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  1. Your title should have "best offer takes it" in it.
  2. I too am looking for a home where I can be touched and plucked by interested people.
  3. Did someone say semi-hollow spruce top?
  4. I played my 24" scale Larrivee parlor yesterday for the first time in a good long while and was quickly reminded it's sporting a set of 13-56. That changes today.
  5. Maybe, but there are three people that all left abruptly that no longer want to make music with him.
  6. Ford wasn't innocent in the Crowes drama and I doubt he's the victim he'd like us to believe he is in either example cited in the article.
  7. Fortunately, "classic rock" isn't bound by the half-decade in question. If they were they'd have to choose different songs to play.
  8. I'm curious to hear your opinion of the Spark.
  9. Nope. The digital bugler was a member of the official honor guard from the Air Force base two miles away. The burial service was held on one of only 142 national cemeteries . The guy's 20+ years of service were 100% analog. The symbolism was there. The honor was not. To be fair, it may have been the widow's choice or she may not have cared one way or the other. I'm just suggesting it should never be an option because it comes with all the emotion of a Kenny G recording. There are literally 4000 volunteer buglers standing by to provide live services free of charge. Friends don't let friends have digital buglers.
  10. Last military funeral I attended had a digital bugler. Sad.
  11. Yeah, someone was compensating that day for sure.
  12. The silly oversized logo makes it look like part of the headstock is missing.
  13. The ever-popular "Playmate of the Year" model, panties included.
  14. My sound is in spruce-topped mahogany dreads. I also own a spruce/rosewood, a spruce/maple, and whatever you’d call an ovation, but I’m most creative and inspired by the mahogany.
  15. The original Hamer sustain-block Special's are a completely different animal, but I'd agree they're my favorite of the options you've laid out. I otherwise give the nod to the Gibson Junior and Special models that have the proper 50s style wraptail bridge. F*$! that lightning bolt bullshit. As for those with tune-o-matics, I had a couple LP Standards with the Nashville bridge where the freaking bushings would fall out of the body during string changes. I'm sure the Hamer Special's with a tune-o-matic enjoy tighter tolerances, but I can't get past those bushings. Hamer did make some wraptail Specials in the traditional Gibson style but used those gawdawful Wilkinson bridges. I owned one for awhile and it was a fine guitar but that bridge looked more like a bumper than the hood ornament it should. I've not owned but have played a few of the recent Gibson Specials (both double and single cut) and they're surprisingly good for the money (and by surprisingly good, I mean any decent new guitar with Gibson on the headstock surprises me). In the end, the traditional wrapper Special and Junior world for me is ruled by the SG.
  16. Any day you sell a guitar with a giant flower on it is a GREAT day!
  17. cynic


    You'll have a conniption drinking that stuff
  18. That’s from before it had the bridge changed out to a stop tail.
  19. Huber's carve on the Orca is perfection.
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