean kind... get your mind out of the gutter!)
  2. Who knows what the hell is under that sticker?! Could be a scratch, a gouge... maybe even bed-post like notches from counting groupies? You have no idea.
  3. How many truss rods do you think that this 17-stringer has??
  4. Does anybody know offhand how much Rick Nielsen's five-neck guitars weigh?
  5. Wow! I thought that bubinga basses were heavy... but they are not thirteen pounds heavy!
  6. Oh, the original Strat Plus all the way is what you should get: 1987-1998 (not the recent Strat Plus series, that has nothing to do with the original). Some say that these original Plusses were like Custom Shop instruments before the Custom Shop really took off (in price). I have three Strat Plusses (two maple and a rosewood fretboard), and an Strat Ultra (ebony board), before these names were reappropriated for more recent, much inferior instruments. The Lace sensors are noise-free, and super versatile. This website has all you need to know, and then some: http://xhefriguit
  7. You snooze, you no play the blues! (On this Eclipse, at least.)
  8. Brilliant! Since a Falcon is a bird, this is for you:
  9. Beware of this! I can just imagine the seller saying, AFTER you have bought the item, "I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further."
  10. I love the Phat Cats: they have great tone without all the hum that I was accustomed to from P90s.
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