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  1. I'm using the best of both worlds (well for me anyway). Vintage amp (Canadian no less! ) with a mixture of analog pedals and the LINE 6 HX effects. I love my core tones and then the Line 6 is icing on the cake. I can't verify that every single effect is as good as the real deal, but the flexibility is incredible.
  2. Interesting to see all the stories!
  3. I think with Fender, it's more about the specs you want. Like neck radius, pickups etc... Aside from 70s ones being inconsistent, I haven't heard that certain years are the ones to go for. (Well, except vintage).
  4. How do you like the POD Go? Good sounding effects?
  5. Wait a second, I thought your main musical inspiration was Boy George?
  6. Fuck, that sucks! Well, you made the best of it.
  7. That's a terrible thing to do! I've been at concerts where the crowd was getting a little too crazy and the band either ignored it or didn't notice. But not encouraged it. Memory is foggy on which band it was (maybe Pearl Jam) where things were going too nuts, and the singer had aook of panic on his face trying to calm down the crowd. I got knocked down on the ground and trampled on at a show. It was only a minute or so, but it was fucking terrifying!
  8. I had been playing saxophone for about 6 years, pretty seriously, private lessons etc... I was a teenage snob about guitar. Figured everyone had one. But then in grade ten, I saw the Tragically Hip for the first time, threw my world around. The next weekend, I emptied my bank account from part time job, and bought a black strat copy and a shitty solid state amp. I was in heaven. 😎😎
  9. I was around when Brent was pulling some shenanagins selling gear, and the drubbing he got was pretty good. I think someone still has his pic as an avatar? Shark fin pic, still don't know the story behind that. And half a twenty to the soundman, ha.
  10. I've been coming to the board off and on for around 10 years. With so many inside jokes around here, I still feel like a newbie sometimes!! 🤣😅
  11. Oh man that sucks! Lyle Lovett is great live, I was spoiled and got to see him in a great venue, the place here in town where they have classical music, really nice theatre. It was with the Large band and they really brought it. If you ever get the chance to see him again in a better venue, I wouldn't miss it! I'm a huge Lyle fan, one of the best voices ever in my opinion.
  12. So it looks like we got some fans, cool beans! I'm checking out El Corazon right now, cool album. Nice guest spot from Emmylou Harris, that's always a bonus.
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