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  1. I saw the title of this thread and I thought it was going this way: 13 minutes and it leaves you wanting more.
  2. I'm gonna have to learn more about that 9-string guitar of his.
  3. According to the first thing that popped up in a Google search, the coefficient of linear thermal expansion for aluminum is 21 to 24. For wood along the grain it's 3. So it would seem that aluminum necks go sharp 7 to 8 times as much as wood necks when they heat up.
  4. After the gig you can use the cymbals to strain your pasta! I've never seen those either- I'm not a drummer but my brother is. I'll have to ask him about them. Anything that keeps the cymbal noise to a minimum while I'm standing rightnext to them on a crowded barroom "stage" is fine by me.
  5. The neck is solid? I thought maybe it was hollow with the fretboard welded on or something. The Alcoa bass neck is hollow with a wooden fingerboard attached to the front. You could always try the acoustic guitar approach of attaching the strap at the headstock, or put a strap button on the back of the headstock like an old P-bass.
  6. Every Hamer I've played that use V-V-T controls with a pickup selector switch have been wired so that when both pickups are on, turning just one of the volume controls down to zero will kill all output- with one exception. My '91 12-string Special has to have both volume controls at zero to kill all sound when both pickups are switched on. Did Hamer always wire their controls the same way, or did they change it at some point in time? Are different models wired differently? Maybe my guitar was rewired by a previous owner?
  7. I had one exactly like it. I thought it may be my old guitar, since I sold mine nearly 20 years ago when I was living in Champaign. But no, according to my records, my serial number was 334876. I sold it for $600. My recollection is that the guitar had a dead spot in the neck where it was impossible to sustain a note. I tried different string types and gauges and nothing would get rid of it. So I got rid of the guitar, which is too bad because it was my first Hamer and my first quality guitar since the '76 LP standard I had back in the late '70s.
  8. Our band covered Walking By Myself, but we stuck close to the original Jimmy Rogers arrangement- complete with harmonica. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhjDXXEcocg
  9. I'm another lefty that plays right handed. There just weren't any left handed guitars in my small world back when I was learning to play. (There weren't any left handed scissors either, and trying to use right handed scissors in your left hand just doesn't work.) Baseball- lefty. Golf- righty.
  10. Alcoa made these about 80 years ago. They seem to hold up well.
  11. Peavey CS800 introduced 1976. BGW 750B and C introduced 1978. From the two companies respective websites.
  12. Cuidado! Llamas! I work with a guy named Jose Llamas and he pronounces his last name Jah-muss.
  13. Is it possible Hamer had Switchcraft make custom jacks that had redundant tip contacts? I don't see how it would work otherwise.
  14. The Switchcraft drawing shows an "R" stamped on the ring terminal. Does your's have that? If not, the positions of the ring and tip terminals relative to the sleeve terminal should be in the same clockwise positions. With the sleeve at 6 o'clock, the ring is at 10 and the tip is at 2.
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