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    It’s embarrassing, but for the past several years one of my favorite boost pedals has been unusable because the sound would go in and out intermittently and I just couldn’t count on it to work. Put it on the shelf, and meanwhile my rig(s) evolved in a different direction so I didn’t really need it. I figured the TB footswitch had gone bad and needed replacing, a job that’s rather beyond my meager soldering skills. Kept meaning to find a tech who could do it, but since it wasn’t critical to my rig, I never got around to it. So I had a little free time the other day, and on a whim I took the pedal apart, removed the switch from the chassis (left the wiring in tact, of course), doused the whole thing in contact cleaner, let it dry, and put it all back together. Whaddaya know? Works like it was brand new again. Like I said, embarrassing to discover that all it needed was cleaning. But now it’s like I have a new (old) pedal! And since I don’t need it as a boost any more, I’ve been messing with it as an od/distortion into a clean amp. I never used to like it that way, but I guess my tastes have changed, because now I think it sounds pretty great with my Mirage & Shiva. What do y’all think?
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    With apologies to The Vapors. It seems to me that Korean stuff just hits the price/quality sweet spot for my low budget (but with standards) lifestyle. First, my DIY Schecter PT partscaster. I couldn't afford to the replace the "real" black PT I played back in the '80s, so I built a tribute to Townsend's "Live Aid" goldtop PT. The body is an MIK Schecter PT, which I married up to a maple Fender MIM neck. If I could only have one guitar, I'd keep this one. Is it custom shop quality? No, but it's good enough for me. Next up, my "Hamer" Sunburst. I never got around to buying a US Hamer back in my youthful, single days, and now that I'm older with house, cars, four kids (and a gig about every 2 years) I can't justify the $$$$. Enter my Slammer Series Sunburst, upgraded with Gravelin pickups, new guts in the control cavity, and some lightly used Schallers purchased here on the HFC. In my brain, I know real US Hamers are better guitars, but when I'm playing my MIK, my heart can't imagine how. The fun-to-$$$ ratio is off the scale. The same thing just happened again, this time with a car. I changed jobs and lost my company car, and needed something I could afford. Having just turned 60, I didn't want a tiny, tin-box piece of crap, but buying out my wife's Toyota Rav4 that is coming off a 3-year lease was just too much money. I looked at higher-mileage Rav4s but Toyotas hold their resale value to a ridiculous degree. Enter a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundais do not hold resale value, though Consumer Reports rates their recent models nearly (but not quite) as good as Toyotas. Just like the guitars, it's in my sweet spot in terms of car/$$$. (Sorry, no pic. I'm out of town on business and can't pick it up until this Friday. It's silver.) Pretty soon, everything I own will be Korean.
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    And SOLD! Thanks for playing!
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    Bite me Moose. Bob Welch and Sentimental Lady RULES.
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    I commissioned a guitar to be built for him about 4 months ago without my son having any clue about it. So the guitar finally got finished and I planned on surprising him yesterday afternoon. He knows that I'm constantly scoring killer deals at pawnshops, and is pretty much used to the stories. I called him and told him that I scored one of the most amazing scores EVER in a pawnshop today. I told him to bring his camera because he was going to want photographic evidence of the score. When he got to the house, I stopped him and told him to give me his iphone so I could video him narrating this moment in his life. Here's the abbreviated video he posted on his Instagram last night. The video is under his profile pic. The Guitar. Here's the link https://www.instagram.com/ahernandez59/ Here are the specs of the guitar. Here are some pics he took of his guitar with his digital camera:
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    Someone will adopt you eventually Haynie.
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    Awesome!! Such a great gift! That is one really classic looking guitar.
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    That is a fantastic gift. And you surely know how to spec a guitar! Gabe 😀
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    I don't visit TDPRI as much these days, but as a long time member, I'd say the overall tenor of that site is much friendlier and quite different from TGP, shared ownership be damned.
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    Celebrity guitars sell for this kind of money, not amps generally.
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    Well thanks for bursting that bubble.
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    Man that guitar is freakin awesome! That Carr amp looks very cool, those sound really great but the costs are high. what a great gift to your son. That Austin area is such a great part of the country for live music
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    I doubt he’d part with it! He borrowed that guitar to play his first gig’s (Pomp Room, Sioux Falls) and record his then band album.
