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  1. I got sucked in for the OD11 @ $50,,, trying to resist the other deals. Any consensus favorites?
  2. They should change it to "Whoa, Black Midi"
  3. ,,, at which point you discover that each of them have their own unique keeper-worthy qualities.
  4. I liked the post because of the content but also because it's good to hear from Uncle Greg 😎
  5. I've been window shopping Hiwatt/Reeves/Hi-tone amps lately and this little number popped up. I'm not big on the whole "celebrity-owned" thing but I have to admit having Pete's Hiwatt would be cool. 😎 https://www.ebay.com/itm/223634830182?ul_noapp=true
  6. Very sad, but I'm glad he's not suffering anymore. RIP.
  7. That's my favorite Thorn guitar, and he set a very high bar.
  8. Awesome guitars, I've got the solid body version of this and hope to have the semi-hollow someday!
  9. Thanks one and all,,, something relatively inexpensive would be good too since there's an added risk of damage or theft. Leaning towards the Blitz, Vector or Phantom with in line tuners.
  10. Fast neck, clear articulate pups, 6 strings, looks cool, stays in tune! Trem is optional, hard tail would be better. Speed metal is the style.
  11. So there's a good chance I'll end up on stage at a metal concert in Hamburg next summer (for one song) and I'd like to rock a cool Hamer for the pictures I will surely be immortalizing on my studio walls. The Standard and the Phantom look the part, there was a cool looking tiger stripe Phantom on the board a few weeks back. What say ye?
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