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  1. I am speechless. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/?fbclid=IwAR17AmnLQEZNctESbD7n_a9gCns6Q0EvDq3B2zIZwXcbG-Cs_LJbMiVkIo8
  2. Acoustic is where I spend most/all my time. Go to guitars right now are either an old Taylor 814ce (Cocobolo/Sitka) or a newer J45. Pedalboard is pictured below: TC Helicon Play Acoustic handles basic EQ/compression/reverb/delay for both vocals and guitars. I like the "BodyRez" feature of the pedal that neutralizes the quack of piezo pickups and gives the guitar a nice & natural tone. Features pitch correction and harmonies for vocals as well. Agree with the others re: harmony usage kept to minimum. You could make this your only pedal. Balanced outputs can go direct to FOH or PA. Airturn Pedal is a Bluetooth controller pedal. i use it to scroll through charts / lead sheets I have on an iPad (using OnSong app) attached to the mic stand that I use for a prompter. JamMan looper and Polytune Tuner. Looper rarely gets used, but there are times you want to lay down a chord progression and jam over it to kill a few minutes. Bose T1 Mixer - Guitar and Vox get routed here for final tweak before going to PA. Hangs on the mic stand for ease of use. I love the preset EQs and effects (incl. Compressor/limiter, reverb, delay, modulation efx) and compact size. To be honest, if it weren't for the harmonies and quack-killer feature of the TC pedal, I'd be plugging direct into this little jewel. QSC K10.2 Powered Speakers - Used the Bose L1 system for 13+ years, then decided last year to downsize. The QSCs take up less space in the car, sound better than the Bose, have more than enough power for any gig I'm gonna get, and I can decide to bring one or both speakers depending on room size. Win-win-win... It's a versatile setup - I can go as small as the T1 and a guitar if needed for quick setup/teardown.
  3. Similar musical situation as you, my primary performing instrument is acoustic guitar but still love the electric side. It's not an insignificant initial investment ($1500-$2000+ for Helix/Fractal/Kemper), but there's not a lot else needed after that. Okay, for performance you may need amp/PA/FRFR for stage depending on situation... I ended up subscribing to the Helix product line. It does everything I want and tons more that I didn't know I wanted. Hell, they pay so much attention to detail, you can adjust the level of tube sag or hum an amp has, and can adjust the bias to make it colder or hotter depending on taste. Ridiculous... User interface is clean and easy to understand, programming/manipulating patches is very intuitive both onboard and via computer. Soundwise, it does everything I want. Everything. It is second to none. Like Polara, I set up single coil and humbucker banks. I use their plug in, Native, while recording because the quality of some of their compressors and reverbs rival the established go to's... Technology-wise, Line 6 does a first rate job of keeping on top of bugs and updates, with new amps/cabs/efx included with their major system updates.
  4. Big in the acoustic circles but virtually unknown elsewhere, the two biggest influences for me are Laurence Juber and Tommy Emmanuel. Laurence is classically trained where Tommy is road trained, both bring so much style to acoustic guitar, I just watch in awe. Here's a rarity - The two of them together as they jam before a joint recording session:
  5. ^^ This. Have been using Strings and Beyond for over 10 years now. Good prices, outstanding selection, quick ship out of North Carolina via USPS Priority Mail, regular specials.
  6. HX Stomp gives you access to all the compressors in the full blown Helix for a fraction of the price. Lots of options - they are all excellent.
  7. ...a casual stop on Reverb -- Deadly combination. Background -- Had a Brass TriCone a few years back that I bought used. Ended up that the cones and saddle were messed up, so it went away. I've missed the reso sound since then, but had no real use for it - Just a "nice to have". Fast forward to last Friday - Stumbled across this Gretsch model while perusing online, threw a lowballish offer at the seller for a new one of these, and they accepted. Should be here later this week. All wood instead of metal body, single cone and biscuit bridge instead of TriCone and T bridge. Looking forward to hearing the difference.
  8. Only two stadium concerts that come to mind for me... 1. Day in the Park - Comiskey Park, Chicago - August, 1979 (Had to look up the date). Eddie Money, Molly Hatchet, Thin Lizzy, Santana, Journey. Kind of an impromptu thing as I recall. A couple buddies and I decided to go just a day or two before. From what I remember, it was pretty good. Nothing earth shattering. Then again, it was 40 years ago - I'm lucky I remember going... 2. Crossroads 2010 - Toyota Park, Chicago. An incredible day for so many reasons. Great line up, great weather. Took my 16 yr old son (His first concert) and a couple friends. Just a perfect day of music and fun.
  9. Love Koa. I've got a Pono Concert Ukulele in Koa I picked up in Maui many moons ago, and my Taylor K65ce that is simply a tone monster as well as beautiful...
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