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  1. I'm looking for two trem mounting post. They would have been on Charvel/Jackson guitars with a JT-6 trem. The size is 5/16ths x 24 TPI, regular Floyd Rose studs are way small. Figured I'd ask here in case somebody has some kicking around the parts drawer...


  3. Is the Edwards still available?  

  4. Johnny Thunders I want your #1 and #2 for myself, they both scream "ROCKNROLL"
  5. Perfect !!! It was, I was too scared to play it or scratch it....so I sold it....
  6. maybe my Studio Custom custom order, first one in indigo blue.
  7. forget it, I don't think I will do any deals with him.
  8. not for $2900 Considering a REAL, HFC-owned and well-documented Standard Korina was offered here for $1,800, this price-range is absolutely laughable. Must be tax season - why, yes it is! I wouldn't pay that either. Here is the deal. I want $2200 out my Tele, He wants $2900 for his Standard. He offered to trade me straight up. I want a Les Paul, I will trade him my Tele and sell the Standard to an HFC'er for the $2200 and go buy a Les Paul. I am no longer up on Hamer prices, is $2200 out of the question for the Standard?
  9. not for $2900No, more like $2200 shipped which is what I want out if the Tele.
  10. He wants to trade the Standard for my Tele, anyone here want to buy the Standard if I swap him?
  11. He has asked me to trade for my '82 reissue '52 Tele, I am thinking about .....
  12. 10/9/11 SOLD on TGP, say goodbye boys. can't find the "delete" button
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