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Whats up HFC long time, ? for the coolest board about pots and caps

it's me HHB


Hey, bought this Les Paul that a guy at the store had rewired w 50s wiring and upgraded gibson pots, whatever that means. First off they had a wire wrong for 50s wiring so I thought it would fix the problem, it didnt. The problem is all the controls seem semi useless from 2 to 10 lol. I've hooked it up to a volume pedal and the pickups clean up and sound great but onboard the pots stay muddy and are nuanced at best. Tones do woman at 0 then pretty much squat til 10 , funny thing is the work is so well done, the wiring looks like old hamer quality, it has bright caps on both volumes but none of this seems to have do shit lol. What do I need to buy to get the volumes to do like the vol pedal at least, I dont really care that much about the tones but they suck too, thanks Y'all!

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