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Issue with a couple pedals in an fx loop? Help?



Running Mooer delay and reverb pedals in the loop of a Marshall Origin 50. When I turn the pedals on there is a very slight but noticable drop in volume and loss of high end. Any remedy or just try a different delay and reverb?

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There is a bit of traffic on this subject. This seemed interesting if only to rule out the loop being defective.

"I would test the loop chain to see if its the loop or the cables and pedals in the loop causing the problem.Take a proven good cable with the shortest leads you have and insert them into the loops send and return. Test loop on and off. Any difference? Start adding pedals to the chain, test repeat ect.". 


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2 hours ago, JGale said:

He had another solution.

End thread.

Yeah I should have messed around with stuff a little more before posting.

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