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  1. Teh

    Neck Cradles: What are you using?

    I had the Planet Waves tripod until one of the legs snapped off. Bought this Music Nomad Cradle. Works perfectly for a variety of instruments. Is also a killer cellphone cradle when you want to use speakerphone mode.
  2. For $100, I'm half tempted to grab one to see just how bad the current counterfeit market is. Could be firewood. Could be a fun little test bed for mods...
  3. I had one of those Map guitars back in the day. Looked cool, but the tone was 100% muddy sludge...
  4. Pretty much nailed it for me - Fender Twin or Deluxe Reverb...
  5. Teh

    Acoustic humidifiers

    Solid top acoustic guitars tend to be most comfortable in the 40%-50% Relative Humidity range. They can typically tolerate a few days in lower % RH (30's), but you'll notice the top sinking and will begin to get fret buzz issues and a thin tone. Conversely, high humidity (60%+) is okay for a couple days, but you'll start to get the top bulging a bit, fretted notes will sound sharp and out of tune, and the overall tone of the guitar will sound more dull and fat than normal. Question - are your acoustics solid top or laminated top? Lam tops tend to suffer humidity changes far less that solid topped acoustics -- You'll probably have more issues with fretboard shrinking and sharp fret ends than cracked/sunken top in the winter. Southern states don't tend to suffer Winter humidity issues as bad as the northern states that have their home furnaces cranked up October-April. Without whole house humidifiers, forced air furnaces will dry out the air in the house to below 20% RH. This low a RH level can wreak havoc on a solid wood acoustic guitar. I'm in the Chicago area and, even with a whole house humidifier installed, I still pack the guitars away in their cases with individual humidifiers between approx. November until the end of March. You simply can't keep the humidity in the house cranked up to 40% RH when the temps drop below 20F - That extra moisture and cold temps can cause long term structural issues.
  6. Teh

    Bye Bye Buckingham

    Younger brother of Tim Finn (Split Enz). Crowded House is a great band - So much more than just the hits like, "Don't Dream It's Over" or "Italian Plastic". Check out the album "Woodface" or the live "Farewell To The World" to get an idea of the breadth of their work. Another good choice is The Finn Brothers', "Everyone Is Here". I think Neil's voice will work well as an LB replacement, and he is equally talented on guitar and piano. Agree that the choice is a bit out of left field, but should be great!
  7. I was a Cakewalk/Sonar user for over ten years, until I got fed up with Windows in 2010 (Still have several original versions on CD if anyone is interested). It's a solid DAW with lots of great features. Would still be using it today if worked on Macs...
  8. Teh

    Best made in USA Dog toys

    I have an 85 lb lab and his favorite toy is a big old rope knot toy like this: Big, heavy and virtually indestructible, he tosses this thing around the house like it weighs nothing. We've gone through kongs and other supposedly unbreakable toys. this is the only thing that has survived...
  9. Pulchritudinous. Now there's a word...
  10. Also grew up with the Carpenters. It's one of those guilty pleasures that occasionally gets turned up after a couple adult beverages. On their first album, "Ticket To Ride" (Originally titled, "Benediction"), Karen did all the drum work. A little more 'jazzy' in style, but the signature vocals are definitely there. For "Close To You" and all other albums after, Karen's drum work was relegated to just a few tracks as they tried to push her to the front of the stage. Hal Blaine did much of the work in the studio.
  11. Teh

    NGD: Ibanez AFC95

    Think Terrible Ted going full gonzo on his Byrdland -- It sounds nothing like that... Chihuahua in a Cuisinart? Mmmmmmm.... Closer... Tried it with a couple patches. It's better when clean...
  12. Teh

    NGD: Ibanez AFC95

    Thank you sir! Looking inside the box, it's definitely Mahogany lam on the inside. Comparing the back on my guitar to the pictures up on Sweetwater, they aren't exact matches - Close but no cigar. The two examples on the Sweetwater website show significant enough differences to indicate to me that they aren't PhotoFlame, but I'm no expert. Like you said, it doesn't matter. It checks all the boxes of what I was looking for at a price point that made it easy to swallow...
  13. Teh

    NGD: Ibanez AFC95

    I'm primarily an acoustic guy and 1-3/4" nut width is my standard grab, with my favorite fingerstyle acoustic at 1-7/8" nut width. Even a Martin's 1-11/16" feels narrow in my hand. Trying to grab finger-twisting jazz chords requires as much real estate as possible for these bear paws I call hands...
  14. Teh

    Headstock Shapes

    I'm surprised no one has brought up the classic jazzbox builders in this thread, D'Aquisto or D'Angelico. Pretty mammoth headstocks on those badboys...