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    Limited run SB-77 Hamer USA Sunburst. Crazy rich 59 burst coloring and flat top. Medium C profile neck. Excellent condition; Two items keep it from near mint 1) small ding on the headstock near the E tuner and 2) small air pocket under the lacquer on the treble side waist. Pickups replaced: bridge is a WCR Godwood (OMG wood) and the neck pickup is a Duncan out of the neck of a '99 USA Standard. Great guitar with no issues other than the cosmetics listed above. More photos and extended desc: https://reverb.com/item/6944833-stunning-2000-usa-hamer-reissue-sunburst-limited-edition-standard-sustainblock $2000 plus shipping and PayPal Gift. No trades. No sales outside North America. PM with questions or for more photos.
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    You left out "Screaming for Vengeance," which IMHO really expanded the reach of metal as far as the mid-80s masses go and subsequently IMHO earns them RRHOF induction just for that milestone. Hell, I dated girls in HS who liked that album as much as my buddies and I did.
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    These were part of the CME Gibson Memphis blowout. CME did a great job doing a volume buy on some Gibson's excess stock, I was quite happy to pick Henry's pocket on these... lol The Les Paul is a 2015 Es with a VOS (vintage lustre) finish, beautiful dark rosewood board, very large 59 neck. plays and sounds great. hits heavier and harder than you think. not normally a tobacco sunburst guy but I thought it was the coolest color in this series. The ES-339 is a 2017 (still smells like paint) that immediately went to my #1... (although, the les paul just arrived today) I always admired these black ones with the block inlays great axe... AC-DC, black crowes, and then some slow blues so you can get mellowed out... nicely crafted, titanium bridge saddles bone nut. pics, enjoy. obligatory moody black and white shots
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    I can't make out the SN: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/msg/d/hamer-prototype-for-sale/6331996394.html I already envy the guy who grabs this.
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    No Judas Priest love? I literally wore out Sin After Sin and Sad Wings back in the day. Rocka Rolla got a lot of play too, as did Uneashed In The East. The later stuff slowed me way down, but I loved the early JP.
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    Plenty of people do, given the level of discussion that's inevitably generated by the nominees announcement, the inductees announcement, and the induction ceremony.
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    Not a fan of bleh basswood supporting Dimarzios. "Bleh" meaning BW seems to have a flat EQ curve and no real character of its own. I think the reason it took off so to speak was because Ibanez had an overflowing roster of endorsees, so many, many popular names, and basswood was the canvas for everything Ibanez made, so "it must be good," in the minds of the masses. Mix in the era of big ass refrigerator racks and Bradshaw systems in both the studio and on stage ... a flat EQ curve wood seems to me would be kinda better if you're relying on so much shit coloring your tone in the first place. I remember my wallet shuddering when the first white Jems came out and it was announced they were alder/ebony. Sure enough, the first one I played was magical for my tastes compared to its predecessors. All that being said, I loved the Jems and early RGs from day one and if they were alder straight out of the gate, I'd probably STILL be playing a debut-era Jem and probably the old root beer one at that. I liked the long no-knuckle-cut monkey grip and the non-neon colors actually. And the pink Dimarzios would have been cast aside for black Duncans. I ought to build a clone of what I just described.
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    I notice you weren't the worst, but Worse Guitarist. Worse than what?
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    I had a black/maple RG-550 autographed by Vai back in the very early '90s. Funny story about how I won it, but it was a REALLY cool guitar - played like a dream. The weak spot was definitely the stock bridge humbucker. It wasn't awful beyond belief, but kind of plinky and sterile when clean. I still remember exactly what that guitar felt and smelled like, as odd as that sounds. I ditched it a few years later as a partial trade for one of the first '95 Standard reissues when they came out.
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    Nina Simone is to RnR as Jethro Tull is to Heavy Metal
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    Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Link Wray should have been a couple of the very first inductees, IMO.
