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    Hey there guys and gals. Can’t rememebr the last time I posted here. Life got in the way, been working a ton, had a kid, stopped playing for a while... Never lost the love of Hamer guitars or this forum. Sold most of my gear but of the 6 guitars I still have, 3 of them are Hamers. Pulled up the website and the first image here was of my talladega. I take it as a sign. I’d like to return to regular circulation as a contributing member and hope to reconnect with all of you with whom I’ve shared the love of guitars and music. Thank you in advance.
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    Last Sunday afternoon I took the kids with me to our rehersal place to leave a pair of PA speakers I had borrowed for an event my sons class arranged in his school. I took the Monaco III with me and put it in the back of the car for the ride. When we got home I forgot to take it out. Yesterday at work I remembered I had the guitar still in the car(!) Shit. And last night I had to go to an award ceremony through my work. Car key was in my pocket. The extra car key is in a box somewhere in the house. We just recently moved, so It can be anywhere. No one could bring the guitar in for me. I got home around ten last night. Put the guitar in a closet, in the case, over night. It's been around -5℃= 23.00000℉ the whole weekend here. Opened the case this morning. No finish cracks. No other problems. Thank's Hamer for using urelaq instead of nitro! Now that the MIII has been cryo treated I swear it sounds way better. I could hear it this morning without even playing it. It was like an aural sonic glow around the guitar. It's worth double now, easily.
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    What? No close up of the input jack? How much ya wanna bet it is loose?
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    Last week, I posted a near miss on this guitar, I thought it had been sold before I could snag it. I guess the initial buyer decided not to get it, so I was ultimately (pun intended) able to make it mine. In my periodic searching of Japanese guitar stores, this Hamer Artist Ultimate popped up for a more that reasonable price. Even though this really isn't the type of guitar I would typically target, I couldn't resist it given the model's history and reputation. It's #10 in the series made in 1998. From my research, I'm guessing no more than about 80 were made since its release. But I could be wrong. Of course it's gorgeous in every respect. It's in very good condition. Outside of just very light pick marks on the top that can only be seen at an angle, I can't find a mark on it. The original case has a little wear on the top corner, but nothing major. There are no COAs with it, unfortunately. That certainly didn't make a difference to me, it's pretty obvious what it is. There was an older Hamer brochure and price list, though. Haven't had a chance to play it yet as it was delivered to my office. But I'm sure it'll be as good or better than every other Hamer that had passed through my hands.
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    I've always had a mild jones for classic pickup/control configurations on other (usually-classic-as-well) body shapes. Thought a Gibson SG owned and used by Frank Marino that was set up w/ a Strat-type pickup layout was really cool. Some mfrs. have gotten into such a mix-'em-up genre lately, particularly Fender (mostly on Mexican guitars from what I can tell). Tommy Shaw had some kind of a instrument like this ca. 2010 (the two-complete-album tour for Styx). IIRC it was a natural finished Jazzmaster-style body w/ either a Tele pickup configuration or maybe an Esquire layout. Had an Electric XII neck, or maybe it was a six-string neck. I didn't get backstage pre-concert at that particular show, so the recollection isn't as detailed... And I was reminded about that instrument by this Black Friday special called an offset Telecaster. It's an American-made limited edition, and the Lake Placid Blue finish has some personal "school colors" reference. Neck's a Deep C w/ satin finish. More comfortable than I thunk it would be. Pickups designed by industry veteran Tim Shaw. I've got a couple of other mishmash-style instruments: Robin Rawhide w/ Strat-type pickup layout, and my Peavey Wolfgang Special has two humbuckers and a three-way toggle (Gibson-ish, I guess) on a body w/ a Strat silhouette (admittedly, that's a real common configuration) But now I can conjure up a Tele twang if need be on an instrument that's a lot more comfortable than a traditional Tele. Moreover, I've got an old "ashtray" pickup/bridge cover that snaps onto this one perfectly. So far, my ownership indicates it's a unique and fun instrument to play.
