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    The guitar is a really cool midnight blue pearl burst so it flip flops between almost black to a cool blue pearl sparkle under direct lighting.
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    Needed a Tele with a trem for a new project. This is where my GAS led me. Found it on the Guitar Center website. Just showed up yesterday. I think I am gonna like it. If you ordered this from Nash it would be high dollar. The thinline body, Bigsby, binding and maple top are all options. Has Lollars in it. I'm going to send the neck to Murkat Jay to put the period correct Fender decal on it, like he recently did on my Nash S63.
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    If you can do part of this you have bragging rights.
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    I can't dig this one enough: Replaces my longtime Tech21, which replaced my Boogie Studio 22+. Compared to the Sock Monkey, the Boogie is just too heavy and TOO LOUD (and it's not bad at all).
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    Why mod when Hamer already did one-its' waiting for you John.
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    They have arrived! i know what I’m doing later...
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    That’s pretty slick. Me likey! I bought one relic. It was a Fender CS “Master-Built” ‘56 Strat. A buddy of mine works for a dealer that snagged it. It was an ‘07 NAMM guitar I think? He told me that it was one of the coolest sounding Strats he’d ever played and I should get it. It was absolutely the best Strat I’d ever owned. The soft V neck, the playability and sound was out of this world. I couldn’t get over that I paid that much for a guitar that was beat to shit(very authentically looking too), but it was somehow really sweet. When I showed up for rehearsal with it I had fun for a short while before fessing up to my band mates that it really wasn’t a ‘56 LOL. One day I accidentally dinged it. At first I was disappointed in myself, until I realized it was an upgrade. Fender would’ve charged another $75 for that work.
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    Regardless of how you feel about Hartley, it is never a good day when American jobs are lost.
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    This is the first one. Same layout as a typical Hamer but angled. The Bigsby got in the way of the switch. Jol had me delete the switch and place it in the third potentiometer position.
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    Asked him, 'Why?' He said, 'Beats the shit outta me'.
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    Well, I can't get used to the P90s and I'm going to sell. The guitar is about an 8 out of 10. Plays perfectly and sounds great. Has a compensated tailpiece on the guitar, but the original is in the case. Comes with a crappy generic Gibson case with the locking latch noon-functional. Scratches and dings are there with the two actual dings (one below the knobs on the top and the other on the upper side bout). Pickguard has swirling and scratches. Body above the pickguard, if you're wearing a strap, has some surface scratches. Not mint, but in really nice condition for a well played fourteen year old guitar. I need $2,400 shipped in the Continental USA. No overseas or Canada. Sorry. No trades at this time. Thanks.
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    Every time I have tried to use non-Boogie power tubes in a Boogie, I have blown a screen grid resistor. Maybe it's my dumb luck, but I ignore the message board hoohoo now and just use Boogie tubes. In three decades of using Boogies, I have never had one person actually listen to my rig and claim the glass in its ass was holding it back in some way. That's enough proof for me.
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    A worthy pursuit. I've had a ton of fun on my Newport-12. As is the norm around here, here's a teaser pic. Alas, it's not for sale.
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    Get back to us when you procure a rusty trombone from someone famous.
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    Don't feel bad...if I adjust the knobs just right, I can make any amp sound like crap.
