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  2. You'll sell 'em before they get broken in anyway......
  3. I love my UK made V30's...they take a lot of punishment that a GB25 will not take. Way better botom end on the V30's as well which is why I prefer them over anything else. However, one of my amps, my Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555, sounds best through my old 75's that are in the matching SJ cab. But for everyday use it is V30 all the way.
  4. Hey and welcome to the forum. I think what you are after is an Artist. Very versatile guitar there. Jazz, blues, and rock are no prob with that guitar. Very sweet guitars indeed. There are many appointments you can get on an Artist so depending on your prize limit you could get a killer one made for you. Nice prize by the way!
  5. I worked at a company that rented Yorkville gear and the stuff was really good. It got abused by people who didn't know what they were doing and took it in stride. Good stuff that Yorkville...
  6. Not taken that way. I just think you're wrong on this one. And that's based on 25 years of gigging experience and the gigging experience of many club-based acoustic acts. Would your way be better? Hell yeah. I'd love to take subs, high packs, all kinds of outboard gear, etc.... but it's just not necessary for 99% of these types of gigs. And since I have to carry my gear to my acoustic gigs..... there's really no choice. ;-) I also suggest a Rock n' Roller cart. There's really no reason to lift more than necessary. Wow. Wrong, huh? Not trying to get in a pissing match with you (nothing is more pathetic than an internet argument) but I engineer everyday and have for a very long time. My suggestion would fix the problem and therefore is not wrong. Seems like you took what I said kind of personally. It's not a big deal. To each his own, but wrong I am not. I never mentioned bringing subs and all of that stuff, not sure where you got that. I clearly stated that a good power amp would provide headroom and therefore clear up the fuzziness of the band in the mix. Which, by the way, is correct. I respect the fact that you have been gigging for a long time. This is in no way a diss on you my fellow HFC bro!
  7. My post wasn't trying to discredit anybody so I hope that it wasn't taken that way. It's just my opinion after being a professional live sound engineer for the last ten years.
  8. I am a sound engineer for a living and run sound at venues all over Austin. Your problem is very simple. The PA-in-a-box things are great for PTA meetings but not for a musical group (unless it is the Mackie 808M which is still barely cutting it). The answer is that you need headroom. You need to get a mixer and a GOOD amp that will deliver plenty of clean power to your speakers. More speakers are blown or sound crappy (i.e. your fuzz problem) because of underpowering than because of overpowering in my experience. Ditch the PA-in-a-box and snag a nice amp that will deliver at least 500 watts of power at 8 ohms because that is probably what your PA cabs are. The QSC RMX 2402 is a great low cost choice IMO. Great amp for the $$$. You will be much happier and all of your instruments will have room to breathe. You can use the PA head to power your monitor setup. It should work fine for that. It's a pretty simple fix really.
  9. Ace Frehley - the solo on Alive II in the middle of "Shock Me" is kickass and that began everything for me. Alex Skolnick - Testament is my all time fave thrash band and he was/is so musical, plus I am a huge Jazz fan so it was cool seeing someone that was a metal guy go into jazz which I was also into at the time (and still am). Mike Stern - got into him from his Jigsaw album and haven't stopped since... John Sykes - The Whitesnake record he played on has some of the sickest playing I have ever heard in the Hard Rock vein. The Blue Murder stuff is good as well. I saw Thin Lizzy with him singing a year or so ago and he completely ripped it up. That guy is sick. John Petrucci - technically great. Looks like a robot when he plays but he does some amazing things from time to time. Danny Gatton - Holy Crap. When I heard 88 Elmira Street I was floored. What a shame that he is gone. He inspired me to break out and learn new stuff. Doug Aldritch - Unsung hero from the 80's who now plays in Whitesnake and Dio. Get the Evil Or Divine Dio DVD and have a seat. Tone, taste, and chops out the wazoo. The dude is awesome. I saw him live with WS and he played some unreal slide on "Slow and Easy".
  10. Well...crap. I talked to the owner of that fine guitar and got some more detailed pics today. It is out of my range pricewise. $2500 is just too much even though I know it cost him more than that. Damn....
  11. They are all made by Chinese prison labor and are both complete crap. The Danos look cooler so there you go.
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