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    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Stellar work by Geoff, Josh and Mike! 205C5132-9037-4FF7-95F6-CB7FB30281CE.mov
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    ... I'm owning my Talladega for about 10 years now. The guitar had been about 6 months old at the time, being a 2018. Actually, it had been advertised on Ebay for quite a while with a price reduction with almost any re-display. At a certain point I thought to make an unsolicited offer and got it confirmed right away. Seller even declared it lower for customs and, eventually, it made it to me really cheap on a great exchange rate at the time. Honestly, I did not want to buy it in the first place. However, would never sell it since it is there. Kind of a perfect guitar. It's one of the very few guitars I had never replaced the pickups on. Once you know how to treat the DDs they become irreplaceable. For years I have it strung with Thomastik Infeld Sliders .009s. A perfect fit. Still think (of course I do ) it is the most beautiful of the black transparent ones that were ever created. This is the best picture I have to celebrate.
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    I recently snagged a couple of Hamers in a bout of seemingly inexplicable materialism. Tons o' potential here as guilt free projects, given both are already significantly (and pleasingly) modded! No anguishing over whether or not to mod! First claimed was this 90's Cent with a fetching maple board and 2 H config! Pending it's assessment for mojo, it'll likely get new frets, kill switch tone pot, a toggle switch, fat brass block and the neck and body re-cleared. (paging Dr. Stike, paging Dr. Stike) The George Lynch-style tiger scheme is perfect! Then I saw this posted on Reverb via the Hamer FC FB page: A heavily modded Diablo that just screamed to be snatched up. I obliged The addition of the OFR and the Kawasaki green finish were too much to resist. Again, on determination of mojo status, this will likely get new frets, a Gravelin in the bridge, kill switch tone pot, a fat brass block and a toggle switch.
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    Missus Polara and I have a new album in the chute, by our combo I Am a Rocketship. The album is called Mind Grafitti, and the release date is February 21. It's going out through the usual channels - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music, and a zillion other digital outlets as well as some physical copies through our site. We've hired a publicist this time around to get it in the hands of magazines and bloggers and sites, with the objective of playing now and then in front of slightly bigger audiences. Wouldn't have done it except we're quite happy with this. It was a lot of work, and we still need to wrap up the official photo shot and two videos fast, but it was fun. It was recorded like the first album, Mission Control. Focusrite box into a MacBook Pro running Garageband, a couple MXL mics, a MIDI keyboard, and 90% of guitar was the Tom Anderson Bobcat. Also played my old 1935 Biltmore archtop for all the acoustic stuff. Used Missus' Roland synth for some of the parts instead of soft synths, and used some samples here and there. I took the cover photo in Paris. Here's the link to play from SoundCloud. https://soundcloud.com/iamarocketship_band/01-face-off-111818-12-01-pm/s-6M8BM
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    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
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    Curiosity got the best of me (damn you Stike). I am not sure of the transition date from nitro. The guitar was described as “almost mint” and I agree. It has a slight bit of Hameritis but otherwise looks almost unplayed. Case is mint with original warranty card and case key plus the catalog with the Modern Vintage ads I was looking for. I stole it at $995.
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    Did someone say LIKE? Maybe there is a stronger word.......
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    Dion texted back. He’s under some kind of treatment and waiting for the results of some more tests. He says “hi” and he also says he will eventually come around to do it himself.
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    I have @blackfbiv‘s phone number. Just sent him a texto telling him you guys were talking about him here. He usually takes his time to respond, he’s not doing well, but as soon as he’ll reply, I will let you know. Dion was by the way the first individual here at the HFC who sent me something for free (a sci-fi mag). I still have it.
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    @Feynman I enjoy randomly tagging Mitch every once in a while. Because he says "He's Out" . He must be doing good, i've seen pictures of his kids and they are all wearing shoes.
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    Hello Folks! I'm looking forward to learning more about Hamer instruments and the wild people who play them. My first American made guitar was a brand new 1995 Aztec gold Eclipse with SD mini hums. Unfortunately I traded it in 2002. I know! a stupid thing to do. On the bright side, I learned to appreciate the craftsmanship of Hamer and I am looking to try another one. Wish me luck.
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    I was cleaning up my email and moving stuff over to imgur and I decided that these might be of interest. I was asked not to post these during the build, but it should be safe now.😃 The top Fingerboard and binding-the neck was bound with the outer layer of the two piece checkerboard binding First glimpse of the body Mike's impeccable binding work (find the seam) Coming together (this came on my birthday) Getting ready for finish Some Color At this point Mike decided that the binding looked a little too white. He told me they were going to "do something with the binding". That was the last I saw of the guitar before it arrived, other than this teaser Trish sent the night before it shipped...
