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  1. Ha! Ive been in and out but my horrible posts are eye catching 😆
  2. Aww man, so many great rock records he made
  3. it's me HHB


    Something special really happened here! The color w the lines is just amazing
  4. When I owned the silverface deluxe I used the rverb channel input 2 for any humbucker guitar. Way better for me, almost like a Reverend bass contour vibe
  5. Love everything in this vid. The proto is the easiest playing guitar ever. It also rings in perfect consonance with all its parts. I will miss it when it leaves
  6. it is it the big one like proto? It adds a lot to the tone
  7. Will do a pt 2 w the EQ engaged
  8. Vol1- 9 Vol 2- 9 Master 2 ( still fuckin loud ) Treble 9.5 Bass 1.5 Reverb 5 ( its tied to master somehow so its high at low master settings ) 100 watt setting EQ off
  9. Lol. Ive just always cringed at his tone. Great playing but the VFW tone is a strange choice to me. GET catty? Have you read my posts lol? Hey a Steve Howe Helix! Look out
  10. Man whats on it a pignose? Howes tones sucks from stem to stern
  11. Laying around. Modded Marshall tones, its ok.
  12. This was Brit 45 brite into the hiwatt 412. Tiny bit of plate verb and remember these are direct into a PA and miced from the camera so there is room sound to a small extent
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