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    Limited run SB-77 Hamer USA Sunburst. Crazy rich 59 burst coloring and flat top. Medium C profile neck. Excellent condition; Two items keep it from near mint 1) small ding on the headstock near the E tuner and 2) small air pocket under the lacquer on the treble side waist. Pickups replaced: bridge is a WCR Godwood (OMG wood) and the neck pickup is a Duncan out of the neck of a '99 USA Standard. Great guitar with no issues other than the cosmetics listed above. More photos and extended desc: https://reverb.com/item/6944833-stunning-2000-usa-hamer-reissue-sunburst-limited-edition-standard-sustainblock $2000 plus shipping and PayPal Gift. No trades. No sales outside North America. PM with questions or for more photos.
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    You left out "Screaming for Vengeance," which IMHO really expanded the reach of metal as far as the mid-80s masses go and subsequently IMHO earns them RRHOF induction just for that milestone. Hell, I dated girls in HS who liked that album as much as my buddies and I did.
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    These were part of the CME Gibson Memphis blowout. CME did a great job doing a volume buy on some Gibson's excess stock, I was quite happy to pick Henry's pocket on these... lol The Les Paul is a 2015 Es with a VOS (vintage lustre) finish, beautiful dark rosewood board, very large 59 neck. plays and sounds great. hits heavier and harder than you think. not normally a tobacco sunburst guy but I thought it was the coolest color in this series. The ES-339 is a 2017 (still smells like paint) that immediately went to my #1... (although, the les paul just arrived today) I always admired these black ones with the block inlays great axe... AC-DC, black crowes, and then some slow blues so you can get mellowed out... nicely crafted, titanium bridge saddles bone nut. pics, enjoy. obligatory moody black and white shots
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    No Judas Priest love? I literally wore out Sin After Sin and Sad Wings back in the day. Rocka Rolla got a lot of play too, as did Uneashed In The East. The later stuff slowed me way down, but I loved the early JP.
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    I had a black/maple RG-550 autographed by Vai back in the very early '90s. Funny story about how I won it, but it was a REALLY cool guitar - played like a dream. The weak spot was definitely the stock bridge humbucker. It wasn't awful beyond belief, but kind of plinky and sterile when clean. I still remember exactly what that guitar felt and smelled like, as odd as that sounds. I ditched it a few years later as a partial trade for one of the first '95 Standard reissues when they came out.
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    Nina Simone is to RnR as Jethro Tull is to Heavy Metal
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    Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Link Wray should have been a couple of the very first inductees, IMO.
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    Agreed. The Standards and Classics I played from that era were great. I should have bought a Standard back then when the weren`t weight relieved, had the '59 neck and Grovers. around $1250 then for a Standard in the late 90`s.
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    Unbelievable that Dire Straits is not already enshrined.
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    a. never was a big fan of the look of Ibby shredder head stocks b. this neck is surprisingly meaty compared to the thin Wizard and Wizard 2's (or maybe my memory is going- it was a long time ago I had those RG's) c. Green guitars > a. & b. Thanks!
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    If Glen Buxton is in there, then Sister Rosetta gotta get a nod for influence
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    Got a raging case of GAS for one of these despite having had a tepid response to the Indo-made version. I mean, it's the 30th Anniv. model! Made in Japan! All that added cost, case candy/specialty commemorative swag has gotta translate into more mojo & awesomeness from the guitar, right?? All kidding aside, it's a decent ride and maybe after some serious set up, it'll be up to my expectations (feels funny saying that given my level of suckitude). But it ain't no Cali LE, that's for damned certain! PS- I know what's partially to blame for Vai's less than stellar guitar tone. Evo's- Yuck. Basswood body- Double yuck.
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    Ouch. But no. If I bond with it, I'll order a custom spec-ed replacement pick guard with 2H and a toggle switch. Couple o' solders here and there and she'll be as sound as a pound. AND I can revert it back to to stock for selling it off should that day come. Now what to do about that trem system...
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    I always flinch whenever the annual, "RRHOF Inductees" thread is posted. Blechh!
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    Out of that list, the J.Geils Band, Dire Straits, Bon Jovi, The Moody Blues and The Cars are the most relevant to me. Kate BUSH?? WTF? If anything Kate Bush should be knocked out and replaced with Pat Benatar for taking the abomination Wuthering Heights and turning it into a cool power pop tune! Yeah yeah, she had a shit load of hits in England, but why should I care about that?
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    I remember Dwight Twilley and his band, back when I was growing up in the Tulsa area, back in the '70's. Him and TP had the same record label in the early days, Shelter Records, which got started up with fellow Tulsan Leon Russell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shelter_Records Twilley had a semi-hit back in the day (circa 1975 or '76), 'I'm On Fire', which for some reason showed up again on the charts in the early '80's, too. I heard about some hipster band that put out a version of the song about a year or two ago...I recognized the song, but the hipster version didn't beat the original, IMO. The original song has a '70's T-Rex 'Bang A Gong' feel/sound to it: When I was watching the CBS Evening News on the day TP died, they showed part of this interview, done in TP's 'Clubhouse' (rehearsal space and gear storage area, loaded floor-to-ceiling with guitars), that was originally shown several years ago on CBS' 'Sunday Morning' TV program. My favorite part of the interview was where it was mentioned (shown here at about 2:25 onward), that they counted 144 guitars there at that time (a dozen dozen, also known as one 'gross' unit of measurement ), and TP says '...you only need one', adding that 'it got a little out of hand':
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    Same here, I'm just stuck with this measly student model SC. At least its "R" stands for "real." LOL
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    Not a fan of the Tally, but this one is cool. The seller's photo composition and camera skills are sub par, however.
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    If this isn't art, I don't know what is.
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    Just don't dent the pine with the folded, wet rag. Unless you're planning to coat that body with a bulletproof blanket of poly, I don't know if it's worth the TLC.
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    That piss-soaked case makes a perfect cat coffin. Just sayin'...
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    Bought it to play slide. Then, I remembered I can't play slide...