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  1. Well, I bought it a year ago and intended to get it back into working order as it sat for a very long time. Its DOA when plugged in and needs a complete set up. My luthier has never worked on an early model chap with the three toggles. He was wondering of I could obtain a schematic. If its a straightforward as you say, then perhaps I do not need one. Here are some pics.
  2. Hi Guys! Long time no talk... I'm back with a new toy that Im really excited about. I was wondering if any of you Chaparral experts happen to have a wiring diagram for this model? Mine is not this color, but this is the exact model I have (non OBLS) I guess 3 slammer pickups? Three toggles , a tone, and a volume. Ebony fretboard and boomers. Anyone with a diagram woudl save the day! Thank you!
  3. Absolutely. This album is effing supercharged. This is the quintessential AC/DC album for the musician. Your can feel the energy in this album. I love raw kick ass albums like this. All AC/DC albums have energy, but this one is special. Totally agree.
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