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    I was just kinda curious, as there are so many ways to use them...
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    Can not answer the poll, only use the Axe-FX II XL at home, not live, not for recording. Gabe 😀
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    Thanks for much for the kind words Gary. My son and I are best friends, and we both love guitars and 70's rock music. We take weekend trips to San Antonio & Austin to check out as many guitar shops and restaurants as we can. We also go to check out live music as well. We're both going to see Jeff Beck in San Antonio on Sept. 22, which is going to be so cool. I don't have any other close friend I could go with that would enjoy and understand someone like Jeff Beck. My son is worthy of a gift like this for just being who he is.
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    If he’s not using that Charvel.... dibs?
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    Neil Young - the dexterity of Jimmy Vaughn, the tone of Buddy Guy, the precision of Jimmy Page, and the voice of Big Bird - all in one. C'mon - if you're gonna blast 'legends', ramp it up a little! Every visit to The Gear Page looked like a shitshow even waaay back when, so I never joined and rarely go there. Same with the Les Paul Forum. This is the only board I'm a regular at, but the Telecaster forum (TDPRI) seems to have really good, helpful people. In lurking there the guys do great gear reviews (like here) and seem to mostly get along just fine, with minimal dickheadism. If I ever get a Tele I can play, I might join up. So probably never.....
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    Well done Skip! What a beautiful and awesome guitar to give to your son................................ can you be my "DAD".? I know he is going to love having that guitar! Your a great father....................and I'm sure your son knows that....................with or without that wonderful new guitar.
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    Actually he likes the Peavey best! I refinished the neck (rolled the edges frets leveled crowned and polished) and installed some custom Mini-buckers. He play’s acoustic alot and the Firenza has a wider neck. The Charvel and Strat where my gigging guitars and the ones he learned to play on.
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    It’s fun giving your kids things!! Here’s a few I’ve gifted my son!!
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    I sold my Hamer B12S Bass but missed it so much I bought a MIK 4 string Hamer Bass..
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    That’s awesome! Excellent gift for your son. I only hope my son takes to the guitar so I can do the same for him like my father did for me. My dad got me into hamers by getting me my ‘94 Mirage when I was 14 and I still have it. Your son will cherish that guitar forever.
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    I still lurk on TGP for guitars for sale. I now get the ads as I didn't really see a value in paying to sell guitars there. I am content here at the HFC where I can blaspheme Neil Young as much as I like.
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    Don’s real name is Blaine, and at the end of every show he’d take off the wig and go home for sit down dinners with his very white upper middle class parents and they’d all talk about mutual funds and interest rates while wondering when Blaine would settle down... basically Don Dokken was just a costume for some east coast WASP playing rockstar. At least that’s what I always thought. *this is my speculation entirely. Don’s name might not be Blaine but he sure looks like a Blaine.
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    Every way but the first listed. In my experience your asking for trouble switching between a bunch of amps or models. Even the Edge uses one amp for everything
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    It was cheesy but it was them - it’s literally who they were. Eddie was a drunken savant, Alex was smarter but still a drunkard with a chip on his shoulder aspiring to class jump, Dave was Dave - a kooky dreamer with all kinds of sauce and sizzle.... (all 3 coked to the gills) Mike was a good dude.... Van Halen was what they made up as they went along.... what the kids inspired them to be..... it was a shake n bake of California sun and cool fueled by the Bolivian marching powder in the post 70’s collapse of the benzo culture of highway murders and hitchhiker abductions.... Van Halen was the antidote to a disease.
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    Virility, that's exactly what Don (Dokken not Brewer) is lacking. Always seemed theater kid does rock sorta thing to me.
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    Definitely. I think he brought a kind of Don Breweresque virility to the songs.
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    I love Y&T. Earthshaker's Dirty Girl is one of my favorite songs. They used to have a video montage on NightFlight on USA on Saturday nights of their obscure videos MTV never showed. A bandmember wanted to play Summertime Girls and I told him, "That ain't fuckin' Y&T, that's some commercial bullshit Dave came up with to get on MTV!" Saw them open for DLR w/ Vai. He played the '68 LP the entire night and was incredible. Sang every song impeccably. As you say Ben, "great pipes". Great vibrato too.
