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Crazy Kurt's Spring Effects BLOWOUT!

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How can I sell so many certified, pre-owned effects so cheaply? I MUST BE CRAAAAAZZZY!

Boss AW-2 Auto-Wah - Tired of other guitarists kicking sand in your face, just because you’re too spastic to rock on your wah pedal? For only $40, you can be a man and record your own porno movie soundtracks at home. And who knows, you might be visited by the ghost of Jerry Garcia. Remember, this is a special deal, just for you.

Boss BF-2 Flanger - Shoosh, swoop, shimmer and shine. You know you wanna! $40 will do it!

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble - yup, this is the one that plenty of on-line folks say “sucks.” All I can say is I hear a lot of people with sucky tone that are really happy with it. So if you ever wanted a chorus that sucks, this is a GREAT deal. (Actually, it’s not that bad. Just has a lot of functions to dial in.) MF has ‘em for $79.99. This one can be yours for $40, and I’ll throw in the velcro stuck to the bottom FOR FREE!

Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay - Tired of your puny, dry sound? Now you can have GIANT, MASSIVE REVERB. Sound like you’re in a giant cathedral! Or a tiny box, or just about anyplace in between! You could pay millions of dollars for options like this, but if you buy the reverb today, I’ll throw in the delay FOR FREE! How can I do it? I MUST BE CRAAAAAZZZY! $85 out the door!

Danelectro Daddy-O - This pedal is cool enough to wear wayfarers and spike your punchbowl. Volume, overdrive and a 3-band EQ make this bad boy versatile as well as hip. Are you cool enough to be a Daddy-O? More importantly, are you willing to send me $30?

Ibanez CP-9 Compressor/Limiter - Are your dynamics all over the place? Need to put a little squeeze on your chicken pickin’? Wanna punish your amp’s input? This is an oldy but a goody, made around the same time as the old TS-9s. How can you go wrong? Get your signal under control today! $40 with FREE VELCRO and maybe just a hint of cat hair on the bottom.

Add $5 per pedal for packing and shipping inside CONUS only. Postal money order only.

I’ll check each pedal one final time before I ship! Because I’m CRAAAAZYYYY, but I care.


And when you’re ready to move up to the big time - if you think you’re ready - check out the Korg G-4 Rotary Speaker Simulator. Get that great Leslie sound without the hassle of carrying one around - works great with both guitars and keyboards.

Has controls for both rotor and horn speed, balance between rotor and horn, microphone distance and spread. It also features a drive control that some Harmony Central reviews have compared to a Tube Screamer. (Take that for what it's worth.)

Run the G4 in stereo to a pair of guitar amps, or plug in your keyboards in stereo and go straight to your mixer.

Mint condition with no scratches, scrapes or lettering worn off. Includes original box, power adaptor and manual. You probably won't want me to ship it in the orig. box, though - it's pretty worn.

These have gone for $450 and more on ebay, I'm asking $375 and I'll ship to CONUS only.


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Yeah, that compressor would kill your finances, you cheap ass bastard!

Buy the damn thing, he's a GOOD BOY......(pinches Kurt's cheek and shakes him vigorously)

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