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  1. I cut my teeth in logistics. I have worked with every courier / trucker / forwarder domestic and globally you can imagine. They all have their strong points and weak points. For guitars that are not in a overnight situation, UPS ground fully insured (and well packed) is your best bet for on time domestic service and tracking for you and your client. FedEx overnight priority is your best bet for someone that needs their shite yesterday. Generally speaking, FedEx priority (overnight service) and there are sub options with in the over night option (8 am, 10 am, by 3Pm etc.) is the best
  2. I would think not! I hope not! Just buy a Jem, and do your evh stripes with horrible 5150 van hagar sticker!
  3. No affiliation, thank God. Lol Hamer Diablo USA Body - custom finish https://reverb.com/item/39535401-hamer-diablo-usa-body-custom-finish?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=39535401
  4. a lot of zappa in them thar licks
  5. Thanks Cynic. Ugh, sorry. Question: were their actually elite centauras, or was the deluxe the top of the heap for the centaura ?
  6. Wasn't going to post this yet as I'm not done setting it up, and it should prove to be a entertaining NGD story... but... happy st Patty's day!
  7. People either love the color or hate it. I liked it because it was different then your typical faded cherry burst. It came to me, I wasn't looking for a Lester per se, the price was right. The original owner didn't install the PG, and I don't have the heart to install it even though the top isn't AAA or possibly even AA. Lol.
  8. I like the pickup covers on the blander ones (subjective I know) but a beautiful finish like yours and Diablos look great without. I dont have the heart to put one on mine and mine doesn't even have as nice of a grain as your guys.
  9. I hear ya re D and G dude! File the nut for D and G and slightly angle towards the coresponding string post then use a little nut sauce. Lol. He said nut sauce... Beavis...
  10. It's a nice elite, go 4 it! Black is always nice. It's 999 with best offer, so there is some room. Shipping is very reasonable. Elites don't come around too often!
  11. This is indeed and awesome resource! I downloaded one for my Centaura! Thank you! I did not see diablo or diablo 2 however. Does anybody have those? Especially diablo 2 with the 5 way and coil tap!
  12. PS- I want to hate Keisel, but they look so damn good... LOL
  13. Hi KTB, Yeah, I know he plays Carvin "Kiesels" now, and used to play Ibanez in his glory days. I was wondering if he has ever played or was seen playing one of our beloved Hamers! I want to believe! Trevor
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