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  1. The other day Bennyboy-UK popped over for a catch-up and brought along some toys. He brought his awe inspiring SS1 Marble O'Connor, his Chaparral Snakeskin O'Connor, his magnificent Vintage-S Custom order and a few others. In turn he had a play on the majority of my Hamer's in addition to the Shishkov's. I love playing guitars, and especially Hamer's and Shishkov's, but sharing them over an afternoon will a like minded soul is fantastic. Ben's SS1 O'Connor really is a special guitar. It was an uber clean example and oozes class as the best O'Connor finishes always do on a Hamer. Lovely combination of sound's too and I swear the O'Connor finish makes you play better. His Chaparral was lovely in an honest rocky 80's way and did all the right things. The Vintage-S Custom. Wow. Serious custom order that one and spec'd by a player. 3 on/off toggle switches for pickups, volume, mid-boost and "stratifier" pots. I don't actually know if its called a "stratifier" but turning the pot up to MAX elicits a very useable convincing strat tone. Wind it back down and you're in rocker territory. It's like witchcraft. Ebony board, micro dots and get this - how often do you have a 1 piece QUILTED maple body? Nearing "home time" it was suggested that we, at the very least, get an O'Connor group shot. Also a few of Ben's lovely O'Connor Marble SS1 in isolation. I'm into double figures meeting HFC brethren now and its always a pleasure. Rock on!!
  2. I can’t wait to see pictures. I have a Sunburst T62 and love mine!
  3. Well fuck me. Just when you think you’ve seen them all out pop MELTING BOOMERS! Thanks for sharing.
  4. That is absolutely fantastic. I’m over the moon for you. A great news story for the beginning of 2020. Is it going to be hung on a wall? Put in a cabinet for people to view? I hope it doesn’t remain cased under a bed!
  5. I think really good examples of rare AND desirable Hamer's will always command a good price. The standard issue, repeatable stuff, may face some downward pressure.
  6. Interesting. I’m not in buying mode right now but it hasn’t escaped me that there are some exquisite guitars for sale right now and a lot of these aren’t moving quickly.
  7. I’ve just spent the last hour and a half trying to dial that tone in on my Axe FX 3. Really raw and bouncy and lovely when rolling off the volume.
  8. I think the SLO sounds great! You’ve just got to love the charismatic Mike Soldano.
  9. Biggest win can only be my Shishkov Super C 2. What really makes it special are the memories attached to me picking it up. A stop-off at house Shishkov and a road trip with Mike to Philadelphia to meet-up with Jim again for a shred-off and a great meal out discussing life and guitars. A fantastic long weekend. That aside the Axe FX 3 has been a lot of fun combined with the powered Friedman cab. Fails. Work’s been tough with the general election and Brexit but these things happen. Moving on in 2020 positively.
  10. FWIW I love my T62. It’s no Strat in a conventional sense but “does Strat” reasonably well. Where the T62 excels is in its build quality and materials which are other worldly. The Birdseye neck for example. The preamp too also makes it a versatile tool. It provides a big difference in gain and EQ and for me becomes the solo switch. Whoever bought it will have fun.
  11. I really enjoyed watching that video. Thanks for sharing. Gilbert is among the very best ever and his ever charming personality always makes me smile. Watching him play basketball was classic. 😀
  12. Very sad news. A good friend of mine, a fellow guitarist, died The same way at 38. Watching him go was heartbreaking. The candle that burns twice as bright... RIP Neil Peart and thank you for the music.
  13. Matey, sometimes it’s easy to forget about actually playing when engrossed in a guitar arms race. You CAN play. You know that. I know that. Practice is overlooked and very satisfying when it all comes together isn’t it? Personally I could do with a good theory instructional video as my theoretical knowledge is less than optimal.
  14. Thanks for posting. This stuff interests me. I'll take a look later...
  15. Oh my goodness. I’d probably faint walking around your guitar collection. Outstanding!
  16. I like it! I’ve listened to it a few times and it’s buzzing round my head now. 😃
  17. A very valid point. Until you play something loud, standing up, in front of an audience, it’s just not the same. The best guitarists out there make the hard stuff sound easy and that’s the beauty of their art.
  18. ^^ Some serious flexibility there. Impressive!
  19. Art yes! Exactly my reason for owning an O’Connor Cali Double neck! 😃
  20. I have that same noble aim but I just can’t get there. Yet. I think half a dozen is just about perfect in terms of flexibility for tones/fixed bridges/trems. Problem is I look at the likely “go” candidates, pick one up, and...
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