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  1. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I always check posts on this board. As someone who was deeply involved with Hamer for many years and who owns a stack of them, this news is not unexpected but sad nonetheless. As soon as fender bought KMC, the writing was on the wall. I will keep my Hamers and continue to play and record with them. I've always believed them to be one of the finest electric guitars ever built. I would hope the community here will keep the flame burning....
  2. Frank asked that I extend his deepest thanks for your beautiful thoughts concerning the loss of his mother... he really appreciates the sentiment -Matt
  3. It's Delta's policy... They lost me as a customer... most other airlines are generally happy to accomidate....
  4. Hey! Congratulations! Thats a beautiful thing! You'll get lots of great advice here...
  5. As a kid growing up in saratoga county, there were very few opportunities to hear live music... on the weekends there was in concert and rock concert... It was there I saw Mahavishnu Orchestra perform "Inner Mounting Flame". I was devastated!
  6. on my site, www.mattsmithsworld.com that song is under the cd "three songs and a mule" the song is called "Falling in love again" recorded live at the ritz in nyc, oct 1990.
  7. you can check the site out for free... check out the navigate yourself button...
  8. I'm one of the instructors on what I honestly feel is the most quality/value teaching stes ever created... It launced yesterday... tons of Hamers on the site!, including a giveaway!...please let me know your opinions... 8 years in development... I feel like I just had a baby!! edited to try and make the link work...workshop live!!!
  9. here's another one! ----------------------0------------- --------------------0-----4--------- ------------------0----------------- ----------------4------------------- --------------7--------------------- ------------0----------------------- spy lick!!! Emi add9 /maj7
  10. ----2 ----4 ----4 ----5 ----0 ----x A13b5 SPY CHORD!!!
  11. I can only imagine how you feel... I'll add my prayers for the swift return of your family...
  12. i absolutly love the sony oxford plug ins... i have the eq, dynamics and inflator running with my LE system... they bring the sound up to a whole other level..
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