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  1. Southcreek Audio guitar cables. Prices are reasonable. Quality is great. I was using Planet Waves, but switched to the SCA. I think they are less noisy. Could be placebo. Who knows? But I like 'em.
  2. Damn. No trades. I would have have traded my Ultimate #40 for it. But GLWTS regardless. Someone will be very happy.
  3. EVH ... because he's a jazz guy posing as a rock guy. Which is also why Warren DeMartini catches my ear too.
  4. I think that's my favorite DT of all time. Well done. Although I'm really curious how it sounds with a maple top instead of the spruce.
  5. BubbaVO


    Can one purchase an updated zip off top cover?
  6. BubbaVO


    Is this the one that won't get too warm? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748PTWLK/ref=twister_B082LHMHQM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. BubbaVO


    We have had the king size Tempurpedic for many years. Still comfy. But...it does get a little warm in the summer. And it's chilly and hard when you first slip under the covers during the winter. My neighbors swear by their Sleep Number king size bed. I've had to buy beds for the son and daughter who moved out and we tried a ton of different mattresses at all price points. Those two are the ones I'd still recommend you try out.
  8. Missing the red head with the eclipse
  9. it's not enough to virtue signal, you have to know the right virtues to signal at the right time... I'm right there. I stopped actively doing the Facebook thing. The outrage porn on Twitter got the point where I don't even log back in. I have an Instagram account, but that's for Paige Spiranac's highly educational and technical videos on how she likes to handle a putter.
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