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    This ragtag bunch all ended up in the same place at the Northeast Guitar Expo today. Teleman Dave didn’t make the shot but he was there too. 😊 (L-R: Darc, Stonge, Thundernotes, and the incomparable Mr Shishkov)
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    I picked up a ‘91 Centaura earlier this year with the idea of making it a sustainiac candidate. After spending a LONG time stripping it very carefully I set about the master plan. The neck was very clean but the frets were well worn. On went the jumbo’s. Then I started phase 2. Send the body and neck to the US for a semi-instal by Mr Sustainiac at Maniac Music. This had the advantage of the wiring being placed on a cavity sized bit of card, tested, and set aside for final installation in return. Phase 3 involved the body going to Stike for a gold metal flake finish with the headstock to match. Rowyco Kustoms knocked out a tremendous finish. Truly outstanding. Phase 4 back to the UK and reassembly with a NOS Hamer Floyd set I had lying around and some Hamer gold coloured tuners (big thank you to Chris M for these) which I mixed with the original black tuner bodies. I fitted a Bartolini ACE pickup in the bridge position and the middle pickup is the original Slammer with the body “matted” by your truly to match the finish of the other pickups. All works faultlessly and sounds great.
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    lotta talk about Gibson... here's a few shots of a 2013 (or 14) Gibson Custom Shop 58 explorer full neck, 7 lbs 1 oz... Aspen white, believe it was a limited run of 15-20. Had been watching it for a couple months on the GC used section, and jumped on it when the price dropped... As with any GC transaction... It was a little bit of a white knuckle ride. when it shipped the package weighed 13 lbs... yikes, they forgot the case. thankfully, they used a good box with tons of bubble wrap... case arriving today. Plays and sounds great, beautiful action... possibly the world's oldest strings... lol nice and raw, custom buckers I believe... very happy. for all the crap Gibson is getting, when they get it right, they knock it out of the park. pics, enjoy...
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    And hopefully a new friend: Gtrdaddy. Jamie drove drove Virginia to Jersey to deliver this Monaco Elite and wound up in the blizzard. You've all seen the pics of this guitar so I won't bore you with a regurgitation of those. This beauty lives up to its billing and then some! A wonderful example of craftsmanship. It was my esteemed pleasure to meet Jamie. It turns out that we were both originally from Jersey and traded stories from our youth growing up in the Garden State. I've said many times that I meet the nicest people on this site. The picture was taken in my office on my last day of work. The guitar is my retirement present to myself., don't tell my wife? And before the wise ass comments start, that's not a miniature model of a Hamer guitar in the picture, those are just two fully developed examples of Jersey corn and tomato fed mui macho studs holding that guitar. (never knew it would look so small next my tropical shirt).
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    I'm sure that for many of you a local Craigslist Hamer score is no big deal but here in northern New Mexico a Craigslist Hamer sighting is a very rare thing. In fact I think I got the last Hamer that was listed 12 years ago, a nice trans blue Daytona. This time around I snatched up his brown cousin, a T51 circa 1995. All original and clean except for the beginnings of a small drill hole in the lower bout where some misguided south-paw chickened out on drilling a strap button hole. I'll fill it with a little epoxy and sawdust and call it good. For $600 I'm thinking it was a good day.
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    Put my Ibanez Prestige RGA121 back together this morning after this beautiful tobacco sunburst finish was expertly applied by Rowyco Kustoms Guitar Finishes Before Stikes magic (on L). He did the sparkle job on my RG5ex1 a few years ago (on R);
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    I just found out I somehow made it into second place for "best guitarist" and "most underrated" musician in our local entertainment daily's yearly awards issue. WE'RE NUMBER 2! WE'RE NUMBER 2!
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    Why am I writing this? It's not like any of us can (sadly) order one of these now, so why review? "Cos I'm sort of the keeper of an iconic HFC instrument, and ya'll might be curious. The back story Lots of shipping worries, and the worry that I would not bond with a Standard shape, as I didn't really grok the Shishkov Ultimate. Delivery and first impressions Always buy from a carpenter with fanatical devotion to detail. Check the shipping box. Came with strings, whammy bars, and a tiny little man made of twisted wire. He now keeps watch over the rehearsal room. Condition was much cleaner and nicer than Kev had led us all to believe. Little fretwear, but doesn't affect the playing. Enough road wear to take the edge off, but far from a beater. It must have taken some hard hits in transit, as one vibrato spring had come off, the other two were barely hanging on, and the neck pickup was disconnected. A few minutes of fiddling and soldering, new strings, wipe it down, and away we go! Howzit play? Substantial guitar. Medium-heavy. Balances perfectly on a strap, and I guess I wear it precisely the height as Kev did, as my jeans button rubs where the paint is gone, on the top angle of the "waist". Neck is pretty middle-of-the-road, far from a pencil, very comfy. The Floyd is PERFECT. Floating dead level after a careful sting change and stretch, it is rock-solid in tune and smoove as buttah. Those suckers, when set up, lubed, and with sharp pivot points, are great. Worn out, I hate 'em. Really easy guitar to play, no adjustment time needed, felt natural and comfy. 16-inch radius (custom order) fretboard is a bonus, as I like 'em flat. Sounds? Surprising. The SD Custom in the bridge is hot but not insane, and has a real high-mid punch. Very clear: I can hear some twang and bounce even riffing on the low E with mucho gain. The neck 59 is the surprise. Maybe it's a really dense (the CO certificate says "rock maple") top that does it, but it's the clearest, chimiest 59 I've heard, and I've had 'em in an Artist, a Studio, and a Guild Bluesbird. This guitar would be great for jangly power-pop, believe it or not. Very clear, lot of presence, and what's nice is that doing high-gain stuff you still hear every note and it doesn't turn to muck. Gigging Sunday was a weird gig. Nice-sized stage, lights, drum riser... and because we're a duo we get relegated to the "solo/duo" area off to the side, as they alternate between the big stage and our little coffeeshop corner. Talked to a couple veteran scenesters (beards, modular synths, math rock) who were saying how much they loved PRS guitars but couldn't get past the image. I told them to hold on, I was gonna image their asses with my new guitar. Set was great, never went out of tune, cut through the mix, didn't flub a note. Got compliments from the players in the audience on how we sounded. A good welcome weekend for the Standard!
