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  1. Had regular radio on today and heard songs i never have to hear again. so it got me thinking. Another brick in the wall Lady madonna Hotel california Sympathy for the devil Money Rock and roll You really got me ( any version) Almost any Boston song Free Bird Thats not even the tip of the iceberg... Dont get me wrong these are great songs just beaten to death by programers who 1. think they're hip and 2. rely on computer printed demographics to spoon feed the same damn thing day after day sometimes at the same time of the day. Its sad. So what you say. as Peter griffin says "What grinds your gears" Peace
  2. Had the same problem w/my 81 special sustain block... sounds like a burr on the underside of the saddle. I used some emory cloth on the suspect and the problem was gone that was 15 yrs. ago. Peace
  3. A-Smith up until "Right in the Nuts" after that almost unlistenable In my humble opinion.
  4. COOL!!!! You can put me in for two!!!! XL Black
  5. What is in your opinion a perfect album for Guitar. From start to finish every track a killer. No throw aways. Does'nt matter what style... For me its... Rock: Rocks-A-smith or Cheap tricks 1st its a toss up Jazz: Travels-Pat Metheny Fusion(for lack of a better term) Wired-Jeff Beck Blues: Live at the Regal-BB King New Blues(or Newer) Livin w/the law Chris Whitley What do you think?
  6. I've got a 75 SOB. IIIII Love it. check some of the vintage stuff...
  7. All of you cats have a truck load of class... I concur Badlands kicked ass the only band i've ever followed around for a month up and down the east coast on the voodoo hwy. tour...got some cool recordings of the tour. saw a few sound checks they always played ZZ's "just got paid" I miss that music form.
  8. I got my 81 special in 88. I have several other specials same year but that one keeps callin me back.
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