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  1. Really like these guys from Greece catch them at one of these stops
  2. Like these guy cross between Hendrix..Trower.. Gallagher on a lot of weed, I mean a lot.
  3. I left ohio in 1970, my family wanted me to go to college , we couldn’t afford it so in California college was free just books so we sold or house and left ohio for Chino California were the Priwon were Timothy Leary and the mason Girls were held.. We lived across the street from the prison in a mobile home next to corn fields. We left in 1972 when my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident, we came back to ohio and the first concert I went to th fist week I was back was Rory Gallagher opening for Robin Trower at the old Clevland Agora, liked then both but wow Rory was just some kind of freak
  4. Little mellow tonight so going with one of favorite mellow albums Peter Green.
  5. Tonight it’s some fine aged in a non-Bph plastic bottle merlot and spinning at the workbench as I build up a new set of irons, Greece’s finest......
  6. Somehow I always follow it with the soundtrack from Bladerunner.
  7. This is my favorite Tangerine Dream album, I’ve been playing it a lot the last month.
  8. On ebay, if anyone on her wants PM or email me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1982-Hamer-Special-with-single-pickup-/171670939784?
  9. yeah, i know wrong time of year, in no hurry, just wanted to get it out there, dont need really anything. Im also open to the 6 month same as cash with 25% down if some one wants to do that. I sold a couple guitars like that.
  10. Nope, im keeping 1 of the 2 i have left. When i decide which one im keeping then im going to sell the other one
  11. Kiz Oops remeasured and it was off here are the correct numbers. Its the biggest of my 1982 hamer specials as thats all I have to compare it with, strings off, dial caliper, 12 fret, i get .895 and at the nut i get .960. Gary
  12. Buy yourself a nice guitar, please PM offer, be reasonable no lowballs. Well I've decided to clear out everything but 1 guitar and amp. Not really playing that much anymore as I fight thru various phycical issues that are not really going to improve much over time. But I'm going to keep something for those days when I feel like playing. Have what's left of my amps up for sale on Reverb and Gear Page. Pedals will go up after xmas. This is my best looking and playing guitar. Jay did a really great job on this one. It's just too pretty for this old pun and I think it has more market potential
  13. I've had 4 digits, Huber, 59 LP Jr,and a bunch of other expensive guitars. The 59 lp jr sounded the best but the neck was too big. I bought it from the guy that owned THD amps in the late 90's. Bought 4 more and never found one with the same tone. 4 digit sounded great also but the shape was just too weird for me and the neck too small. So after years of searching I ended with thwe 3 best guitras for me. All are early 80's specials. $450 white 1982 hamer, set-up by Dan Erlwhine, this is my speed machine, low frets, punk special. Fast, fast, fast but frets are getting low. Has GoodWood pickups.
  14. I t took me a awhile to find what kind of Hamers I liked. Start in 2000. As the second owner of the the Punisher it was a great looking guitar but I learned that pretty guitars are just not for me. Also 4 digits didn't do it either. Great sound, the shape is cool to look at but it is not comfortable to play for me.. Tried this cool Vector with LED lights in the fret board, now we are getting somewhere, but the shape is still not it. Liked this also but still too pretty. Then I tried a bunch of Sunbursts in various colors and vintages from 77 to 82. This was close but not quite it. Then
  15. I just loaded Jamup on my IPAD and use the Jamup interface into it. Nothing else. They sound ok, nothing like a real amp in my opinion. For me, I can run them super low volume since any thing over say a loud TV kills my ears.
  16. Amp until lately as even this 4 watt amp is too loud for my tinnitus, so I just play inot Jamup on my IPAD. Guess I'll put this up for sale.
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