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  1. TrueFire has 75% off a slide-guitar course by one of your favourite players, and he is rocking a Hamer DuoTone. https://truefire.com/blues-guitar-lessons/electric-slide/c208
  2. https://www.premierguitar.com/the-tale-of-the-hamer-duotone-an-innovative-model-that-satisfied-zero-demand
  3. https://reverb.com/ca/item/35342371-warm-audio-wa-jp-jet-phaser-fuzz-and-phaser-guitar-effects-pedal I used to have the Roland Jet Phaser which I sold to buy other gear, but I just picked up this recreation today. Get your 1970s on!
  4. Nice bass, but the thing about the quilt is that you either love it, or hate it. Unfortunately for me... I hate it.
  5. If I ever bought a guitar with signatures on it, the first thing that I would do would be to clean them off!
  6. Hi everybody, I am not looking for a 4-digit, or a “bound and crowned”, just any old Hamer Standard in decent shape. Korean or Indonesian Import okay. Truth be told, I bought an import Vector as a placeholder to stop me from shelling out thousands and thousands for the real thing, and this is exactly the same situation. Please let me know what you have and your asking price. I would rather avoid the XT models, thank you. If you can give me a deal on a USA mahogany version from the 1990s or later, I would prefer that over an import, obviously, but my max budget is only $1800 USD plus shipping, and maybe you would rather try to find an insane buyer on Reverb. I live in Canada, but I have had really good experiences with USPS shipping from the States to Canada. No FedEx or UPS, please. Thanks, HamerCustomEr
  7. Sellers say a lot of things that are not accurate. When I bought the Phantom 12, the seller claimed that the nut width was a hair under 1-3/4", which is my bare minimum for 12-stringers as well, but when I received the guitar, the nut width measured only 1-5/8". I sent him a picture to prove this to him, and he told me that I was holding the tape measure wrong. (I was not!). By the way, I had someone else confirm this with an independent measurement. Just for fun, here is the picture.
  8. Interesting. I measured my Phantom 12 at 1-5/8", and I was interested in a Proto 12 that the seller measured at 1-5/8", and so I declined.
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