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  1. One that really gets me is Elvin Bishops FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE. Best touch dancin tune on the planet IMO. Just love that balls to the wall guitar solo man.
  2. I guess i'm the opposite it never really scared me that much i just jumped right into it Even doing the electronics I had just bought a Hamer prototype II and the finish what was left of it was baaaaad man it was black i played it for a year or so like that because i was afraid to tear it down to have it painted. Then one day i managed to find the Steve Stevens PDF wiring diagram. Which is a little unusual. I say that because the way that wiring diagram is you cant get the mid and bridge pups at the same time for that motherbucker effect. Which i thought was strange but all you have to do is switch the neck and mid pup hots and you can get everything you could possibly want. One day i said the hell with it i'm tearing this thing apart. So thats what i did. Now i do that stuff all the time. Anyway the truss rod thing I didn't know for sure but i figured tightening it would straighten the neck. And loosening it would make i bow or scallop. Man i just bought another SG from Zsounds and that neck and bridge were so far out man i couldn't believe it the strings had to be a 1/4 inch away from the neck. That one needed the whole 9 yards man. The thing i like about the gibsons i've had is the precision. Man you can get the strings .020" away from the frets and have no buzz at all. You have to make sure your bridge height is right as well but thats not difficult. The biggest problem i've encountered with all this is i cant find good pots smooth linear or decent audio taper i have tried just about every brand out there that i can find. I mean you really do need precise volume control for recording some things I read somewhere that Hamer pots are the best about being smooth and i'm inclined to believe it because my Hamer eclipse 12 string has the best smoothest pots i've ever seen. man they are great. i mean totally smooth the whole way up and down. Of course you know the problem with that. Ya can't find them the last set i bought off Reverb 2 pots for 50 bucks. But hey what are ya gonna do. I'm always checking to see if they scrounge up a couple more. i'll buy them in a heartbeat man. But like i said the CTS the Seymores the fenders none of them are really very good.IMO They claim to be though. IMO the best most consistent pots i've found are the Gibsons. So if anybody knows where to get consistently good pots please let me know
  3. I have a few SG's and a few HAMERS. My 1984 PROTOTYPE II is my absolute favorite Never ever get rid of it. Also my 1995 HAMER ECLIPSE 12 string. That thing is awesome. man. I am unable to post pictures because the files are too large . How do i get smaller files anybody know ????. I bought the PROTOTYPE II at a music shop in about 1993. It had a small Kahyler bridge problem easy fix took 5 minuets got it for 300 $. I had a HAMER phantom at the time. Best playing guitar i ever had. It got ripped in Erie PA. Didn't really love the body style but it played so well i had to have it. Anyway the PROTOTYPE II was black had a horrible finish. Paint was worn off the back of the neck half the body. So i tore it down and had a friend shoot about 15 coats of white laqure on there and now its beautious. My 12 string is candy apple green. Beautiful guitar man. I would post pics but like i said all the files are larger that the max you can download on this here thang. That PROTOTYPE II tips the scales at a wee bit over 10 lbs. Heavier than hell as compared to a 6 lb SG. It's like having a down rigger weight tied to your shoulder. But it's doable. The SG's are great guitars man. They sound great with stock 490 R and 490 T pups. The one i have came with P 90 single coil pups. I had to install a Dimarzio Dual coil P 90 at the bridge It sounds good now. P 90's are just too whimpy for me. I bought the guitar because it's beautiful not for the pups. But i knew i could modify it anyway. A .wee bit neck heavy but a good 3 inch suede strap takes care of that. I have absolutely no problem with the neck heaviness at all. You can get the action super close on those guitars. I like it close Easier to bend 2 strings at once like that for me. I think my action is around .020 " last time i gauged it. Smooth all the way no buzzes anywhere. Precision man. >020 " is about the thickness of a zippo lighter lid. Not very much at all.
  4. Hello I collect rare and obscure rock and roll songs I have 2605 on a couple 32 gig flash drives. have 1 for back up. Had 2 for back up but i left one at my friends studio last time i was out there. So he is taking care of it for me. The ultimate DJ flash drive man. A lot of the songs are very obscure. And a lot of them not so much. But they are mostly bands you probably never heard of. I still have a little over 5 gigs of space on my flash drives. Flash drives are cool as hell man I like to collect knowledge in my head about musicians, bands and that sort of thing. A walking wikipedia on rock and roll sort of. I don't know it all by any means but probably more than the average guy. Music is the coolest thing on the planet IMO. .
