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  1. I have to admit the songs weren't too bad. Then if you start paying attention to the lyrics things go off the rails. 🤣
  2. I'm not sure who owns BAD, but they do manufacturing for quite a few boutique brands, small companies that want to stay on the design end of things.
  3. I'm trying not to buy any pedals or other gear. I want to set aside that money to record in a small studio.
  4. Yeah, I love mine! I want to try more of his stuff.
  5. I still have my DS-1, the first pedal I ever bought back when I started playing guitar in the early 90s. In retrospect, I should have bought a tuning pedal first, ha. I never got rid of it for sentimental reasons, plus it's not really worth selling. I did a "homebrew" mod on it last year, clipping a diode to give it less distortion. It sounds pretty good, less compressed, but can still get nice and dirty. I think it can sound cool when you're playing with a band and can crank up the amp. At home I have to have the tone control rolled off or it can be too harsh. Main overdrive now is a Barber Tone Press EQ and a Rat clone. I love the Barber!!
  6. Yeah, I agree about throwing Josh K under the bus. It seems like they could have worked arrangements with two guitarists, wouldn't have been that big a deal.
  7. Update: I still like Boss stuff a lot! It was funny to see this thread get revived, I started it in the summer. Yeah, so I still like Boss, but I ended up selling the Katana and went back to tubes. Bought a Garnet 20 watt amp. It's pretty similar to a Deluxe Reverb. I think it's from the 70s. Garnet is a Canadian company. I still think the Katana is a great amp for rehearsals and shows, super light, powerful etc... But for playing at home for fun when I can be OCD and picky about the sound, I wanted to go back to tubes. I don't want to fight about it thought! ha. Solid state and modeling are still great options. I would have like to keep the Katana, but we have limited space in the apartment so once I got the Garnet it was out the door. Would love to get my hands on their new delay, the Boss DD 200.
  8. I'm not sure I could use this live! Too many options. Could see it for recording though.
  9. Wow Jakeboy! That's pretty high praise, do you think it's better than the Belle Epoch? Now I'm kicking myself for not getting it at that $50 price!
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