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    Guy walks over at work and asks what I was listening to on my radio. "Mark Knopfler, you know that song Money for Nothing?" BLANK STARE: Then I realized he wasn't born until the very late 90's. LOL
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    Okay, I got one for y'all. Delivery scheduled for yesterday (FedEx). Usually they are great, though they can arrive any time of the day, but.....After 11:30 am, got a message it had been delivered----Over an hour earlier. Nope, not here. No truck had come up our driveway. No one rang the bell. Nothing was on the front porch....Or in the bushes......Or on the porcf of a nearby neighbor. Frantic call to FedEX (if you can call a chat room a call). "Yes, it was delivered. We will put a trace on it. Hope to let you know by 1730". PMd the seller. He had better luck, finding the actual delivery address. Same house address, but different street---4 miles away...... Frantically look that up and hightail it there. So, the address is down a private lane......I park and walk back. A couple pickups parked outside. Signs attesting to the residents "appreciation" for firearms. A large box leaning against the house. My NAME on it. I knock, ring the bell. No answer, just a dog barking. So, do I leave a $4k guitar sitting there, having already been there 2 1/2 hours in the chilly weather? Park and hope someone returns SOON? Pick it up and hope no one shoots me in the back? Or a neighbor calls the Sheriff to report a porch theft? I DID go back to the car and find a paper and pen. Left a note and did take the package. It was all intact. The resident returned late in the afternoon and called me. It was all cool, but it could have been a much greater hassle. I hope to never repeat that particular experience. Yeah, I know I am SUPPOSED to still be downsizing, but sometimes a person has a relapse. It is a disease, I tell you....Missed this one once, did not want to a second time. Cocobolo neck , ziricote board, flame maple binding. A rather interesting top. Not fully tuned in yet. Despite being a solid body, it somehow has the big and deep (in a good way) tone of the best semi-hollow I have ever played. Hmmmm....Maybe I should sell the Modern Eagle I after all......
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    One day I will update my website -- but for now, you find most of them here: http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/cat2.htm
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    So... You're saying you would accept an offer of $700 for it?😃
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    Tell him you’ll take the pickups out and it’s the same price. then to him to get fucked.
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    That's a pet peeve of mine as well. "Interested" party attempts to get the seller to drop his price by telling him all of the things about the guitar that he doesn't like or that he will have to change. "Sounds like this isn't the guitar for you." Very simple.
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    Thanks for posting Chris! Huge shoutout and thank you to Geoff! It’s been great working on this project with him and I’m blown away by his mad playing skills and his video production- I still can’t figure out how he gets all the dust off the headstock. I’m very excited about the full demo that will be done shortly. Rock on!
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    I'll think back unfondly about selling this but it just isn't getting played. Up for sell is my 2007 Hamer Talladega in Vintage Orange (the only one I've seen in this color). This guitar is in excellent condition with only a few blemishes/wear related items to note and that I've tried to capture in the pictures and bulleted below. Nothing impacts the structural performance or playability of the guitar. Please ask ALL questions before purchase. The guitar is about 8/8.5 out of 10. This guitar currently has a set of Wagner (WCR) CherryBuckers (classic Hamer Cream/Reverse Zebra) with push/pull pots to split both the neck and bridge pickups; the volume nob splits the bridge and the tone nob splits the neck. There is also a treble-bleed installed to help retain the highs when adjusting down the volume nob. This sell includes the original Seymour Duncan DDs, the COA and Welcome Card, and the original Hamer hardshell case. I just restrung with a set of D'addario 10's last night. The guitar sounds amazing - both acoustically and through any of my amps. It will make someone a very nice, professional and stage-ready guitar. The guitar and fretboard could use a nice cleaning. List of known blemishes/wear related details captured in the pictures: 2 small impressions on the top near the edge closest to the strap button Surface scuffing, swirling on the back of the guitar Minor scuffing on the hardshell case Minor oxidation on the Seymour Duncan DDs Minor fretware Volume knob has crystallization in the center SOLD. I'd like to sell in the 48 contiguous US states if possible - although I will entertain serious international buyers.