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  1. My last gig (and my first one in about 4 years) we had problems with the guitar player's wireless and the wifi connection to the iPad our sound gal was using for the PA mix. In this case, the wifi connection kept cutting out due to the proximity of the two system's antennas. Once we figured it out and rearranged the equipment on stage the show could go on.
  2. None of these has a "top", but the bodies are all about as irregular and unmatched as they come. Three piece, four piece, five piece, whatever. Just glue up the blanks any which way and use 'em.
  3. I started the '80s in college and in a band. Then i graduated, quit the band, got at job at Peavey in MS, then followed my career to three other jobs in three different states and eventually got married. I didn't play in a band again until the mid-2000s. The '80s band did well enough to win some kind of songwriting contest sponsored by a Japanese magazine. The prize was a couple of showcase gigs in Tokyo and some time in a recording studio. The catch was we had to pay for the trip ourselves. That's me in the referee stripes, next to my brother, the singer.
  4. I've had a few guitars with bound holes- a tort-bound Hopf archtop and a Fender Coronado with bound f-holes and my current Kay flat top with a bound soundhole ("O" hole?)
  5. This old Kay acoustic of mine measures 1" thick at the first fret and 1.168" at the 10th! Definitely NOT a thin neck.
  6. My dad passed away five years ago. Ever since then, I can't hear O Holy Night without thinking of the time he got to sing it solo during midnight Mass one Christmas. Get's me every time.
  7. With a lot of guitars, when you turn the guitar's volume knob down you also get unwanted rolloff of the highs. Does plugging into the lower gain input also attenuate the highs, or does it remain bright?
  8. The switch tips you're looking for are like the ones in the middle, correct? I bought 4 of them off of somebody on ebay just a few weeks ago, so they do show up from time to time. I paid $9 apiece for them, which I guess is a bargain although It didn't seem like it at the time.
  9. The Newport has the added complexity of having to fish all of the controls out through the pickup hole to work on them. As I recall, they are mounted on a rail, so everything has to come out at once.
  10. I love having a properly placed dead pedal in my cars. It allows for a quick jump to the clutch during shifting and provides a good brace during high-g-turns.
  11. Digging through all of these old pictures reminds me that I need to take some new ones in better light. At least pay more attention to reflections.
  12. Is there a separate thread for blue single cuts? I have some contributions to make to that thread, if it exists.
  13. When I lived in MS back in the early '80s, it cost me close to $650 to register a new Honda Civic- which only cost $6500! Besides the price of the vehicle registration and "tag" (everywhere else I've been it's a license plate), there was the state personal property tax and the county "Road and Bridge Use Privilege Tax". Nowadays I live in SE Wisconsin. Property taxes for my roughly $300K house are $7300, which is a bargain compared to the Illinois suburbs of Chicago. Home owner's insurance is only $500 a year, so there's that.
  14. One big reason why I have as many as I do is the fact that I'm too lazy to put myself through the hassle of trying to sell them. The vast majority of the guitars I've re-homed (no Hamers) have been through selling to Music-Go-Round. Convenience is often worth more to me than getting top dollar.
  15. I've always used roundwounds in the past, but my fingers are telling me to try flats. I don't play enough to maintain decent callouses anymore. Can any flats, ground roundwounds or pressure wound strings come close to true roundwound sound? And are those semi-flat strings actually any easier on the fingers? So many questions...
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