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  1. Makes you wonder what the pawn shop paid for it and why someone would take that piddly amount. Must have been a druggie, pissed off girlfriend, or a thief!
  2. Reverend baritones enjoy a good reputation though I think they all sport humbuckers. The one I've been holding out for is a fender subsonic. It has an appropriate string tree and single coils plus its scale length is well into baritone territory (unlike many others).
  3. I've been intrigued by these guitars for a while now. There are quite a few entry level models by Danelectro, Fender and Gretsch for around $600 and then the next step up being Jerry Jones, Anderson, Chandler for three times as much. My problem is I can't find something in between! My problem is that I'm a gear snob AND I'm cheap.
  4. I just picked one up last week and it matches nicely with the G12H30 Anniversary. If I ever find a nice 4x12 locally I'm gonna load it up with these and Vintage 30s or G12Hs.
  5. So it turned out to the Tube Screamer plugged into the same circuit that was causing all the noise. Once out of the circuit everything returned back to normal. I tried a Way Huge Saucy Box in its place and everything was still good, so it's something about the TS that it doesn't like. Maybe the Saucy Box's buffer helps out.
  6. Thx, I've got six amps on the same circuit, would I need multiple adapters? I read one way of dealing with this would be to have only one amp grounded and have the other grounds lifted with 3 to 2 prong adapters.
  7. I don't think so since the other amps are off and the only power being used is to the single amp and sometimes a tube screamer, both are using the same outlet. The guitars themselves haven't been a problem before now, I'm fairly certain they're grounded properly. Will have to dig deeper, I haven't had many electrical issues in the past so I may need to educate myself on all of this,,,
  8. Sorry I missed this post for so long. Things have been going great. I enjoy using the Mac and the interface upgrade to UA Apollo x8 has proven to make the biggest difference in sound quality of the recordings, it has added obvious depth and weight to the tone. Their digital converters are simply awesome. The UAD plugins are excellent as well though very expensive and can be frustrating because of limited availability (you can only run a handful of them at a time before the processors are overwhelmed). Pro Tools can be frustrating as well, especially during the initial learning curve, but there are several functions in it that make me want to keep it instead of going back to studio one. The I/O setup between it and the Apollo is much more easily managed and the ease of managing the bpm/tempo/click is better than the Studio One. One problem just recently hitting me is some massive hum and feedback ever since I moved and all the cabs to the tracking room and put all the amp heads together on a shelf. The noise is entering through the guitar pickups (the guitarist plays in the same room) so somehow the new configuration in the room has created an electromagnetic problem. I don't know if it's the close proximity of the amp heads (only one is turned on at any given time) or if it's some bad cabling or power. I hope to figure it out this weekend. I just recently sold a "redundant" Trainwreck style amp and replaced it with a Marshall Jubilee which should arrive this week. Chasing tones and experimenting with the recording setups has been fun for me, it's different when I'm not the one playing. I could go on and on but I've probably lost the interest of half the readers already so I'll quit, lol. Thx again for all your help!
  9. I found myself in the same position, those R6 P90s sound fantastic but curiosity forced me to swap them out with Lollar mini-hums and, no big surprise, they sound awesome too. So I switch them back and forth every now and then,,, Worth noting is that the R6 is routed out for the p90s to sit directly on a wood "shelf", if you want to get the mini-hums in there you have to route some of that shelf out,,, which is scary even if you are a woodworker.
  10. I hate how guitars taunt me and refuse to play extended runs of 16th notes on time. The fret spacing always seems to be off too....
  11. I've had a buffered Loop-master for quite some time, works well and comes in different sizes,,, I think mine has 8 or 10 loops. https://www.loop-master.com/ https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="loop master"
  12. I've had the OD2r for many moons now, run it through a vertical 2x12 forte loaded with EVM12L spinoffs (Scholz). It's Marshall flavored but darker, chewier. I love it for deep cleans and singing leads. The amps are solid, well built, never had any problems with it. I've been recording a guy who used Marshalls his whole career (speed metal) and he's able to get the sounds he needs with a Tube Screamer in front of it. Some of the stuff he does requires a less spongy amp so he switches to my Bogner Goldfinger or a Valvestate Marshall. I tried a Triptik years ago since I liked the brand and people were raving about it, but it didn't suit my style of play (sloppy), it wasn't very forgiving! But from what I understand, if you're a good player it will reward you handsomely.
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