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  1. LordsoftheJungle

    Bass traps! and other room treatment

    Ah, from what I've read I assumed that the bass concentration in the corners is always a problem in a rectangular room. My plan is to do an initial treatment for standard problems in small residential rooms then record or do the pink noise thing to determine what's needed after that. This first recording project will be dealing with speed-metal type music so I expect the volume to be fairly loud, not sure what the exact levels would be if that's what you're asking. thanks!
  2. LordsoftheJungle

    Bass traps! and other room treatment

    as my studio project moves along I find myself looking at bass traps for my small recording room,,, room is about 10'x12',,, so far my research has led me to believe that deadening the room is the best path because of the quick reflections I would get, especially with drums. The current plan is to cover the one exterior wall with acoustic blankets spaced 3" off which should take care of the noise hitting that neighbors house (the noise isn't that bad at all actually, I measured it with a decibel meter while the drummer played and it was less than the local sound ordinance allows even without the blankets). The ceiling will get covered with 2" OC703 rigid insulation spaced 2" off. The remaining 3 walls will get about 50% coverage with acoustic panels of some sort, maybe gobos, which then leaves me with the uber important task of absorbing those low frequencies accumulating in the corners. Is this something that can be achieved with the foamy corner traps that seem popular? I've seen a lot of DIY corner traps with framing and Acoustimac fronts which I can certainly make in my woodshop, though buying the foamy things looks a bit simpler. All opinions and experiences are welcome! Thx. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004SHGT6U/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1IF4KQB47KPPE
  3. LordsoftheJungle

    Overhead mic "stands"

    Thanks,,, as it turns out my first choice for a drum recording location is a small room in my house. These pzm mics might be worth a look 😎
  4. LordsoftheJungle

    Overhead mic "stands"

    Thanks everyone,,, I've ordered the K&M boom for $70. Even though I like the idea of ceiling mounted supports I think having more flexibility/mobility for the setup is worth having.
  5. LordsoftheJungle

    Overhead mic "stands"

    Greetings! So now I'm agonizing over how to support my overhead mics for the drums. There are some decent looking K&M and Gator booms for about $100 but I'm not sure about the stability of that design in general. I've read of people converting cymbal stands into boom stands which looks like a better approach and then there's the idea of using ceiling mounts for the overheads. I like that concept though I'm not finding any products on line to achieve that,,, seems like it's kind of a DIY/design your own stand idea. Anyway, I'm just fishing for testimonials and ideas,,, thx!
  6. LordsoftheJungle


    Thanks again,,, that streamlining is something I'm working on. I've already had a fidgety guitarist pacing around while I tried to customize the punch-in pre-roll. I need to spend more time with the software just so I can figure out what is and isn't possible.
  7. LordsoftheJungle


    No drums yet,,,, all I've done is a "clap" test in a few rooms. I've been looking at buying an inexpensive drum kit on craigslist so I can experiment with mic placement and "tune" the room before actually having someone in for a real recording session.
  8. LordsoftheJungle


    Excellent, thanks! The current plan is to run a snake from the "control room" out to the living room which is the only room large enough for every one to fit, though I like the idea of having a portable setup since there's no line-of-sight from the control room to the living room. I've got a spare bedroom adjacent to the control room that I'm planning on soundproofing (been wanting to do this ever since I moved in). I would put a window between the rooms to achieve line-of-sight which would work out great except that the room isn't big enough to fit everyone simultaneously, especially after building a "room inside a room" for soundproofing. So on those occasions we would have to set up in the living room. Did you soundproof your living room? There's no way I can soundproof mine and still have it as a functioning living room. I'm hoping there are some half-measures that will get the volume down to a tolerable daytime level for the neighbors.
  9. LordsoftheJungle


    Thanks for the guidance and words of encouragement . I'm psyched about how well it's all coming together, I've got pros helping me on line and in the studio, how lucky is that? The setup includes a Presonus Firestudio as the interface and Studio One 3.5 is the software. There's also an MW1 Studio Tool and a Mamba XLR patchbay that are really nice, loving that MW1. I went with the large diaphragm Perceptions,,, (1)200 and (1)220 with shock mounts. Next up is the cable snake and the mic stands. I'll need to research them a little bit and see what's available. I'm also looking for something to handle the multiple headphones, the Presonus HP60 looks decent and would fit nicely into the mixing desk rack space.
  10. LordsoftheJungle


    I picked up 7 mics this evening off of ebay and Reverb. (1)Audix D6 for the kick, (4)Audix D2 for the toms, and (2)AKG Perceptions for overhead, I've already got an SM57 for the snare. I just realized that my recording interface only has 8 inputs though which might be a problem if I'm recording the band simultaneously,,, how do you get around that?
  11. LordsoftheJungle


    I should add that I've already got a few mics that could possibly be used for the drums, I'll need to Google them: SM57 Sennheiser MD 421 SM48 Sennheiser e609
  12. LordsoftheJungle


    Thx,,, these guys will be playing metal so no such luck in limiting the mics there! I dont have a set maximum on the cost but I'd like to keep it around $500 or less. The drummer is picking up a new Sonar set which I haven't seen so I'm not sure exactly what I'm dealing with yet but I'll know soon.
  13. LordsoftheJungle


    So my little home studio is getting put to use and I'm looking to expand a little so I can mic some drums. I don't need (or want to pay for) anything fancy or top of the line, I just need something serviceable enough to record demos for these guys. After some research I could mix and match something together but it might be easier for a n00b like me to start off with a kit,,, what say ye?
  14. LordsoftheJungle

    Political correctness gone too far?

    All this judgmental posturing has reached epidemic levels,,, mass hysteria at its finest.
  15. + a little metronome light and an auto-tune 😎