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  1. 1993 Hamer T-51, first year production, in excellent condition for sale. Hamer T-51 necks are wider that a typical Fender Telecaster neck at 1 11/16” versus 5/8” with a flatter 14 ½” radius versus the usual 7 ¼” radius on a traditional Fender Telecaster. What this means is a slightly larger feeling neck, especially down by the nut, which is a Micarta synthetic bone. The T-51 has a ½” radius on the edges, which makes them more comfortable to hold than the typical sharper-edged Fender Telecaster. The jack is an oval plate and the bridge is a Wilkinson 6-saddle. Tuners are Sperzel locking tuners. I’ve owned Hamer T-51 guitars from every year of production (1993-1997) and this is the best I’ve ever owned. Very lightweight at 7 lbs.even. Guitar was routed for a humbucker long before I got it. In fact, I never knew it was routed until I went to adjust the neck pickup and I believe the last owner didn’t know either. Frets are in excellent condition. Pickups are Mojotone clones of the Nocaster pickups found in the early Fender Nocaster Relics with the 10k bridge. I owned a 2001 Nocaster with the 10k bridge and these sound exactly alike to my ears, maybe better. Neck profile is 0.86 at 1st fret and 0.89 at the 12th fret. I installed a slanted switch control plate. Guitar also comes with a backup Hamer T-51 control assembly with the proprietary Hamer pots. Guitar ships with a SKB-TSA-case in excellent condition. Reverb Link: https://reverb.com/item/25403409-1993-hamer-t-51-7-lbs-ec
  2. Not a leading question, just a curious mind. I've owned T-51s from all the production years, and I agree most are heavier. I've only owned one lighter T-51 which was a 1994 at 6 pounds, 13 ounces, in Hillbilly Orange, but it's tone was no way near as good as this one.
  3. Well, let me try another tact. Assuming there were approximately the same number of Daytonas produced over the years, any feel for how many Daytonas produced between 1993-1997?
  4. So, do you think we're talking less than 1000 guitars total through the years?
  5. Any old timers out there? CMatthes? Serial Steve? Here is my '93. Best Tele I've ever owned including a real '56, real '67 and 2001 Nocaster... I am constantly amazed by the attention to detail and improvement upon the original design Hamer applied to this guitar. The natural finish was frequently found on Fender Broadcasters and Nocasters. Mine weighs 7 pounds even and rings like a bell. I installed Mojotone Broadaster Clone pickups (https://www.mojotone.com/Pickups_x/TelecasterPickups_x/Mojotone-Broadcaster-Clone-Tele-Pickup) which I like much better than the original Duncans. The neck profile on mine is a soft "V" and measures 0.86 at the first fret, same as this chart indicates one would find on an early 50s Fender "Tele". Check out the grain on the back of mine.
  6. Hi! I have a 1995 T-51 in this color. Incredible guitar. - Ian
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