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  1. I've had six MIK Standards. I am down to two. I have tried all of the following SD pickups in the bridge: SH-4 (JB), SH-5 (Duncan Custom), SH-6 (Duncan Distortion) and the SH-12 (Screamin' Demon). I've also had the DiMarzio DP-100 (Super Distortion), and the DiMarzio DP-155 (Tone Zone). My favorite of them is the Seymour Duncan SH-6. I don't usually use the neck pup in my MIK Standards, but I had one with a DiMarzio DP-193 (Air Norton) which sounded pretty good. In my USA Standard I have a SD SH-PG1 (Pearly Gates) in the neck and a SD SH-6 (Duncan Distortion) in the bridge
  2. Thanks for sharing Sugartune. I have been using Searchtempest.com. I like the one you posted. It highlights the ads I have already checked, so I don't click on the same ad if it's cross-posted in different cities.
  3. Why choose? Get Both! The Burst for nostalgia The Green with reverse headstock and Floyd
  4. 2001 Hamer Standard Custom, B&C in what looks to be the typical '59 burst finish with what some apparently consider better than average flame. Only $2780 to your door. Thanks for the info Cynic! Seems pretty steep.
  5. What's the price? Specs? I can't see ebay at work. I'll have to check it out tonight. Been thinking of getting another Standard.
  6. My inbox was full. Sorry about that. Cleared out now. I also sent you a PM. I suspect others are full too. I never had a limit on sending messages.
  7. The second is a Korean Standard. Best of the import Standards IMHO. He leaves out exactly what it is...but does say what it's not. Hmmm.
  8. Packing peanuts are very handy for packing, a real bitch for unpacking and cleanup. But I'll take a styro peanut mess over shipping damage any day. I actually received a car part packed with REAL peanut shells. I wonder how long it took the boss to figure out his employees had no idea what packing peanuts were.
  9. "Just replaced pickups and it sounds AMAZING!" No it doesn't....sounded like shit before and you still can't make it sound good...that's why you're selling it.
  10. I don't blame Brent at all....I would have done the same thing. What's the big deal anyway? He didn't rip anyone off. He sold it for market value. He got a killer deal and flipped it for a nice profit, but still sold at MARKET VALUE! Which no one here was or would have been willing to pay. I saw it posted on another site and thought maybe that's what I'm going to have to do to avoid a razzing on here with a few pieces that I got at exceptional deals. If someone was selling a guitar that I wanted at a price I was willing to pay, I wouldn't care what they paid for it! Good for them!
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