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    The other day Bennyboy-UK popped over for a catch-up and brought along some toys. He brought his awe inspiring SS1 Marble O'Connor, his Chaparral Snakeskin O'Connor, his magnificent Vintage-S Custom order and a few others. In turn he had a play on the majority of my Hamer's in addition to the Shishkov's. I love playing guitars, and especially Hamer's and Shishkov's, but sharing them over an afternoon will a like minded soul is fantastic. Ben's SS1 O'Connor really is a special guitar. It was an uber clean example and oozes class as the best O'Connor finishes always do on a Hamer. Lovely combination of sound's too and I swear the O'Connor finish makes you play better. His Chaparral was lovely in an honest rocky 80's way and did all the right things. The Vintage-S Custom. Wow. Serious custom order that one and spec'd by a player. 3 on/off toggle switches for pickups, volume, mid-boost and "stratifier" pots. I don't actually know if its called a "stratifier" but turning the pot up to MAX elicits a very useable convincing strat tone. Wind it back down and you're in rocker territory. It's like witchcraft. Ebony board, micro dots and get this - how often do you have a 1 piece QUILTED maple body? Nearing "home time" it was suggested that we, at the very least, get an O'Connor group shot. Also a few of Ben's lovely O'Connor Marble SS1 in isolation. I'm into double figures meeting HFC brethren now and its always a pleasure. Rock on!!
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    Appears to be the "Eric Clapton-look-alike Contest"
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    As you can see in this pic, they've brought out the heavy equipment at the ice rink across the street from the 4-3-2-1 Club. That means it's time for the 17th rendition of the Frozen Jam at the 4-3-2-1 Club. I'll make some extra spicy chili, or perhaps some gumbo, and and I'll dig out the grill to prepare the required wieners. Who's coming over to help me warm up the basement? PS: Fear not if you can't make this one. There will be a very special Celebrity Jam held on Saturday, March 21. Mark your calendars!
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    My jaw is on the floor. This guy is freakin' un-real. Check out the way he plays and frets behind the slide (Like Sonny Landreth, no relation) Give the tune a bit to get going, 4:00-on is out-of-this world slide playing. I'm a big fan of Sonny and Derek Trucks, but OMG. One more:
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    The Vox AC10C1 is my favorite little amp.
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    Testing, testing, any Radiohead fans in the Philly area? My tribute band will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kid A by playing the whole album and more at World Cafe Live this Saturday. Stop by and say hi!
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    Dig it! Inspires a guy to get an ax and slide out and crank up a good tube amp.
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    This is actually a very fair price for a factory Hamer Sustain Block bridge - since NOS ones are now unicorn status. Having been one who had to find a new Hamer SS bridge a few years ago for my Shishkov Ultimate build - it was not easy or cheap. A year after these are all gone, there WILL be the, "I'm kicking myself now for not buying one of those . . . . " posts.
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    LOL, and *$&$* i'm going to have to buy this pedal. My first concert was Mr. Big and Rush, I love Paul, he gets better with age. Yes, he loves the MOJO MOJO but Paul also using the Saucy Box.
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    Vox MV AC 50. 1.1 lbs, 25 watts into 8 ohms.
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    If you decide to get the AC 10 put a set of these in.... you can thank me later!! https://www.kcanostubes.com/node/770
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    Love mine. You could play an entire gig - yeah, it's loud enough - straight in, just riding the volume knob. It's not really Fendery clean but good to about 1/3 volume. Then, it's always on the edge of breakup, but in a really good, usable way. At 1/2 to 3/4 volume with the gain at 1/3 to 1/2, and a touch of reverb (excellent reverb, too), a good P90 will drive it from near-clean to full-on rip (great singing lead tone) with just your guitar's volume knob. Beyond that is OK but will turn to mush when maxed out. And metal probably ain't in there, either. Mine is bone-stock with whatever tubes it came with. Decent tubes and a re-bias should make it even better. The AC10 is the second-best amp ever made (with the SuperChamp X2 being first, of course). Buy one. Or a SuperChamp X2. That fact that it weighs like 20 pounds is just the icing on the cake.
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    Sorry. I resolved to be humorless in 2020.
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    Wait - there's more than 2 knobs now?!? ......f***in' kids nowadays.....
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    But 250 ?? Most guitars are only 350 here :-)
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    It's good for that and making you appreciate a good workhorse over fancier stuff.
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    Those are the early 90's version the Sustain block bridge. See the groove for the height adjustment screws, those are the only version to have that feature.
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    Anyway, back to Davids original post... We had a great day and a lovely family to meet I thoroughly enjoyed AxeFX3 and its ridiculous how it feels to play even more so about how it sounds (which is amazing - needless to say!). And how it feels is exactly like I expect nice valve amplifiers to sound. aaaaaaaand when you stick it and its little rack on top of a very swish Friedman FR amp and speaker enclosure - it looks great anywhere in the house. That got me thinking... I felt such a lucky boy to have the opportunity to try out so many guitars! A couple of Shishkovs which were fabulous - both different, but both just the most beautifully made things. Both play and sound wonderful!. I was blown away by that Virtuoso however.... So inspirational to play, the scale length makes you think about what you want to play and makes it less of an instinctive action to whack out all the stuff thats committed to muscle memory, and be a bit more deliberate and thoughtful. The scalloped board was no issue to adjust to - I don't really grind the strings into the fingerboard when I play so it felt normal - just a bit more purchase when bending strings. That Ice Pearl Snakeskin just GLOWS compared to my old Chap (ahem!) which is a much flatter finish side by side - maybe non pearl snakeskin... that Virt is clean clean clean - I couldn't spot a mark on it. Based on all of that - I think I'd really like one... hint hint Double neck Cali?- yeah, its OK I suppose, if you like that sort of thing Don't all the O'Connors look great together? Its always great fun to have a play with someone else who shares a passion for guitars and we had a cool time trading a few licks on such a great collection of guitars between us! We'll be doing that again for sure!
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    I had the roller saddles on my T51F. After awhile they tend to break down and create burrs. I replaced mine with graphtech saddles. I left the same set of strings on for a year without breaking. 100+ shows. (Don’t judge. Lead player takes most solos. I also use a Roland GK unit for my rig).
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    This one kills me. He's a Canadian studio musician I believe. Has a couple CDs with the Brothers Landreth Lots of amazing stuff on YouTube as well.
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    I'm with your Chiefs. And I'm playing more than I have in twenty three years (since my youngest was born). Enjoy yourself.
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    Chiefs fan ALL THE WAY It's about damn time we made it there.
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    A great tube for a Champ!
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    He’s been tearin’ it up in Nashville for awhile now. He does a lot his stuff in a C tuning with baritone strings! Super fun to watch him live!!
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    You are awesome for hosting these! I always enjoy the pics and reports. 🤘😁
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    Won't be able to make this one, but March is noted on my calendar! Maybe i'll have another Shishkov with me by then.
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    I'd love to jam, but Minneapolis is a bit far... does anybody know of any good online jam sites?
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    Wish I could... I’ve lived vicariously throughout the years.
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    If Paul had a shot to guest host a late night talk show, he would have the audience in stitches. Just a natural performance talent, he is.
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