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  1. Some of the TV Yellow finishes were yellow. Some were more greenish. That photo makes me think the finish is TV yellow with the camera messing up the color. Otherwise, that would be a cool looking green. Specials were white, cherry red, TV yellow, sunburst black over yellow, black, and natural. 1993 had thin necks. They possibly got thicker toward the end of 1993, and definitely had a nice medium thickness by 1994.
  2. You are going to come up with nothing. The name is AsTley.
  3. Here is The Sweet hard and heavy in 1973 doing anything but a pop song. The lyrics are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
  4. Someone posted a setlist with a May 19, 2019 date.
  5. ZR nailed it down. Here are just a few more details. Here is the setlist from last night. At the start of the show Michael Schenker talked about this year's deaths of tour drummer Ted McKenna and Paul Raymond who had played with Michael in UFO and MSG. All of Michael Schenker's guitars were Dean solid body V's. The hollow body V seen in some videos was not used. On the front of Michael's guitars there were some washers about the size of a quarter stuck on the front with either double sided tape or a thin magnet. He used a small plastic pick, but at the beginning of one of the last songs (Live And Let Live, maybe?) he used one of those washers to make some guitar noises. He also grabbed the headstock of his guitars a lot to bend notes down. There were two Marshall stacks with all straight cabinets under JCM 800 heads. Only one head was turned on, and both cabs underneath were mic'ed. Michael's pedalboard had four stompboxes and a box he could stomp to get a percussive sound to start some songs. Next to that was a wah pedal with a camouflage finish. Steve Mann had his signature Nemesis guitar, a set neck Jackson, and at least one Dean with a six on a side headstock. He played through a single Marshall stack with both straight and angled cabinets. He had an M-Audio keyboard. Chris Glen played two Explorer shaped basses through an EBS stack. One bass has no name on it. The other said Nemesis on it. Bodo Schopf played Pearl drums. Doogie White introduced the song Before The Devil Knows Your Dead as the first song he wrote with Michael Schenker. That song was written within days of Ronnie James Dio's death. He also told the audience that May 16th, the night of the show, was the ninth anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death. He had real tears in his eyes at the end of the song. I liked all the singers, and the three hours of Michael Schenker's playing. It was impossible to get a good picture of Doogie White because he kept moving so much.
  6. Bill, have I told you I am a fan of yours lately?
  7. I never put enough time into learning to play a steel guitar, so do not ask me to play the one I have. The thing is to learn the string groupings that give you major and minor chords. Then there are patterns to learn, too Pedal steels were around as early as 1940, but they did not start getting common until the end of the 1950s. Do you play a Telecaster without a B-bender installed? You can play a steel guitar without pedals to start. If you buy that pedal steel on Craigslist you do not have to touch the pedals while you are learning. Before spending $1400 you might want to spend $200 - $300 for a lap steel just to get used to it. A pedal steel player I know talked about how the tuning is purposely a little bit off on his steel in order to sound right when it is played. Uh, let's see... if it is slightly out of tune it will sound in tune. OK. It is not just the one guy who does that. If you want to dig in, go to Brad's Page of Steel for answers to all your questions.
  8. That made the morning good today!
  9. The Classics IV have a tribute to Cobb on their homepage. They should, because his songs are a big part of their shows.
  10. Iommi plays left handed instruments. All he is doing is posing with someone's guitar.
  11. I remember hearing her music when I was really little. There is an album or an EP somewhere from back in the 60's. We watched her TV show. She was around for the big band era. Charles Manson wanted to kill her son. Doris Day had an interesting life.
  12. You were on track when you were thinking brass would be period correct even though it was not factory correct. Things like brass nuts and mini-switches were part of the time period. It is good that it worked out better for you, too.
  13. There is no photo, but Ted Nugent said he used a Strat on Workin' Hard, Playin' Hard for one of the guitar parts.
  14. If you are doing Don Barnes you need an Ibanez Artist solid body for a couple of songs in addition to what you got. You really have to have another guitar. There is no way around it.
  15. You know, without pics nothing really happens around here.
  16. Is the pickup original? The humbucker is something that people can argue about on a Junior, but for the way I would play it a humbucker is the right kind of pickup.
  17. As a gift, that little amp would be fine. The recipient can decide if it is cool or not.
  18. Out In The Cold is another one that I would not have expected.
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