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  1. Excellent input! Thank you Sirs,,, I will relay this information and get some more details from Dave. thx again
  2. Greetings, so a friend of mine has a sweet 1964 strat, all original, that he had set up recently. The tech told him there wasn't any adjustment left in the neck which I'm guessing means that the truss rod is stripped(?). Is there a remedy/repair for such a thing? Maybe one of our resident guitar tech gurus can do it? thx for your help!
  3. The guy in the ball cap kinda looks like famous commie Lenin, then maybe Farrakhan (or Alex),,, the next guy kinda looks like Roy Orbison without his glasses.
  4. I dont know who those other people are but I like Ted,,,, even if he's a little nutty.
  5. I'm a little surprised,,, you'd think pride would prevent this kind of thing. I guess he misses the adoration of the fans.
  6. +1,,,, getting your guitars off of the floor is a wonderful thing, but only if you have faith in the wall-hooks you're using.
  7. +1 for the Meadow and Walk Away... he's got quite a list of good ones.
  8. optimizing the mechanical design of the Monaco trem definitely ranks as one of the top mods,,, it makes a difference!
  9. Sorry, I don't recall if a particular nut was chosen by the expert,,, I didn't pick out a specific brand.
  10. Among other things, I had Murkat drill out the pins on a Bigsby string shaft for my MIII. Adding a roller bridge and graphite nut was a big help too.
  11. Interesting! I've got a Hiwatt DR504 clone that I want to test drive some 6CA7s in,,,, for the test some I'll use some EH tubes on hand but if they sound good I'll be interested in trying the upgrade Amperex.
  12. I've seen both bands relatively recently and enjoyed the shows. Robin only sang, didn't speak, which was kinda weird but he was conserving his voice so I get it.
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