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    https://knoxville.craigslist.org/msg/d/1998-hamer-phantom-custom/6310834460.html?lang=es&cc=mx Damn, another one I wish I could grab.
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    A lot about marketing to people who don't see the irony in exalting certain exclusive practitioners of a cultural art form, born out of rebellion, because now the same main stream "taste makers" that sell them dandruff shampoo, breath mints, and sugar water have validated it's worth. "Let's go see Bon Jovi © this summer, now that they're in the Hall of Fame!" -said nobody I care to hang out with, EVER
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    Does anyone except the RRHOF give a flying f^*& about the RRHOF and who is or isn't in it?
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    Just got the amp last night, very excellent dealing with mr. gtrdaddy! It was shipped for a nuclear war and time capsule... It's a great little amp too, louder than I thought it would, lots of tonal choices.
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    Can someone in Chicago give me an assist on this one? ETA - no shipping required, I can pay you via ppal up front and pick it up in a few weeks...
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    My RG550. First guitar I bought with my own money new in 1987. I like the neck as something different than other guitars I have. I hated the original pickups. I was on an EMG kick back then, so I replaced them with an 85, SA, and an 89 at the bridge with a coil split. At someone's suggestion here, they currently house DiMarzio Air Classics and a DiMarzio single coil. I thought it did well with the EMGs, I'm just off that train now.
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    The guitar that makes my '59 Tweed Deluxe sing...
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    That's funny. It was the early & mid 90s Gibsons that made me look for an alternative which ultimately led me to Hamers.
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    I was asking Ken {"Stratacus"} here on the HFC if he would sell me his, he thought about it for awhile..................... like maybe a minute. and then wisely decided he could not let it go............who could blame him?,I certainly couldn't.Gold "SUSTAIN BLOCK" bridge Hmmmmm you don't see many of those now do you? Yeah these Sunbursts have gold hardware and there are some haters about that but on this guitar its in keeping with what special guitars these are. Very Rare ! GLWTS.
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    Nothing but love and respect for JP. Just no L nor R for the institution called the RRHF
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    Agreed. The Standards and Classics I played from that era were great. I should have bought a Standard back then when the weren`t weight relieved, had the '59 neck and Grovers. around $1250 then for a Standard in the late 90`s.
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    Unbelievable that Dire Straits is not already enshrined.
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    a. never was a big fan of the look of Ibby shredder head stocks b. this neck is surprisingly meaty compared to the thin Wizard and Wizard 2's (or maybe my memory is going- it was a long time ago I had those RG's) c. Green guitars > a. & b. Thanks!
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    If Glen Buxton is in there, then Sister Rosetta gotta get a nod for influence
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    Oh yeah, that's the other song of theirs that I really like. Glad you enjoyed the show. How were the chicks?
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    Bump, same seller different name https://reverb.com/item/6800563-hamer-usa-californian-elite-1991-ir-ohsc contacted me on what’s up uttempting sale. Now he has photos so I have to pay 200 euro more:) He threaten me not to sell me any other guitar, and he has a lot of them LOL
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    Yes, but they wouldn't be buying any extra $20,000 tickets for family and friends. A reunion with Richie Sambora would nice for a night.
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    Flynn had this guitar years ago (15?), but it had tags/case candy with it. If someone is looking to pick it up, might not hurt to ask.
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    Yeah, but they stepped up and started the thing before anybody else did, so they get to call it whatever they want and indict whoever they want. They may not not squat about good music, but as the first sentence in your reply indicates, they sure know a lot about marketing.
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    Funny, I was just thinking, how is it the Moody Blues aren't in? Take away the 60's & 70's and their stuff from the 80's is still more deserving than many of the schlums already in. One of the early pioneers of Prog Rock, (of which I'm not a huge fan, but since when does my opinion weigh on importance?) Saw them over the 4th of July weekend at Ravinia, and they still sound great.
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    I don't know... but there's a paint pen for touching up guns that might work, I had bought a couple beat to hell Canon camera bodies and it worked great. bonds to metal, it may be close.
