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  1. Done 😎 That's a nice sound you've got going, well done Sir~
  2. Thanks everyone,,, I did hear back from Nik, the 6ca7s are compatible with no mods to the Hey What,,,, bias set to 35-38. I should be getting a set of EH 6ca7s next week and will try them out. 😎
  3. A bit of a longshot question to ask on a Hamer Forum, but I'd like to try out some 6ca7 power tubes on my new-to-me Hey What 504,,,, is it okay to use 6ca7 tubes in this amp without any mods? and what would the "ideal" bias setting be? I emailed Nik @ Ceriatone as well but I'm not sure if they take the time to answer these types of questions. thank you!
  4. Well done Latvia! The melody sounds like Elvis' "You're So Square"
  5. Thanks one and all,,, just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. 🧐
  6. So I've had my Mac for almost a year now and the Warranty is about to run out,,, is it worthwhile to add the AppleCare+ for 3 more years? I can see getting this warranty for a device that might get damaged (laptop or phone) but not so much for a Mac that's always at home with no rugrats running around.
  7. Jeez,,, I'm going to be broke before this month is over,,,
  8. You guys are killing me,,, I'm trying to be frugal here having just bought a Hiwatt clone and blammo, here comes the Lovepedal sale,,, any suggestions
  9. Thx for starting this thread! I was considering an external CD burner for this thing. Up until now I just put the data on a thumb drive and move the files over to my PC tower. So far I've used mine for nothing but tracking/mixing music and it's been pretty stellar with the beefed up specs, SSD and thunderbolt connectivity. For me the biggest PITA was learning how to navigate the folders with that crappy Finder interface. It's been an education, that's for sure!
  10. I've seen Sugarcones go for that much and lower, he's taking offers so theoretically a deal can be had... what kind of amp are you matching up with? is this going into a 2x12? I bought the Scholz to go with my Carol Ann amp which is a Marshall/Dumble type amp,,, has the Marshall grind but a little thicker/chewier, nice for many things but I actually like the fat cleans the most.
  11. Scholz SugarCone/ Classic if you can find one,,, nice EVM handling, not quite as piercing highs and not as beamy as EVM12Ls,,, can be pricey. The WGS12L is supposed to be pretty good too,,, I like their copies of just about everything.
  12. Thank you one and all,,, I tried a couple of plugin/apps and ended up using the Clip Grab software, it was the easiest for me. After a few hours of downloading and then uploading to my iCloud I'm happy to say that my investments are now safely backed up.
  13. Greetings, so over the years I've invested some money into on-line guitar training courses, some of these classes I got on DVD some are embedded into the guy's website with "permissions" to view. I'd like to download the ones I don't already have on DVD because this guy's behavior is beyond erratic and it's possible that whole site will disappear at anytime. What's the best way to do this on a Mac? Apparently this was quick, easy and free until recent Safari upgrades got rid of that function. What say ye? I don't mind spending a few bucks on software if necessary, preferably one without malware! Thanks!
  14. good lord, there's still 5 days to go and it's already up that high on the Goodwill site? Either that site is more popular than I would have guessed or you guys are bidding amongst yourselves! Maybe those people out there trying to flip things for cash scour the Goodwill site for "deals"...?
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