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    @mudshark, that second video was fabulous. Thanks!
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    Is it just me or is our gtrdaddy hard to kill? Sounds like this would have taken out a lesser man... the lifeforce inside of gtrdaddy is STRONG!! Blood clotting and coagulation is something that most everyone just takes for granted but it’s some serious life threatening shit with gtrdaddy. I am blown away at how he cheated sheer catastrophe. Rest up and heal up gtrdaddy!!!! He is such a cool dude and is so damn generous in spirit that we HAVE to keep him around as long as possible... to lose gtrdaddy would be fucking intensely tragic!! Viva el gtrdaddy!!!
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    Very nice to hear it again, Curt! We had enjoyed the concert very much!
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    That's Clarence White's old B-Bender Tele that Marty's playing.
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    Tremendous player, of course, but one unique and impressive thing about Stuart is his historian facet. Has done extensive research on country music history, and imparts it very well on camera. It's not surprising Ken Burns used him a lot...but there might have been a bit of video payola on account Stuart got his own brief profile segement...but so what... Stuart's photo book Pilgrims is also well done, and has been in my office library for a long time.
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    I'm not much of a country fan, but Marty can shred on the mandolin, and I really like Kenny's playing. His solo stuff is pretty fun.
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    About the only country band I like....
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    RS Guitarworks makes Kenny Vaughn's signature guitar as well as matching instruments for the band. They have worked on Clarence, too. It is cool that Marty talks about honoring the guitar.
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    Very cool, I love Marty's playing and I love his band's name, "The Fabulous Superlatives", lol. IIRC, at least one of them was playing glittery countrified RS Guitarworks teles, also very cool.
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    My buddy Dr. Jay Haskett walked into my shop in 1989 with Clarence's Vibrolux and maple neck sunburst Strat. Paid a ton for them, but the combo was incredible. He was Jay's hero, so we were given a short primer on all his cool licks and techniques. A truly underrated guitarist. Years later he bought White's Bell Coral Sitar too.
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    Ugh, what a hot fucking Sharpie mess. A higher end or one off high end guitar signed by a famous guitar player - perhaps. If its the right person that "makes sense" for that guitar AND signed in an inconspicuous place on that back of the head-stock or on a control plate cover - meh, OK. Its going to be pretty hard to get me to pay extra or see extra value for an autograph on a guitar unless its a perfect fit for that guitar. But a guitar autographed by the wrong person/people or signed all over the body by any random group, or ANY fucking "sports" team or athlete is an absolute deal breaker for me. And on a custom graphic?!?! Nope. No. Hell no. Refin it or its firewood. I know, I've become a picky fuck in my old age. Now, get off my lawn.
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    Here is a photo video with the audio of my whole 15 minute composition, as played on Oct 5th, in Hainfeld, Germany. 😊 (I will also post it as a separate topic!) Please listen to it all, the three parts of it, because it makes more sense that way. 🙋🏻‍♂️🎵 /Sentinel, Curt Wrangö PS, applause removed, only music
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    Thanks for all of your kind words and support guys! It means a lot to me. I have a genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden Mutation, which makes me prone to clot unnecessarily, a dangerous condition. I almost died five years ago from it. I had a bi-lateral pulmonary emboli with dozens of clots in each lung. I take warfarin (blood thinner) as a prophylactic. I come off of the warfarin five days prior to any procedures and take another drug as a bridge before and after procedures. I had an upper-endoscopy and colonoscopy done to remove a few polyps last week. There was a problem with the bridge med and two days after the procedure I began hemorrhaging internally. I didn’t know until I’d already been bleeding for two days. I woke up one morning, stood up to walk to the bathroom and fainted. I passed out every time I stood up. I had a movement that was black and tarry and I knew immediately I was bleeding internally. Off to the hospital I went, I wound up needing a blood transfusion. I’m home now, but on bed rest, being monitored and will hopefully be back to normal by next week. Right now I just feel like hammered shit. It’s the oddest feeling of fatigue I’ve ever experienced after losing a lot of blood. I don’t recommend it. I have to say, seeing this thread and everyone’s good-wishes really warms the heart. I just love you guys! HFC RULES!
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