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  1. My parents took us to see the Osmonds at the Mill Run Theater. I was expecting “ It takes 2 Baby” and was ready to be bored. And they played plenty of that stuff. But they did crank out Crazy Horses and that was pretty cool. But I was into KISS and Zepplin so there was no room for them at that time. I’ll check out that album now…thanks for posting.
  2. Hmmm… the headstock didn’t break off. Must not be a Gibson after all.
  3. Always fun to see what’s coming down from the NE.
  4. Ain’t going anywhere.
  5. Around here is there much of a difference? 🤪
  6. Living in Rogers Park in Chicago…2nd grader at St. Ignatius. Already starting on violin lessons. Riding around the block on a huffy bike.
  7. The announcement of that initial run - my jaw dropped. I knew I had to get in. I was lucky Mike extended the window. I now own the best musical instrument I’ve ever put my grubby hands on. Looking forward to the next one.
  8. Pretty amazing. But yet again another reminder that I suck.
  9. Still one of my favorites of the many excellent Shishkov guitars we've seen.
  10. I love Judas Priest...with Rob, without Rob, with KK, without KK, with Glenn, without Glenn... But I don't love them that much. 🤪
  11. My brother went down a similar path. Made it through. You can too. Give yourself some grace and keep at it. All the best, Amigo!
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