  5. I just bought the 4th SG i've owned. I love them Mine wit stock gibson tuners the weight balance thing was easily taken care of with a 3 inch linked suede strap. As a matter of act i bought 1 off ebay because i like the wood grain look. But what didn't really love are the p90 pups. I fixed the bridge with a Dimarzio dual coil p 90. It sounds great now. The actipon must have been set up by someone who knows their shit man it's perfect Didn't have to touch it. The neck is perfect the strings are as close as about a dime thickness. I like close action. Easier to bend 2 strings at a time for me. And i love bending strings man. Just bought my 4th from i wont say the company name but the action was so far off i had to do everything to it Adjust intonation as well . Big pain ass. But the price was right and i wanted one with stock 490R and 490 T pups. I think those pickups are some of the best sounding pickups made. That's just my opinion. They sound great with my rig that's all i can say. Had a near mint 2003 with crescent moon inlays And the neck was spectacular They made that guitar only 1 year. The neck got wider as you went up it Super easy to play I sold it like a dumb ass. Really regret it now Have been looking for a real nice 1 the only 1 i know of now is local pickup only. Long way away. Haven't looked in a few days Need to be patient although it's hard to do because 1 will turn up they always do. My favs are my Hamers though. A 1984 PROTOTYPE II and a 1995 Eclipse 12 string. Thin neck but i like it. Good sturdy guitar. Was gonna buy another Prototype II but when i saw the 12 string i had to have it. Prototype II is a very heavy guitar over 10 lbs. Compared to a SG which is like 6 lbs. Big difference The Prototype II is like having a down rigger weight tied to your shoulder Very heavy man. But boy do they play nice and sound killer. So when i go to jam somewhere i always ta both my hamers and a SG usually tuned down a half step for certain detuned songs But the SG is a fantastic guitar IMO. the right one
  6. Cool indeed I like MAJ VAG and CLOUD BOY the best, But there all cool man.
  7. I really like that work station Where you gonna put your TV. lol
  8. That is really cool. Being in a cover band was not really what i set out to do. But if you want and just have to play you need to learn covers. But if your gonna make that commitment and spend the cash, and make all that effort The very best thing any band can do is really work out their set list. Because you play the most simple song in the world, and have good sound ( but that's a whole different issue ) and nail it the people love it. Most starting bands are in such a hurry that they seem to overlook that 1 thing, slap a bunch of tunes together and go make asses out of themselves. It's actually hilarious. What really bothers me though is it seems everybody is a carpenter or a mechanic or a guitar player. Some guys are so amazing that there more than 1 of those things at the same time. Just ask them. They will tell you all about it. Well i just happen to be a mechanic for 30 years. As well as a musician for real. I can tell if another so called mechanic knows his or her ass from a hole in the ground in less than 5 minuets. As well as these bozos that think there great guitar players. Man what a joke. If you've ever heard me play, By no means what so ever am i a great guitar player. I consider myself as i can get by with the lead playing, basically i can get the job done. That's about it. But you've got to use your head for something other than a damn hat rack man. I consider myself unpretentious and pragmatic In other words i'm not fancy about anything i do and i really try to look at things objectively and try to do what makes sense. My music is definitely not fancy. It gets the point across most of the time i think or hope. Look at some of these tunes that have made history. Some are soooo simple one that jumps into my head is ELVIN BISHOP's FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOVE. That tune is a classic and one of my all time favorites. Gives me goosebumps every time i listen to it man, No need to be fancy anyway. I mean there is no urgency about it Everybody is in such a hurry to get on stage. A lot of these clowns just don't get it in the first place. It's kinda like martial arts, It's actually meant to keep you in good shape and elevate your mind and soul. Self defense. Not to go out and beat people up. I know a few martial artists, coolest people on the planet. The ones who abuse it never really get good at it. Why because they are most likely an asshead to begin with and their in to much of a hurry. Being in a real hurry and being impatient will usually wind up with bad results. Been there done that. Very common in young people these days. The moral of the story is slow the f#$% down, relax a little spend a little more time in figuring out your shit. Decent things will come. But not if you force the issue. Sorry about the rant But cmon dudes and dudets. Think about what your doing that's all. 1 more thing i really don't think this will work for everyone because if it walks and talks and acts like an asshead. it most likely is one No cure for that i don't think
  9. Exactly. The melding part i hear ya man, it can be done but i think i boils down to the songs you choose to play. You want to make sure you can play them well and have the sound gear to cover them. Some tunes do some wild shit like EASY MONEY by FOGHAT. Has this echo back and forth when lonesome dave sings the EASY MONEY part it's really cool Lonesome dave peveret died of cancer years back i guess. That easy money tune is the tightest tune i think i've ever heard. It's amazing. Especially keeping it that tight playing and singing it at the same time live. It's a fairly tough riff at the speed they play it man. That and singing it at the same time. Underrated band if i ever did see one. Maybe Dave was lonesome because his last name is spelled so close to pervert lol. Had ears that stuck out like car doors open as well. Speaking about playing tunes that you can actually play, Man it just kills a band when they attempt something way beyond their capabilities. Soon as i hear that bullshit i'm out the door. Seems to happen quite a bit around here. Actually i can't even remember the last time i sat and watched a whole show. IMO it's probably the dumbest thing you can do. Especially given the huge amount of cool easy stuff to play. Like SMOKIN GUN by KIP WINGER. DIGGIN A HOLE by BIG SUGAR. I was playing those in under 10 minuets. Easy to play and sing, And they sound great. I think any band could play those and a whole lot more