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    That makes sense. Don is kinda like a more cynical Gene Simmons (if that's possible), he's all business and he's gotten progressively bitter over the years that he didn't get headliner status in the arena metal-rock era. Even his former bass player got into RATT and surpassed him, that's fucked up. George got all the love.
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    I will say this much, when I moved to LA in August of 1985, Don was one of the first people I met, and he was ALWAYS very nice to me, which seems unlikely given that I'm kind of an asshole myself. Oh wait, I think I just answered my own question
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    You see? Shit like this would give all of the precious admins on TGP a assortment of painful aneurysms.
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    For example, when Toby and I get together our conversations cover everything and we go down, seemingly, every rabbit hole, leaving no stone unturned. Makes for heavy, deep, long conversations. I'm not sure if that's strictly Korean, but I've known quite a few like that. The korean people have immense pride in their country and how they represent it, and i think that shows in their products.
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    You mean, like, get a Korean product, or actually get a Korean? And if it's the latter, how does one go about ordering a Korean, and are we talking mail-order brides or something?
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    I wouldn’t say it was ever a strategy. It’s just where I ended up given my tastes and budget. The Koreans just seem to hitting that particular target. As long as I have a few nice guitars to play and a car to get around in, I’m good.
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    Going MIK is a fair strategy. However, for me it is too late to do the same as I have spend the $$$$ for USA Hamers already. 😞
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    My Korean Standard was off the charts and one of my first electric guitars. I wish I had known to have the fret ends filed down by a competent luthier and I'm sure I would still own that guitar. I just had a wealthy client buy a Kia Optima (with the cool sunroof) She said she likes it better than her previous BMW.
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    I've been playing a parts Jaguar bass with a Korean squire jazz neck for a while now. Korean squires are thought highly of in terms of bang for the buck in some bass circles, and I can see why.
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    I honestly was expecting this to be about eating too much bibimbap. I live a block from a Korean barbecue joint.
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    (South) Korea has a major influence here in Hank Williams Territory, most likely where Rich's Santa Fe was made. There's a Hyundai factory in Montgomery, AL and a Kia factory in West Point GA (right on the GA-AL line), and beaucoup tier factories in between along the I-85 corridor, including several mfrs. in my community. So I feel like I've supported the community a bit if I've purchased a vehicle that was assembled at one of the main factories. You can see church signs and real estate billboards around Montgomery that are in Korean. I bought a West Point-made Optima in '16, traded in for my current vehicle, a so-called base model Sorento, in '18. Had to switch to a "sitting up and looking out" driving posture, due to back problems. For me, sedans ride too low; I could travel about 150 miles and my lumbar area (which is missing a disc between L-4 and L-5) would start killing me. Not the fault of the Optima, however. The reason we bought an Optima and Sorento was the (convenient) location of the particular dealership (in Auburn), No problems with either vehicle other than a recall on the SUV to upgrade/correct some software. Decent community relationship for everyone concerned, and the factories keep expanding.
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    My MIK Standard is pretty well made; not great, but not mediocre. I've just started tinkering with mods to improve it. The MIK PRS SE Singlecut I picked up for $120 is, quite simply, an outstanding guitar. The entire thing (aside from the pickups) is exceptionally well constructed, it rings acoustically, and it's light as a feather, to boot. Even the nut is perfectly cut (not sure if they used a PLEK at World Music back then--I seriously doubt it). If one is looking for a bargain on a well-made guitar, I always recommend that they try MIM Fenders, 2000-up MIK, and Godin.
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    Korean is okay! These days I try to stay of anything Chinese, if I can. Lots of stuff is made in China, so it's hard. But I do what I can.
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    Rich, cool guitars. My Korean Hamer got me started on them though I always admired them, just never could buy the USA models until a few years ago. The Slammer series is my avatar here and it plays well. I've had a bunch of pickups in mine - DiMarzio, Duncan and finally some Gravelins that still live there. Guitars are like cameras. The best one is the one in your hands.
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    Ain't nuthin' wrong with champagne tastes on a beer budget, I'm the same way. Used '80's and 90's USA Hamers used to be a relative bargain, before the New Hartford Hamer facility was shut down by FMIC, and everybody else started getting wise (Tree Fitty wasn't always just a HFC running joke). Nowadays, I satisfy my GAS affliction mainly by looking for well-constructed Partscasters on the cheap, that aren't too far removed from the norm configuration-wise.
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