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I decided to give my poor, neglected SF Vibro Champ some love.  Haven't fired it up in ages.  Seemed fine the last time I did.  So...  bought it a new Weber 8A125 speaker and some vintage glass.  Gave the grimy tolex a mild cleaning and she looks good.  Removed the chassis and pictured is what I see.  Note that I am electronically challenged.  I knew someone had been inside before but never looked.    See the cluster of capacitors glued to the chassis and to each other?  The way they're connected?   What am I looking at?   Looks to me like the work was done by a drunken chimp.  Is this considered an acceptable practice?  Thanks!






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I think they left the old multi-section can capacitor in place and tacked new ones on top.  Hard to see. Maybe the terminals of the old one were broken off.

not the nicest way to do it but works if the values are correct and the old cap is not in the circuit.  Seems there should be a replacement multi-section can.  Maybe it costs a lot more than individual caps. Desoldering the mounting tabs from the chassis would be a pain.

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