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'92 Trans-Red 3 P90 Special

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C'mon guys! Don't make me put this on Ebay!



Comes with a near-new Epi HSC.

$625 shipped (US Only)

No trades at this time please.

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Citrus, you dork! I answered that for ya the last time I put it up! LOL!

Anyway, it's like this:

The neck and bridge volume controls, and the 3-way switch, all function normally.

The tone control is now a push/pull pot that works as an on/off/volume for the center pickup.

In doing it that way, you lose the tone control, but gain a huge array of tones by simply pulling the knob out and blending the volume levels of any or all three pickups as desired. If you don't want the in-between Strat-type sounds, push the knob in and you have a normal two-P90 sound.

I was surprized at how well it worked and the wide variety of sound available. You'll never get that out of a tone control!

The neck is medium-width and the profile leans just slightly toward the thinner side without being 'shred' thin. The lower frets show some wear, but (for me) it doesn't affect how it plays.

It shows some use, but overall is in very good condition.

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Me Likey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funds are a bit short right now...

Edited to add that I see you're from Wisconsin...Oregon...I'm in Sun Prairie...glad to "meet" a fellow HFC'r from WI...Erik

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I really love that guitar. One day, I will own it. But that day will not be any day soon. So I need another HFCer to buy it for me and kind of "hold" it until i get a job or something. Please? :blink:

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