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  1. Thinking about picking one of these up, what will it give me that my TM 60 and a few pedals won't?
  2. Not really new but I found the Dana Fuchs band recently. Check out her website. If you've ever seen Across the Universe she was Sexy Sade. Real good voice in the realm of Joplin, some tasty guitar playing going on as well. I'm not sure who the guitarists are on the record, but they have some great tone and some nice chops.
  3. Thank you Sir, may I have another?!?!
  4. My first good guitar was a Blitz way back in 1985. I absolutely adore the blitz. My back, on the other hand, despises the blitz. My back overruled my heart on this one. Go ahead, call me a wuss.
  5. Love the color. I had a blitz stolen from me in the early 90's that was the same color.
  6. I'm working a deal on a guitar that has a reverse headstock, which I hate reverse headstocks, and want to switch it out. I've found a good deal on the correct neck, but the width at the nut is different. The guitar currrently is 1 11/16", the replacement neck is 1 5/8". The Heels are the same size, so the neck pocket should fit ok. Will this cause spacing problems at the bridge or will everything fit ok?
  7. already sold an amp and cab and some pedals...nothing else to sell...have had to buy a lot of stuff to furnish my apt... I believe I owned that one a few years back, if so it was an awesome piece. Even with the thinner neck, it played wonderfully, sounded better. It always bothered me they put the mini toggle in and didn't use a push pull pot instead.
  8. Bump for lowered price for HFC only. Please mention you are a HFC member if interested.
  9. Bump, will sell the Pod XT live shipped and paypal'd for $270.00 in the continental US. Trying to avoid ebay with it, but it's the next stop unfortunately. This is a great price for a solid unit.
  10. Navigator received both your email and PM and replied to both. Neck profile is 50's neck (beefy but comfortable)
  11. I don't really need to sell it, but I think I want to move it. Very good condition as you can see by the pics. A few light scratches here and there, nothing unusual for a played guitar. Never giged. This is a nice LP for the Price. Weight on the bathroom scale is 8.75-9 lbs. http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x37/bad...28/IM000115.jpg http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x37/bad...28/IM000113.jpg http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x37/bad...28/IM000116.jpg http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x37/bad...28/IM000076.jpg HFC price only $1550 + PP and actual shipping. , but I may be open to trades +
  12. Stever Marting singing King Tut. Eddie Van Halen Stompin 8. Best Non musical was Sam Kinneson. They banned him from SNL for his comedy skit that he did.
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