  10. I hear ya It's a pain to be cramped. Seems like any place the band could set up for practice was almost always cramped. Then there's these tiny little stages. That's 1 good thing about a 3 piece. A 3 piece IMO is really the best way to go. Less people involved, Ya make more cash per, and the room thing. Nice to have 2 guitar players, keys all that stuff. I always played in 2 guitar bands. Till i started this 3 piece. To be ohnest i was scared that i wouldn't be able to pull it off playing wise. Turns out for me it was the best thing i ever did. Just need to be a little careful about which songs your gonna play is all. There are tons of simple easy cool rock songs out there. Getting a good cool collection is important. So i started collecting obscure cool tunes. Have a collection of 2554 obscure to not so obscure really cool tunes on a couple flash drives. One for back up. A lot of these tunes the people never even heard of let alone who wrote them. So a lot of them think that you did. John Lennon said something about that in a 1980 playboy interview i had, Something like, We played obscure tunes in the beginning. If people think we wrote them, let them think what they want. Then he mentioned their manager Brian Epstien Who was gay by the way. John and he were in a resturaunt and John always called him Eppy. He was asking him one time ; do you like this guy, do you like that guy. Was just curious i reckon. Which is cool i guess. Should have kept that issue. Got lost in the shuffle. I kick myself in the butt everytime i think about it now. It was great.
  11. I agree totally about the drum thing, unfortunately I don't have a drummer on line only a drum machine. But perfect drums do sound ok. Everything else is out of time half or most of the time. It is possible to play right exactly with the beat, But it makes it sound like a machine or computer controlled. Takes all the emotion out of it I think
  12. meathead321


  13. That's cool, Everybody needs a music room. Mine is 10x10 Too damn small man. Hard to bring anybody in to do any recording. I'm eventually gonna fix up another room for that. I suppose there would be more room if I put some guitars away, But i'm always using the ones I have out. Damn cases take up a lot of room. Use the adjacent room for an isolation booth. For drums and vocals maybe. Haven't made up my mind. I would love to have my own recording studio. I missed my calling. I always wanted to go to school for sound engineering. I enjoy tinkering with the sound as much as anything else. I just might build a studio. One of my best friends used to build studio's in the Nashville area. At 1 he went down the hall Went left instead of right walked in on the traveling willburys. The red light wasn't on. Said whoops, and exited. He knows everything about building one. Wired a bunch of shit wrong 1 day. Made a mistake. He fixed it. There isn't a recording studio for miles around here in this rural town. Might be a good idea. There's a lot of musicians around here man. Actually building 1 isn't all that expensive. It's equipping it that gets expensive.
  14. That's all well and good But you don't have to snap to grid when you record on a DAW. The only thing on my recordings that sounds like a drum machine is the drum machine. Everything else we just wing it. A Roland DR-5 drum machine sounds very real. The only thing is that it is as precise as your gonna get. So unless you waste your time quantizing You can still make good ol' rock and roll.Just sounds like you have a good drummer. And that's what everybody wants anyway. My DR -5 has a few swing beats which I've used in the past. I use it in 1 song as the drums for the bridge. This tune is as sloppy as anything else But it sounds better not quantized I think. Like most shit does. I'm not using my DR-5 on this tune. I'm using a program off my Digitech RP 355 foot pedal. This is one of our first tunes. Even before i had a DR-5 That's one of the coolest things about a guitar. A lot of it is impossible to quantize, only 2 rules ( which I like ) stay in tune and stay in time. Anything else just go for it man. https://soundcloud.com/william-shreve-763578158/its-always-love-20
  15. Here's my band in Tulsa OK. Jimmy Bottoms 2nd from the left is my vocalist to this day. He is ugly as hell now. Don't know what happened. Call him GOON MAN My first Hamer, A 1984 phantom. Hung on the wall in the music store. I'd come in and play it. Didn't really like the body style But I loved the way it played. It was used but it was in great shape. I was hooked on Hamers ever since. It got ripped in Erie PA. Along with a short scale fender bass. So I bought a couple more. Came up to NY. and started a 3 piece band. I was running sound for a band called the Quest. ( I called them the Questicles ) The bass player and drummer who was only 17 at the time were killer man. The rest sucked Went to practice and the drummer and bass player were the only ones who showed up. The bass player asked me if I had my axe with me. I told him yes. We jammed for 2 hrs. or so. Then the bass player says " That's it i'm callin Betty "She was the owner of a club we knew and he booked our first gig. The Questicles were history after that. That's how it goes. Snooze you loose. We played together for about 3 years. Hired another guitar player so I could leave the band. I wanted to concentrate on original shit. Bass player is a freakin corrections officer in Altoona PA. Can't believe it after all the shit we pulled. Man o man.
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