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  1. This stuff is interesting: https://www.schroederguitarhardware.com/collections/all/products/schroeder-traditional-stopbar
  2. hey! I'm trying to help the man. I'm sure there are plenty of HFC members who, like me, have a parts drawer sfull of pups, tuners , parts and the like that could go in there. A neck lying around could be put to good use. It looks like he did the hard stuff already. The price is right. Just sayin'...
  3. A little gold metallic paint.. reroute for a p-90 in the neck pup position ... the mind reels with possibilities. GLWTS.
  4. I like 'em. They got "mutt langed" for better and worse. The musicianship improved. The singing/harmonies are impressive. But the pop sensibility gutted most of the rawk.
  5. The GTs are sharp. What needs to be done on her?
  6. I thought there were firebird pickups in Eclipses - the SD variety. I've been more and more drawn to the firebird style pups - they are sweet clean and nasty/raucous with dirt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51MnEcFL7TA The Eclipse is homely. But reports are it's pretty comfortable to play. The Firebird is awesome. No comparison, I'd rather have the FB. But the prices on Eclipses have gotten pretty reasonable so as a grab and go guitar you can't wrong with one.
  7. Nice lookin' GIT. Not sure I like the position of the pup selector switch, but that's just me being picky. I'm really surprised he let that order go through with the boomers.
  8. Well done. The bird's eye jazz burst is a unique combo - what a beauty. I think the other birds eye Newport that I saw was a blonde. Enjoy.
  9. Looks like too much fun! Enjoy those guitars!
  10. The inside lining of the case is spectacular too. I liked Calis, but this is taking what Hamer did and ratcheting it up many many notches. Congratulations to all involved.
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