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    First of all, this ain't The Gear Page, and as a lover of all things musical and guitarish, bless you if you love tubes and full stacks, or play only at home into a computer, or bang on a log or play trombone. Music is good. Let's not get into some chest-thumping over superiority and manhood. Yay! Over a year into going Fractal, and for my situation (no drummer, not traditional rock format, lots of beats and synths and harmonies in our stuff) having a versatile and portable rig that is heard through the monitors and not a separate sound source has been great. No regrets. I also found that a lot of the "difficult to program" part of digital is from the huge number of choices. While yes you can plug into any tube amp, turn some knob, and get a decent tone in 30 seconds, the analogy for the Fractal is more like walking into a music store with 250 amps, 250 cabs, and every effects pedal known to man... and then choosing your favorites. Then the knob twiddling part is roughly the same. I use it to about 1% of its potential. I have a bank of presets for Stratty guitars and another for humbuckery ones with each preset being: expression pedal > drive pedal > amp > cabinet > tremolo > delay. I fill all eight slots in this bank with the same preset, the only variation being what the expression pedal does: volume, wah, or whammy. The four buttons on the bottom just control the amout of gain: 1. clean, 2. little hair, 3. rawk, 4. add the drive pedal for more saturation. The top four buttons turn the individual effects on and off. I took a Tesla and configured it to work like a '72 Jeep Anyway, what is cool is with those 250 or so amps and cabs and stuff, I no longer am stuck with "Man I love how this Strat plays, but it just doesn't get ballsy enough for chug-chug. Guess I need to buy a Les Paul or another amp." Nope. I can just use a bank of Diezel settings through a 412 Greenback cab setting and I have chug-chug. Or if I think "The SuperPro is beautiful for classic rock, but when I do the more disco rhythm stuff I'm not happy. Wish I had a different amp and pedals. Or I could buy a Strat!" Not any more. I can set up a Roland JC120 and a chorus pedal, with zero outlay of cash or cluttering the music room. I didn't expect this, but for me, digital is the worst enemy of the music store. Why buy new stuff when I can program it? Anyone else found their gear lust going down with these new digital toys?
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    The only thing I don't get is that if I ding up a guitar it's worth less, but if I want a guitar pre-dinged from the factory, I have to pay more. Makes 0 sense. Maybe instead of saying my guitars are in "good" or "players" condition, I should describe them as "slow relic'd" and charge more.
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    Diminished 7th, harmonic minor and phrygian over and over. I’ve never listened to an entire Malmsteen album in one sitting except for when I bought Rising Force, and the No Parole album. Alcatraz was fun. I preferred it with Vai though. I can however, on the other hand, just watch him play up close for hours. His technique is insanely great. That, I love the guy for!
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    THIS. She's obviously being coached to ride the new "OK, boomer" wave sweeping the nation right now to galvanize the most self-important age group in history into believing their music isn't disposable pap that will be forgotten quicker than the current version of her iPhone. Wolfgang VH's response sounds equally calculated by a PR team, or maybe he got more of his sensibility from mom than dad. Either way, I sure hope DLR pipes in with a customary unintelligible response so us pre-Zgen'ers can ratchet up our outrage and disdain for millenials a few more notches. That video of Roth knocking on the door of the Vegas hotel room blasting "Panama" to introduce himself to a kid who had no idea who he was still makes for great entertainment. This whole thing makes me want to buy a house with a lawn just so I can tell kids to stay off of it, after I've mowed that grass while clad in beige windowpane patterned shorts, a Bermuda shirt, and dress socks and sandals. While I shout at clouds. Not that I ever give any of this much thought....
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    I blame this guy for the Knit Cap in Summer in Southern California craze:
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    I bought this Daytona from Patrick and it’s all original with a matched set of factory SD’s, trem bar and factory warranty card. The Trans Blue finish is awesome and was one of Hamer’s less common finishes. This is a great looking and playing guitar with factory HSC. There is an 8-10 inch faint worm that lengthwise down the back of the guitar that did not break the finish. It isn’t very deep or wide – but it’s there. Its faint enough it’s difficult to get to show up in the photos. Otherwise the guitar is in very good shape with great frets and no other issues. The HSC is in great shape except the cleats and hinges at the bottom/back of the case have some rust on them from sitting on a floor. There is no indication this case has actually been in water though. Other than that the case is in great shape. I’ll post photos tomorrow. $850 shipped to your door. CONUS only – no trades. Payment - Cashiers or personal check.
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    look what i found in 1'12" show😱 i thinks its a blitz,im so happy to see this guitar here, may be some one of the new generation guitarrists ask : what is the brand of this f....g cool guitar and may be the owner of that yellow zebra? is in the family?🤔
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    $2500 shipped. PPG or buyer covers fees. Reverb link for more info and pics
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    Gotta love the HFC. OP's looking for a 12str for sale. 3 replies from members stating how much they love their not-for-sale 12strs. Classic.
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    Happy turkey day to all, safe travels to those on the road, and as god is my witness...
