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  1. Maybe the seller is just hoping to achieve an offer in line with half his asking price? Surely someone out there will “hard ball” him with a 50% offer?
  2. DBraz


    Looking awesome! I can’t wait to see how this one develops.
  3. Yep. That’s over double what I think it’d Be worth here. Good luck I guess.
  4. Sweet! Nice choices with the construction and hardware.
  5. The logo “R” missing bit may not be because of a refin. It’s possible that part of the “R” rubbed off where the clear coat is thin at the transition and from an owner getting enthusiastic polishing? Love the Hamer FB. A shame about the pick guard.
  6. I love that one. It’s Gatorbyte’s isn’t it?
  7. Just watched the video. Interesting that it was refretted. There was plenty left on the originals when I sold it. It must be getting a lot of play! Its definitely 24.75” scale length with 14.5” radius. At least it was before the refret that’s currently on it.
  8. Wildly optimistic for a bound board FM Elite with an aftermarket Floyd. Divide by four and a bit?
  9. What an incredible example of what made Hamer special. 1 piece quilt body Sir? Check. Ebony board Sir? Check. Custom coloured logo and signature Sir? Check. Custom small dot inlays Sir? Check. More Birdseye than a bird sanctuary Sir? Yep, that’d do. Custom control cavity and switching options, just in case Sir? What the hell YES!
  10. That was my old guitar. I do regret selling it. At the time I was in a “one in/one out” phase. Please tell him if he ever wants to let it go... Great that it’s being used enough to require a refret and it remains surrounded by HFC members. Rock on!
  11. Fantastic! Hamer made GREAT guitars.
  12. The green shorts were a sign of what was to come...
  13. One of my favourite threads in a long time. Truly heart warming. Rock on Dr Bear!!
  14. My own opinion is that if mahogany is 9 in terms of how warm it sounds and maple a 2 then Korina is a 6. Definitely more midrange and sweeter in the higher register.
  15. Fantastic!!! I love Maiden and they continue to put on a great show. I’ve seen them pretty much every time in the UK since ‘88 and thanks to a friend many times as a VIP. In person they’re great guys too. In fact the only member I haven’t managed to chat with is Adrian Smith sadly. I’d love to ask him about his Hamer Standard and Dean Mini ML...
  16. I’m with you Jim. I just love the AFX 3. I use a Friedman ASC-12 as you know. The ASC-12 provides some “cab factor” and feels like it moves some air but nothing beats 4x12’s aesthetics. Even walking into the local guitar store I’m still wowed by heads and 4x12’s. But the size and weight... As for the preferred guitar I swing between my Virt and Super-C as go-to’s but every single one of my guitars sounds great. The best ones don’t sound way better than my least favourite just different.
  17. One day I’ll get one of these...
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