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  1. Sorry, guys. I've been working and not monitoring the thread. I want one of the original CD's. I don't want the re-mastered stuff. That narrows it down and jacks up the price. I'm looking to pay about $50 for a real USA CD. Thanks for everyone's contributions. It's one of the greatest albums many have never heard.
  2. If anyone has a CD of UFO Obsession, I'll pay you fair money for it. Apparently they are hard to find. I don't want the Re-Mastered version. Let me know...
  3. I have a formica Daylighter Jr. with some lesser boutique PAF in it. It's one of the best sounding guitars I own. Doug builds a great guitar. This is a great deal.
  4. I do have problems with my eustachian tubes. Never had allergies until I was in my late forties. Now, I clog up in one ear or both about twice a year. It takes about a week to ten days to get them to clear. My EEN&T doc told me to never try to blow them open. It actually increases the discomfort and the time to clear the tubes. Just take a decongestant and wait. Played one gig with one ear closed. It was the left ear and I'm stage right. All I could hear was myself and the drummer. Sucked.
  5. Now, when we turn on everything at practice we always say "Wow, we were playing pretty loud last week"!!! We start our quiet and inch our way up on the knobs. Mostly the bass player's fault. And he's not here to defend himself!
  6. Just killin' me, Ernie. If my Les Paul Special sells, I'll be on your doorstep.
  7. I bought my Schecter PT model that way. It was listed at $1,800 and an offer came to me for $1,300. Don't know if I was the only one that got the communique, but I did "win" it.
  8. We were talking about strings, so I didn't think about other critical links in the chain (cabs, cables, microphones, etc.). I'm not willing to ignore what works best, if it's a relatively minor brick in the wall. Strings matter!
  9. I'm with your Chiefs. And I'm playing more than I have in twenty three years (since my youngest was born). Enjoy yourself.
  10. Anyone that tells you that string gauge doesn't matter is disagreement with me. String gauge matters. I started using .009 to .042. Then, in the eighties, I changed every guitar to .010 to .046. I noticed more output from my pickups and a fatter sound. Then, when I was playing out every weekend, I changed to .010 to .052. I achieved better tone with a deeper bass response and a more prominent midrange. I enjoyed the fight with the larger strings. It was the early nineties. These days, I've settled on .010 to .046. And they have to be all nickel. I hate stainless steel or the other "mixes". I just don't like "bright" strings. So, .008's are out. I have tried them. But there's a stark difference in tone. Strings matter. I use the DR Nickel .010 to .046 sets now. Too many of my guitars didn't like that .052 on the bottom. And scale length doesn't really cause me to deviate. The same strings on both of the usual scale lengths plays into the differing tones and feel of the guitars. My two cents...
  11. Not really the guy to offer a tone report. If you see it for sale, it didn't work for me. So far, the Purple Plexi w/ Boost is the keeper. I don't need that many variations. The Black Zen Drive is still hanging around, but it isn't really a Zen. No "D" sound. More like a Boogie. The Purple Plexi is the real deal.
  12. Another rabbit hole....I'm going to have to fall into. Thanks, Ernie
  13. My three favorite amps of all time are, and in this order, my '59 Tweed Deluxe that I still own, Pat Travers Small box 50wt that I sold to Brent Magnano at Dynamic Sound/Guitar Oasis (played on Putting It Straight and Makin' Magic), and one of the first Matchless 2x12 combos built. The Matchless is, as far as I know, still in the guitar room of one of my best friends in Orlando. I'm certain Ernie's amp is incredible. These are truly some of the best amps ever built. There's Vox. There's Fender. There's Marshall. And the best clean tone ever is Matchless.
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