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  1. killerteddybear

    Hamer SS II (EU)

    Love that colour! It screams androgyny...
  2. killerteddybear

    WTB - Schecter PT

  3. Off topic, but I really like your new avatar!
  4. killerteddybear

    These guitars have flipped!!!

    ...and for the unplugged set -
  5. killerteddybear

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    Happy Birthday Greg!
  6. No affiliation. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/msg/d/novato-hamer-90s-usa-centaura-sparkle/6790084362.html
  7. Perfect for that Game Of Thrones cover band! Add a nozzle on the headstock to spit flames. Point at drummer as needed.
  8. killerteddybear

    Investment Opportunity

    If there was a nickel to wrench out of the idea Gene would have done it by now.
  9. killerteddybear

    New tune from Brian May

    Maybe they just know that a performance is a team effort and everyone deserves their due.
  10. killerteddybear

    Satin finish thoughts?

    Agreed, great on necks. Bodies, it depends.
  11. killerteddybear

    Satchel tells some truth

    What nonsense. You might as well review Nigel Tufnel.
  12. Hmm, I saw April Wine in Perth, Ontario in 1974... Nah, it was gone by then. I didn't swipe it!
  13. At that price it doesn't matter where they are made. And, the ones I've tried recently are pretty good.
  14. killerteddybear

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, you east coasters. I'm gonna wait a bit more...
  15. killerteddybear

    The Longest Night Of The Year

    Six hours left, based on the original post.