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    1979 Sunburst, 1998 Taylor 414CE, 2009 Fender Telecaster, LSL Topanga
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  1. grahams98


  2. 79' Crowned and Bound Sunburst (which I won't be selling) or a 95' Fender Custom Shop Strat. I've owned more expensive guitars but since I like to play them in places where dings happen I have left the art pieces to others. Here's the Hamer: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/8l1c4zcap5lhkia/AACwth3r0F2bjwSbzhTWcc0ya
  3. I like it. Lets face it, most of us learned how to play guitar partially because we wanted to irritate some kind of authority and this guitar should do that well
  4. I am however a big fan of all you trusting souls on HFC who might be burdened with too many really cool guitars that are going unplayed. If one of your lonely, orphaned guitars needs loving foster care I will gladly oblige. I had a good friend loan me his dad's mint 1966 Guild X500 for over a year. It's a really cool guitar but not one that I'd ever drop a few grand on because of it's lack of flexibility. It was a cool experience as it's just fun to show up at the gig with it and have guitar players come out of the work work to ooh and ahh. Returned it to him it better sort than I got and it got played which is what it was meant for. Kind of why I've never owned a dozen guitars at once as I just feel bad when they're not getting used. I gave away a 80's BC Rich Mockingbird (in Taxi Cab Yellow, no less) because I just didn't see myself returning to my hair band roots...wish I'd known what was going to happen with those value-wise. On the other hand...using an old plastic backed Ovation acoustic for the halloween candy dish is perfectly reasonable "Have some candy kids and pleez abuse the dish"
  5. I tried the Elixirs and some of the other coated strings because I'm basically lazy and hate to change strings. My analogy on them is that they're like a really good digital modelling amp which gives you 90% of the tone that you'd get from the real tube amp you're emulating. That can work for a while but eventually you miss all the inherent dynamic differences that come out a great tube amp. When I put new strings on my guitar I want it to sound the best it possibly can...unfortunately that normally requires me to hand it to a better player than I who has more tone in their hands.
  6. Thinking back on this subject, I've been in the room for most of the abuse performed on my guitars. Typically it's somebody who owns some plywood P.O.C. that they mysteriously left home with the "hey can I use your guitar for a minute?" or they just pick it up without asking. I've had really expensive guitars come back with a hatcheted headstock (cool old 70's Hamer without any previous scars), covered in pancake syrup (solid rosewood/spruce acoustic) and then there's the unmistakable sound of your guitar hitting the floor while it's plugged in to your amp (oh cr*p is that MY Guitar!)...good times Since I've never been reimbursed or even had that offered, I now carry guitar case keys on my key ring.
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