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    Well, rock music evolved fast. Where was the time when jazz became more popular than classical music? Ever since R'n'R started in the 50's, it always changed every decade. So did social behaviour, politics, technics and everything else. Rock music is dependent on that too. Looking at the cover of that album they couldn't have been as loud as the bands that followed in later years. People in the audience still dressed up nicely. I always liked the raw power of those bands, in the 60 you could find that in bands of any genre, be it jazz, blues, funk, rock, progressive, whatever. That is what I liked about that music. I still try to keep that attitude in my playing. When I think of decades of good music, I think it is just a bit of illusion. Many of the stuff I have always listened to wasn't the radio friendly stuff. When I think of the albums that I always loved, Jeff Beck Group's Rough and Ready, Deep Purple's Made in Europe, Rainbow's Rising, Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell, those bands didn't sell out in those times, small audiences, and they only stayed together for a short time only. Now, look what the 80's had to offer, a band like Motely Crue, Twisted Sister or Guns and Roses is that considered rock attitude? Was Bon Jovi considered rock then? And how did 80's Journey w/steve Perry compare to the band's early beginnings in the 70's? Ah, lost the thread... I hope you still understand, what I mean...
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    This is more of a listen to a Shishkov in action post. The main riff and solo are all Shishkov, 0059 shown below. @Northfield and @JGravelin - Thank you for your work. Much appreciated! New single release day - Enjoy. Click the Bouncing Ball link below. Bouncing Ball
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    This is a beautiful '08 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 513 10-Top flamed maple in tobacco burst. It is completely stock, I've babied this guitar, it is in excellent condition, no dings or dents. Completely stock, with 5-Way pickup selector switch, and 3-position pickup output switch that controls the bridge and neck pickups. Choices there are single coil mode, clean humbucker mode (=vintage like PAF output) and high output mode which takes the bridge and neck into metal territory. These pickups are the same pickups used in the current 509 series. The difference is that this guitar gives you 13 possible pickup sounds and the current model gives 9 different sounds with no high-output option. The neck is a "Pattern" neck profile. It feels very similar to the Hamer Vintage carve. It's a very comfortable playing guitar and sounds fantastic. This is one of my guitars that I listed in the "go to the grave" guitars thread a few months ago. Very sad to part with it. Comes with OHSC. 7.6 lbs $2600 shipped to SUPPORTING HFC Members. CONUS only.
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    Up for sale is a set of gently used, gold-plated, Hipshot Grip-Lock open-back tuners. These are designed to be used with 11/32", vintage post holes like those found on Strats/Teles/Kluson, etc. Complete with the Universal Mounting Plate (UMP), which allows installation without drilling new holes. This set features staggered posts. $50 PPG/Priority Mail in the CONUS. Thanks for looking!
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    Go to the grave indeed. The 513 is an exceptional and versatile guitar....Mine is NOT for sale. Someone better buy this quickly!
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    I think I follow you with most of what you said. You lost me with the quote above. Small audiences? These folks filled stadiums.
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    I don’t have a Hey What but in the EL34 amps I have had 6cA7’s have biased nicely after switching from EL34’s. Sonically the 6CA7’s broke up later but tighten up the bottom end. I sold some 1959 Holland Mullards a while back that where incredibly smooth and creamy compared to RCA or GE 6CA7’s. But... The amercan tubes had a tighter bottom and midhigh and high that just ripped. This was in a Rienhardt Storm. Sold the amp then sold the tubes.
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    I’ve found the older ones with a lot of wear play and sound better, and are lighter than others of the same type. It got used because a player found it to be a good guitar!!
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    Landed the original Jackson for Christmas!
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    I really love my SS 1. Got it for $250! All original, sounds great, but def. the orig owner must have played everything in A or F# because the second fret is worn out, and all the rest are fine! That one will hopefully get a re-fret in 2020. So yeah, I'd say def give that one a shot...
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    That's funny, but she wouldn't know that Jerry Lewis either.
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    TONS of interest. But you’re about 3.5 weeks too early... my embargo lifts in January...
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    At $300 ... CH1 alone is worth it. But add the upgraded speaker and it's great deal. CH2 really does have great tones in there too. GLWTS
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    I have had a chrome set of these on my Strat since 2006. Excellent tuners. glwts
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    Smallbox. Best amp I've ever owned. The hype is real!
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    Maybe not “in action”, but I was at a different rehearsal spot last night and our very generous host pulled out this gem...
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    It's a little messy, but here's 0063 on Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" from last Saturday night.
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    You're a rockstar! All these pics of you playing are glorious! Keep on rockin'
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    From a festival here in Norway called Tons Of Rock. #0012
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    Slightly bigger stage this time.
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    0059 at a recent gig. This is one awesome guitar.
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