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  1. For all those interested (No affiliation...): https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Vintage-1990-Phantom-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-116761296.gc
  2. Great job on the resto! How does she sound?
  3. GC (Grand Concert) would be the x12 series. What's interesting here is they offer GC's in a 12 fret to the body (24.9" scale, I think) or a 14 fret 25.5" design. It's easy to tell as the 12 fret is a slot head design and the 14 fret is a standard paddle headstock. The 12 fret is a treat to play, with a little less tension on the strings to make it easier on the fretting hand. It also moves the bridge deeper into the lower bout to give that small body a bit more low end depth. The 712, depending on the year or whether it's a limited run, could have a Red Cedar, Lutz Spruce, Engel
  4. Acoustics are my primary instrument. Too many hanging around the house from a variety of builders (Taylor, Gibson, Yamaha, Pono). Nothing against Martin - Just don't have one in the herd right now. As for current fave, I would say it's a toss-up between a Gibby J45 (Mahogany/Sitka) or a Breedlove Revival OM Deluxe (Adirondack/Rosewood). Although it doesn't get played nearly enough, I have an '06 Taylor K65ce All Koa 12 string that sounds absolutely incredible. Downside is the jumbo body feels bigger every time I play it...
  5. Hey - I've got one of those too! Adi top, milk chocolate colored rosewood back. Great player, but the Waverly tuners had seized up by the time I got it, so they were replaced with Gotoh open backs. Fine instrument, indeed...
  6. The GS is still in production. In typical Taylor style, once the design was accepted by the market, it was assigned a model number. In the case of the Grand Symphony, it became an x16 series. Body wood number goes before the series, so the 316 (Sapele or, more recently, Tasmanian Blackwood), 416 (Ovangkol), 516 (Mahogany), 616 (Maple), 716/816/916 (Indian Rosewood with varying bling levels). They are killer instruments!
  7. +1 on OBS. Was giving livestreaming a shot on FB last night. Using the onboard camera on the Mac desktop and audio from my recording interface. Real basic setup but, for whatever reason, FB didn't like it. Downloaded and installed OBS (Thanks for the tip, Velorush!) and was on the air within a couple minutes. Video and audio quality was solid. I need to dig into the software more to better understand all it can do, but for a quick and dirty experiment, OBS worked flawlessly.
  8. Flats are a warmer tone. Love on the jazz box and fretless bass.
  9. mc2

    P.S......my direct email is mc2@usa.com


    jon (mc2)

  10. Feeling like a little tele twang today. Went for Brad Paisley's "Play"...
  11. My gawd, there's some beautiful instruments on these pages. I'm sorry that this body style is not my cup of tea, but there's no doubt the craftsmanship on these guitars is incredible. I can't wait to hear that Mike is offering something in a semi hollow or single cutaway design - I'll be all over that like white on rice...
  12. A set of Fender CS '69 Strat p'ups, a book on the history of Gibson Lap Steel guitars (I didn't know Gibson even made lap steels), and a Squier CV Thinline Tele that I drunk bid on last Saturday night and ended up winning on Monday (surprisingly good sounding and playable for the price).
  13. I get where you're coming from on this. That's my attitude on acoustic guitars, as that's where I spend 85% of my time performing live - on acoustic. My Newport falls into this category too. I think I get as much enjoyment - if not more - out of the physical act of digging into an electric's guts, learning what makes it good/bad. Learning the different wiring options; why a 0.047uF cap is better than a 0.022uF cap; how noiseless single coils perform against standard models and what impact vertical position has on the tone; is there a real difference between solid core wire and stranded wire
  14. I enjoy the process of finding budget guitars that have good bones then giving them a facelift in the electronics department. A standard upgrade on all changes below is new electronic hardware -- Pots, switches, jack, and wiring. Quality does make a difference... . IMO, Strats were designed for pickup experimentation. I have a half dozen pickguards in the parts closet in various stages of disassembly. Tried Lace Hot Golds with and without the Clapton mid-boost and TBX set up. Briefly had a Fishman X-Bridge acoustic set up (sounded like crap to my ear - very short lived). Did Tex-Mex too (t
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