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Hamer Made in Korea, 1995 with SN# 5025298



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Your belief that it's a 95 works for a Slammer Series guitar which were produced in the early/mid 90s.  They're widely considered to be the best of the Korean Hamer guitars, not to mention the best of the Hamer imports.  They're also considered great bang for the buck guitars because they sell for so little.

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Unfortunately the serial number menas nothing but it was likely made at the Cort factory (highly regarded back then). My 94 Diablo was made at the Cort factory as were most of the import series/SLAMMER series (from 92-98 or thereabouts). It is much more valuable if you keep it IMO. Sale price = $300 tops. It will play like something worth at least double that!

As an example, my 94 Diablo bought new in 96 cost $600 US. I modded it heavily (with Gotoh trem / Slink Pink reffin, EMG pickups) and it only sold for $500 US...


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