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    They are a bunch of tools, which is why people like Tupac are in the R&R hall of fame. They want publicity and fans, so they hold off on inducting people so they can always have a nice marketable slate every year. Steve Miller had nothing good to say about how they treat the actual artists and bands they are inducting.
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    We only put enough frets on to get a straight edge on the board.....it was never meant to be playable. It was a mock up of the body to test my CNC code. We added a neck and sent it to TKL to spec the case. Those are Jol’s notes written on the body.
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    Agree. Last guitar I bought came stock with those pickups and they are quite nice (although I still love me some high-output humbuckers).
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    Hey Guys, I hope we all had a great Thanksgiving. I must unfortunately part with some gear to pay for my hospital vacation last month. https://3monkeysamps.com/collections/amplifiers/products/grease-monkey-ii Here is my 3 Monkeys Grease Monkey II head. In perfect condition, never gigged with, 30 Watts, Class A, four EL84 tubes, and crazy great tone. This amp was $2750 new. Sacrifice at $1300 shipped to Supporting HFC Members.
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    No. And if that cajun bastid doesn't leave one on my voicemail before The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe ignites the chaotic launch into Festivus season, I'm going to show him the real meaning of "alien bile" so I have something really good to tell Father O'Claymore at midnight mass confessional
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    That's what the note from his mother said.
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    Not so helpful in absolute terms, but my general sense is that in the marketplace, all else being equal (which it never is), pricewise: Cali > Chap > Cent > Diablo Centauras and Diablos are cruelly undervalued compared to the other two of the "shredder era" line.
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    Received yesterday all safe and sound. Only had time to plug it in quickly. Looking forward to exploring the tones through the long weekend.
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    I have one heavy guitar. They are usually about 12 pounds (no shit). This one is 10 pounds even, so you could say that I bought a "light" one...
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    Loved mine. Pickups were a bit one-dimensional and the tuners weren't great, but it sounded great through the old Vibrolux. Stick to the 1st-gen Korean-made version.
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    I've got one. You can't have it. But I'll be happy to answer any reasonable questions about it, since I'm always up to firing it up for a while.
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    This is my main amp. Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 head and Mesa Thiele 1x12" cab with C90 speaker.
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    Soldano Astroverb16 head/Bogner 1x12 cube. Great by itself, AWESOME with a small, 'travel board."
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    They suck for excluding Gorman. You cannot build a band then say they dont count. Rich can barely play. The first exposure to 90% of their fans is a Gorman drum beat. It should be the Brothers
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    They were truly great.
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    They only grabbed it to weigh down the other booty in the truck so that the load didn't shift. After that, it literally served no purpose at all.
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    It ain't bragging if you can back it up. Jerry Lee Lewis is seminal in true boogie woogie rock n roll. And he is the last man standing. Hellfire by Nick Tosches is a scary roller coaster ride of a book.
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    I really love my SS 1. Got it for $250! All original, sounds great, but def. the orig owner must have played everything in A or F# because the second fret is worn out, and all the rest are fine! That one will hopefully get a re-fret in 2020. So yeah, I'd say def give that one a shot...
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    Congrats. I’m a long time fan of the DGT and have been playing one for years along with PRS 513s. I’ve also come to love the 594. I have a McCarty Single Cut 594 Wildwood Wood Library model (Faded Whale Blue too). The single cuts have thicker bodies than the double cuts and are the same thickness as my R8. The 58/15LT tci’s are incredible. Twenty and thirty years ago I never got PRS guitars. They were very nice looking, but the ones I played always left me a bit flat. FF to today, I believe that PRS makes some of the best guitars on the planet. You’ll love that guitar for years! I saw your guitar on reverb. I’d have bought it myself if my vacation to the hospital last month hadn’t broken my back financially. Enjoy!!!
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    Yes sir... 6V6... I also have a full size head 50watter with 1/2 power option "kinda heavy though" 😞
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    Love my Nash P bass, I could definitely see getting a Nash tele. That one looks killer, even with that abomination of a tremolo attached to it.
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    That guitar is worth (easily) three times that at "good guy" pricing. A fair deal all around for something that rare and unique would be somewhere in the low to mid-$2,000s. That would sell for a considerable number north on the open market.
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