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    I think whether you love or hate metal, you have to admit that it has been one of the most hardy of all of rocks many bastard children. Just when you think it is dead, it comes back again. Sabbath, NWOBHM, Thrash, Hair Metal, Post-Thrash, Nu-Metal, New Wave of American Heavy Metal, the ton of great extreme metal acts in the 00s... it's always there in some form or fashion. I'd love for anyone to tell me one band more important to what metal became by the early 80s and always kept at least a toe in, no matter what permutation it took, besides Sabbath than Priest. There are others that may be as important - maybe - but none other that was moreso. There is no way you can have a Metallica in there and not Priest, at least in a rational world.
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    If it works for you, play it until it falls apart. It is a guitar tailored to a specific person, so not everyone is going to like it. Vai also uses a pretty specific setup, and the pickups are designed to work with that, and his playing style. That said, the Dimarzio IBZ pickups that Ibanez used in their RG Prestige line for years were always kinda "meh". They were not horrible pickups, but they weren't the same class as the tone Zone and Air Norton they use now. But, I think Ibanez was going for a specific sound, and I guess those pickups fit the bill. Basswood is nice enough for Petrucci to keep using it on his JP models, so It can't be all bad. Its' also a popular material to use when laminating maple, because it takes the glue well. The only down side is that it's kinda soft, and not great looking like alder or ash.
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    I think maybe changing the pickups to cream might give it some more points in the looks category. or maybe gold hardware. It just needs something.
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    Sister Rosetta was a badass..... JGeils, Dire Straits, Link Wray & the Cars deserve it, as do the Zombies and Moody Blues.
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    I always flinch whenever the annual, "RRHOF Inductees" thread is posted. Blechh!
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    The Florentine Les Paul is beautiful! Congrats Dave @DaveL
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    You pay me tree-fiddy ten times and we'll talk. 😉
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    My search for the Newport 90 was long and worth every day. Hope you can find one. Burningyen's videos are legendary here. His Newport 90 clips are killer. Here's mine...
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    Totally agree - I'm a BIG fan of the single pickup geetars...
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    I've been there, and the wait is worth it. Free bump.
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    Hi again, The guitar got here today, and I'm very happy so far! It's in really quite good condition, with just very minor buckle rash on the back, but otherwise pretty clean. It has Sperzel locking tuners fitted (not sure why - the regular ones are just fine), but the original ones are in the case. I cleaned it, oiled the board and set it up for 10s - and it rocks! The pups are maybe a touch too hot for my taste, but they do work well with old-school amps for rock. With it's "sister"...: and the whole family :-) Cheers E
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    Oh daddy, why did you have to say that about the indentation smaller than a grain of rice? There's no need for more of that kind of anality around here, we have plenty to go around. You just unknowingly recalibrated the standards around here. "EXCELLENT CONDITION, with no damage to report except (the word that started the domino effect) a small, skinny indentation in the clear coat on the back approximately 1/8" in length, that has not gone through the finish. It was pretty much impossible to photograph, and can only be seen when a reflection hits it just right." That's like the Grimm Reaper looking over your shoulder as you brush your toof. You can only see him in the mirror in the light of the corona of a total solar eclipse. Plus you need a blue tinted mirror to filter out all that smoke/fog around ol' Grimm. The GR is old school, he bought a fog machine at a garage sale. The seller told him that he got it from the guitar tech from Styx. No provenance available. gtrdaddy, gtrdaddy, gtrdaddy, next time you list please consider the impact that the content of your posts will have on the next generation of misfit gear-o-holics! Oh the humanity...... Cheers My HFC Brother! caddie
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    Bought it to play slide. Then, I remembered I can't play slide...
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    I'm in job hunting mode right now, and it's all about 'The Brand'. I hate it! I don't want to be a commodity, I'm an in-duh-vidual... Re: Gibson - how can they charge those prices and still be in that much debt? Where's the (apparently nonexistent) profit going?