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    Just about ready for finishing ....
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    Here's a bit of a rare bird, a 94 Special LE limited run for the Japanese market. Basically a Special FM with body binding. Found it in Japan and tried for a week to talk myself out of it. In the end, resistance was futile. Looks a lot like Camstone's "Mr. Quilty" except for the amber finish color. The pictures look a little like there's some arm wear on the bass side of the body, but it must just be a reflection or the wood's quilting, the finish is intact with no wear. Overall it's in very good shape, there are a few dings, but nothing major or out of the ordinary for a nearly 25 year old guitar. There is a tiny bit of Hameritis at the neck joint and some finish separation around the fingerboard, very common for Hamers of this time period. The OHSC is in great shape and includes the original case candy. It was just delivered, so a playability/tone report will have to wait. Desperately needs a little cleaning and fresh strings. Here are a couple pics from he seller.
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    On 1/31 the journey home started. What can we expect? Color, no color, bridge, no bridge, WOOD? Who knows, well a couple people but thats because they were part of this journey and I shared a few things along the way. For the rest of you guys and gals the wait continues. ITS HERE!! I'm thankful it arrived safe and sound. Team Shishkov did not disappoint and I love all the little "Easter Eggs" on this guitar. Just those little touches that go with having a guitar built for you by someone who cares. Spruce Top Mahogany Back Ebony Board Bullseye Inlays Multiply Binding Bound F Hole Gravelin HUM 90's All wrapped up in Charcoal Burst (if that is official)
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    Hi Gang! Been lurking around the site for a couple years, and finally have something to post. Mike's shared a few "naked" pictures of this build on FB over the past couple months, but here's a sneak peak at #78 with some color! Won't be long now...
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    Picked this up last week. Amazingly good.
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    The fretboard work is some of the coolest stuff to see Mike do, in my opinion. This is the jet black ebony board with perfect MOP Crown inlays and triple stacked Ivoroid binding...
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    So, I came upon pics of #78 on FaceBook and thought to myself, "Self, I'm guessing your guitar is in the same batch!" And, I was right. Trish sent me pics of my top and said that the semi-hollows are being finished up and my guitar is in process. Here's two pics of the top glued up and getting ready. Is it wrong for me to giggle aloud? That's me..........David R.
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    Looks like I have no huge permanent damage to either hand. My left thumb hurt at the base when I played in certain positions but nothing excruciating and when it started to hurt I just changed up positions to relieve it. The injury to the wrist is healing. But all the injuries I sustained to the right hand and wrist and right index finger are on the mend and I could hold a pick without dropping it for the half-hour I tried it out. The pain no longer shoots from my right wrist through my index finger. Which is good news because I thought the injury may involve the nerve running through there.The laceration on the index finger is healing and doesn't seem to involve any nerves or tendons. The wrist is still very sore and stiff in both directions. So I have limited motion and tightness but should be okay in another month or two. So the good news is that I can at least hold the guitar and pretend to play it since I was never really able to play in the first place but at least that wasn't taken from me. The non-guitar related injuries are on the mend. The lacerations under my left arm are closing and the big hole in my left forearm is itching but healing. My heart, though, is still broken.
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    OK folks, following up from the "Gibby Disease is spreading" thread, "Henry In My Hanky" Part Deux as promised: ES-335 in a very cool color, Faded Light-Burst, nitro finish, nice figuring, traditionally built maple-poplar-maple laminate, ABR-1 direct into top hide-glue, BB 1 & BB 2, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard and MOP inlays. This thing sounds and feels fantastic!
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    ebay Eclipse Not $350, but close enough. I'm sure those scratches will buff right out.
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    I have always wanted a Talladega and the opportunity finally came. This is Hamer #6 in my stable and the first guitar I have ever owned with this kind of top. I have really enjoyed playing this guitar over the past couple of weeks.
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    ...but what about your musty crusty old favorite guitar? My Les Paul had sat in the case since after a gig - in October! I've been playing the Junior and Special FM lately because they RAWK! But I finally drug the LP out last Friday and remembered why it's #1. It fits like an old worn-in pair of shoes, ones that have been around for 40 years. Damn I love that thing. It ain't everybody's cup 'o tea, but it doesn't need to be. Those two pictures are kinda funny because I never really noticed before what had changed over time. Firstly, I washed the blood off (rough night!). And for 30 years I NEVER touched the neck pickup, then Josh came along and made the perfect set. And somewhere along the line I screwed the tailpiece down solid to the anchors with socket head cap screws (and washers made-to-fit by one of the lathe guys here at work). I think Jay had it somewhere in there for a re-fret and made it better than it had ever been, which is nice. As much as I love the NGDs, let's see the old stuff, guys! ETA: I didn't notice 'til just now the top picture is missing the 'B' string. Musta been a good night!