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Some studio time with #0066 today!

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I got a call earlier in the week from a buddy who is putting some finishing touches on an album asking if I'd be interested in dropping by the studio to add some guitar to a track or two.  He sent over a rough demo and was looking for some electric 12, "Mike Campbell-y" kind of stuff.  I headed over to the wilds of Northern VA through DC snowstorm traffic, Newport 12, Janglebox and #0066 in tow.

Working through the first track with the Newport, and it sounded really good, but there was a really noticeable hum in the playback that we didn't like.  Turned on a low-threshold gate which seemed to help, but then I started having cable/jack issues.  Swapped out 4 different cables (including one of my brand new Lava coily thingys), and I figured it had to be the jack, ultimately.

We had been talking about the 'Trons in #0066, so we decided to give it a spin, trying to capture the same style/feel as before.  I had the Mosaic 12 string simulator, which works well when I've used it live, but it sounded a bit to artificial for this part, so I just stuck with the Janglebox into a 65Amps Lil' Elvis head with a miked 2x12 and 4x12 in another room.  There was a killer red Marshall 18watter in there that I've played through before, but we went with the (slightly) better sounding setup.

The Shishkov was dead quiet - no hum, noise, nothing...well, unless I was playing it, of course!  Honestly, it was a joy to record with.  I stayed with the bridge PowerTron for about 90% of things, but flipped to the in-between, #2 slot for a really cool Stratty tone (but much thicker sounding).  We used a fairly clean amp setting, with just the JB providing a little compression, brightness and edge of breakup kick.  #0066 handled beautifully, and felt/sounded fantastic - I was really glad I brought it along.  There were a lot of really cool guitars in the studio that I could have used, including a bitchin' Firebird and one of the nicest Telecasters I've ever played, but the Shishkov definitely nailed it.

Hoping to get some of the stuff back before it goes in for the final mixing, and will be sure to post.  If it gets finished and out on schedule, I'll be playing the CD release show in the spring...with #0066, for sure.



120917 studio3.jpg


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Very cool indeed.  The fact you felt comfortable enough to record straight away with the Shishkov speaks volumes.

It's a horrible feeling when a technical issue sets in.  Your jack episode reminds me of my recording issue about a year ago.   I was asked for an 80's guitar "top gun esq" theme for a song.  I quickly put one together that worked using plenty of trem and then, for the first time ever, I had tuning issues on the Virt.  I had stretched new strings a day or so ago and played them in.  I was truly foxed.  Then after a bit more head scratching I realised I had only finger tightened the nut clamps. How professional. Doh!  

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Great story even though I dare say you went with the full intention of playing the Shishkov anyway ;-)

I hope we get to hear the final tracks some time. Can't wait to hear back from Mike. Apparently I'm no. 80 ....

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