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  1. I walked in the room where my wife and kids were watching this last night. I walked out after 5 minutes. Not for me.
  2. Nice playing! Sounding good.
  3. Nothing wrong with the stock Wilkie's - they are functional. But the MM trems are just next level.
  4. I had SG fever pretty bad a few months ago. These would have scratched that itch and then some. Prices look great and the guitars are cool. GLWTS.
  5. Other than my commitment to purchase a shishkov we're going to hold off on spending on medium to big ticket items. And looking to shave down on monthly expenses.
  6. Singing and strumming from his house...bringing in folks via video to sing along
  7. D'addario 11s for the DT work well for many. But YMMV
  8. That headstock is a work of art. Knocked it out of the park with that one.
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