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  1. Whoa! That top and a fat neck. Awesome!
  2. Now that you mention it, the Centaura and Daytonas didn't feel particularly shreddery(?) either.
  3. BubbaVO

    bright tele

    Cap value?
  4. I unloaded a somewhat thin necked Newport. If it would have had the chunky neck of the Mapletop Mirage, it wouldn't have gone anywhere. Vintage vs Modern carve, I guess.
  5. Mid 90s DuoTone p-90 had the chunkiest. The Tally had a nice handful as well.
  6. BubbaVO


    Which Katana model are you guys using?
  7. BubbaVO

    Line 6 HX Effects ?

    Anyone have one? Real world pros and cons? Seems like they've been well received... https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/27862-line-6-hx-effects-review Worth getting?
  8. I was just about to suggest the RKs as well. I find most people liking them quite a bit even more so when factoring the price. I just picked up one of these for about $200. https://reverb.com/item/17616448-recording-king-ro-t16-brb-torrefied-red-spruce-top-000-brown-burst The pics make it look for pink/rosy than it is. It's more of a maroon. I was really impressed - really nice for what it is. It needed a proper set up. But before I sent it off to get the bridge adjusted, I thought the mid-lows all the way up just bloomed nicely. I can't wait to get it back. Here's another model that is also reasonably priced: https://reverb.com/item/16708950-recording-king-rph-p2-ts-dirty-30-s-cross-country-parlor-acoustic-guitar-regular-natural
  9. Hmmm... i went to the 5th Element... but I think you're closer to the mark. Not specified 3.webloc
  10. They could've put the pickguard on the back....
  11. That's probably the best bang for buck deal I can remember in recent years. Timing is off. 6 months from now would have been perfect.
  12. That Bosch series on Amazon Prime bounced me into the books. Detective Bosch is something of an audiophile. The books are full of references to the jazz masters - Hampton Hawes, Charlie Parker, Miles, etc. At the same time I started to explore that, my kids started playing in the high school jazz band so I ended up hearing about Snarky Puppy and Kamasi Washington. It's fun exploring. But Scott era ACDC, 70s KISS, Zepplin...that's still my comfort food when push comes to shove.
  13. BubbaVO

    For all you Power Pop fans

    Rorshach test. Your response speaks for itself. 😛