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  1. 6 amps 6 cabs 12 guitars It's all about symmetry,,,
  2. Have you picked one yet? I have Amazon Fire TV which links up to the Amazon Music app so I'm leaning that way,,,
  3. Blackmore was my first guitar hero and even though Rainbow always had a rotating cast of band members they always put out some quality stuff! The Dio years are phenomenal.
  4. The deLisle receives inputs from the amps and has outputs to the cabs, you would use the existing instrument input at the amp of choice.
  5. I've got a deLisle 7x7 and it is soooo much easier changing amps and cabs. Totally worth it. I've never noticed any coloration or artifacts with this unit.
  6. I've had an eye on those SWARTs for a long time,,, Friedman amps too,,, and a Royer R121 microphone,,, and another Huber,,, and,,,
  7. I think you're right, as Steve mentioned the spider placement and jewels don't lend themselves to a playable instrument.
  8. Beautiful! Good luck finding that much bang-for-the buck goodness anywhere else!
  9. I hear you regarding try-before-buy,,, unfortunately for me there just isn't any opportunity to try a lot of these amps in podunk New Mexico. I've had a few Ceriatones and the only one that I didn't like was his Z Wreck clone (C_wreck). I wouldn't necessarily blame Nik for that, in general I don't bond with El84 amps but wanted to try this out anyway.
  10. I've got two,,, the Hiwatt DR504 and the Silver Jubilee. I wouldn't have any reservations about buying another unless it was a kit somebody else put together.
  11. In the past I've stayed away from NOS or vintage stuff because I didn't trust what's out there except from reputable businesses and I didn't think the extra $$$ was worth any perceived tonal upgrades,,,, one thing I have found though is that they have a much longer life span. It's worth factoring in and the few times I've ventured out for moderately priced NOS glass (from reputable dealers) I've actually been quite pleased with the results...
  12. Nice ! You guys sound great and you've got "the look" for an Allman Brothers tribute band.
  13. The last two words in their descriptions apply to the guitar and they're spot on in my experience, the Talladega I just bought was listed as "excellent" and I couldn't find a mark on it, zero issues.
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