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  1. Cheap Chick

    Cheap Chick

  2. I just saw a post on fb by Chris M about this (regarding the Rick and Jane guitar) and am in shock! So many great memories of the factory tours and good friends that were made through our mutual love of Hamer. I'm so sad to hear that that era has come to an end. Hamer is, was and always will be special.
  3. "One of these things is not like the others..." HA HA HA HA HA! I *almost* look like I know what the hell I'm looking at there!
  4. OK.. I just realized what an old timer i am... i remember Buzzy BEFORE he was Buzzy, when he was posting under his real name and was happy to start up a new account under an alias! why he would have needed an alias is... well, it's better for you if you don't know. witness protection program and all.
  5. Buzzy is definitely a must see! Frank, email me madamepamita at gmail dot com wax cylinder recording: i am recording with a fella who has arguably the best (maybe because it's the only!) original acoustic studio set up in the country. here's a visual of what an acoustic studio entails: his name is peter dilg and he has an all cylinder label called "Wizard" - he has no website, but you can read about a band that he recorded here: http://www.danlevinson.com/rgjb.htm hopefully my saw/ukulele player and i will cut something good enough to put out on his label and then we'll transfer to digital for the masses. Thanks for all the tips, everyone... i love them! i am compiling a list!
  6. I hope it's all ages so his wife can get in! (you lobbed that one to me) These are ALL great suggestions (minus Stike's very funny comment about Sbarro etc.) and duly noted. I am planning on hitting the Empire State Bldg. (thanks for the tip Chris!) the circle line boat (tho only a 1 hour tour) to see the statue of liberty, waterfalls etc. And I'm going to see Young Frankenstein, because.. well, ya *gotta* see a broadway play, dontcha? Great to see you all and thanks.. keep 'em coming, if you think of more.
  7. hey everybody! hi! i was just thinking of the good ole days on the board and thought I'd drop by to say hi! I'm off to New York (Sept. 5-10) and wanted some recommendations from the locals (or previous visitors) on any special things to see or do - music related on not. (I will be in Long Island on two of those days recording.. on wax cylinder. no lie!) much love to you all!
  8. Hey all! Back from my travels.... Great to see everyone! Came back from Bruce's party and the music retreat in the woods inspired and in full creative mode! More later - Have to take my progeny to Chuck E. Cheese's - I love 6' tall rats! Nothing like a Rat as a mascot for a restaurant, huh? Big BIG lovies to all! Pam
  9. Thanks to my vigilant HFC pals for spotting this one. Lez Zeppelin are great gals, so you should absolutely go see them if you have the chance. If you want to chat up the Jimmy Page, her name is Stephanie - tell her you're Cheap Chick Pam's friend - she knows me! I also met the John Paul Jones, but I can't remember her name (oops!). Those folks in the L.A. area, just want to give a plug that we're playing the Knitting Factory on Saturday 2/4 with ThundHerStruck (all-girl AC/DC tribute) and the Ramonas (uh.. think you can figger that one out). Hope to see some of you there! We're bustin' out High Roller for the first time at this show. Whoo hoo!
  10. I had a really great time... and even if I don't always agree with their individual taste.. there's nothing like being in a giant room with thousands of people who love music! If you have the right attitude, NAMM can be really fun. F'rintstance, I got to play a lot of really nice banjos this year! Of course, I don't have to work at NAMM, so that may explain my cheery attitude about it.. so maybe it's like visiting Disneyland as opposed to working in a Mickey Mouse costume.
  11. Lest we forget... the Hamer towel (and really any photoshoppage by Ed Rechts) and (though I know I'm paraphrasing incorrectly) "I find myself coming here less and less" Please! Someone help me get the above quote right. Edited to add: Can't forget the bounty on the Ed Rechts photo and, of course, any photos of Ted that look like this:
  12. It's Ed Rechts! (kudos to the lot of you who were clued in and giving hints to the peanut gallery) The old timers here will remember when there was a bounty out on a photo of Rechts (so that disgruntled victims of his photoshop shenanigans could administer payback). But now, the market has been so saturated, that a Rechts photo is virtually worthless. So there you go.. some HFC legend and lore with your morning half-caf macchiato.
  13. It's funny but he does look a bit Hasselhoffesque in that photo! Not in real life, but in that pic, yeah! Forget about your sister... this is a guy you wouldn't trust with his own MOTHER!
  14. Can none of you Philistines identify the fella? Ahhh.. for the good old days when a photo like this would have fetched a pretty penny! Sigh!
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