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  1. If they are 8mm then these will work: https://faberusa.com/product/3551-eswkit-gloss-nickel/ Take the bushing to your favorite hardware store. They all have thread testers to determine size, metric vs imperial, pitch, etc.
  2. Are you using any kind of shape patterns or working by eye/feel? I still covet your shop...
  3. Yeah, that Dingwall in your avatar would be completely out of place... unless maybe you pony up for a D-Bird.
  4. This is the right approach when working with ziricote. Nasty stuff.
  5. DIN connectors are $3.00 - $6.00 each (plastic or metal housing); Belden 8445 22 AWG 5 Conductor Audio, Control and Instrumentation Cable, 300V is $0.75/ft (min 25 ft). That way you know it's 5 pin.
  6. We're used to detail. BCR Greg's posts developed our appetite.
  7. Ask @slingblader to cut you some dowels from a block of maple. There's a tool for that and judging by his recent posts, I'm convinced he has one in his shop... Or, buy the tool. Search for 'dowel cutter' in Google.
  8. They're in Oxnard, Ca. I wonder if these guys spun off from the Larrivee plant...
  9. My fave albums from that era- Power Windows Counterparts Test For Echo Vapor Trails
  10. That's why I feel dirty watching this!
  11. Maybe, here's a pic that pops up for 'Brian Baker Hamer'- photo notes say 1991 with the band Junkyard.
  12. No affiliation. Located in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Headstock was snapped off and "repaired professionally at blue note". https://slo.craigslist.org/msg/d/san-luis-obispo-hamer-brian-baker/7162154791.html
  13. Maybe you can leverage that into a discount for "incomplete build"...
  14. It's no argument. A real bass player uses both fingers or a pick, whenever the song suits.
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