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    FINALLY got this built-out with custom pups, an original Sustainblock, and Wiggins knobs. Long-gone is the Kahler top-mount, the EMGs, and the hazy candy-apple finish from the 1980s. Really, REALLY happy with it.
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    ...and my law firm is Howard, Fine & Howard...
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    Jim made reference to a lack of bench reports around here lately from the handful of us who are fortunate enough to work on/with guitars for a living. I shared this unusual fix on a Hamer on my shop's Facebook page a couple weeks ago so a few have seen this, but here's a recap for the non-social media crowd. You may recall about a month ago me picking up a '93 Archtop GT Standard with its share of age- and wear-related issues. One issue was binding separating (gaps) at the body waist. Bindings tend to shrink with age. Binding adhesives tend to fail with age. The two happenings linked cause separation and gaps. Martin acoustics are notorious for this type of binding separation. The gap(s) will continue to spread and eventually the binding will either break off in pieces or potentially come off in one big hoop. More often than not, it's going to create finish issues too, either during the separations or during the fix. Easier to nip it in the bud early in the game. Here's the Archtop GT's waist gaps ... Treble side ... Martins that do this have thin, narrow binding that is usually easy to stretch back into place and reglue. This Hamer binding, however, is thicker, taller and stiffer in addition to slightly shrunken. Squeezing as hard as I could with my fingers, I could barely get it to close the gap. No way binding tape was going to hold it in place while glue set. We were going to have to gently soften the binding. Key word being "gently," because we don't want to deform or discolor the binding, or melt or discolor the urelac clearcoat on the binding. Or ESPECIALLY mess up the original goldtop paint -- for all practical purposes, you can't invisibly touch up bullion gold. I need gentle heat. Heat gun, not the best tool. Hairdryer, better choice, but I'm either going to rush it and get a heat gun effect, or sit there forever as it slow heats, like a crock pot. Wait, that's it ... I need a heated pot with a diameter roughly matching the circumference of the waist cuts. A pot that will apply gentle, even heat. I went through our extensive collection of scented candles and lo and behold, what do we have here ... The candle glass did the gentle, patient work as I did other stuff in the shop. After about 30 or so minutes on each side, the binding had just enough elasticity to go where I wanted it without distoring it. A modern binding-specific adhesive and a good tacky tape, and we're in business. And the next day ... Added bonus: My shop smelt like patchouli and sandalwood for the rest of the day, quite refreshing.
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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    Ya know that issue bubs_42 has with certain amps? Yeah well, I got the same problem with flashy Cail's. This thing is in transit as I type. Gon' be some anxious moments between now and when it arrives.
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    Some shots of my new Hamer Special FM... Many thanks to HamerLou, Had a great day in downtown Boston (North end, street vendors, walked by where the were filming the Ryan Reynolds movie, had a great lunch). FM's are by far my favorite Hamer, They're a little tricky because the tops range from relatively plain, to poppin with no rhyme or reason but... when you get a nice one, they're incredible cool. This is a '93, it shows as orange here, but it's actually Aztec Gold... I haven't popped the hood but it seems like a Duncan Alnico pro II (in the lead position and I'm not sure (Dimarzio super distortion zebra?) in the neck, will check. really nicely installed bone nut... it's very nice to see someone who can cleanly score and fit a new nut. Plays and sounds nice... neck a little slimmer, but it's solid, resonant and was well cared for. going to make a few tweaks (gold amber bell knobs) but very nice as is... love, love, love the top. Pics, enjoy
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    The guitar is a really cool midnight blue pearl burst so it flip flops between almost black to a cool blue pearl sparkle under direct lighting.
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    Gtrdaddy says Uh.Uhm(clears throat)...........remember I’m selling Hamers.
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    so I'm down in florida, (parents getting to that age) so I had to get away from the house... trek up to Sarasota to hit sam ash then swing over to GC near the mall and see this thing on the top row in the used section... Kind of freaky, but looking at a distance, was like, hmmm... that's a usa sn pattern… so I got em to grab it... dig it, and plunked down a deposit while it sits on police hold. played great, felt great, nice V neck, frets are excellent (it's an 09)... interesting inlays, had a hankering for a Dean Z but not loving those Dean Select imports at $899. (899? the new reality for an import) yikes,.. but let that go... Nothing like some retail therapy. better pics when it arrives 1-2 weeks. Dave
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    This is a story posted by a Facebook friend. He was a classmate of mine in Bible college from the '70s. When he graduated he became a career pastor (he has the heart of a pastor as I never had). He recently retired, moved to California, and now works the floor at a Guitar Center. I first met him nearly 50 years ago in school and he had always sung and played guitar. He would definitely know what he's doing at GC. Here is his FB post today about a Guitar Center experience: "This afternoon I sold a guitar to a woman in her 40's who has decided to learn to play. In fact, before she left the store she had her first guitar lesson. Her reason for wanting to learn is that her husband is dying of cancer. It's been years since he played guitar, so she brought his guitar in to have a restring. She decided--for the remainder of his life--that they are going to play guitar together. It's something they talked about for many years but never took the time. Now she is determined to do this for him in hopes it will give him comfort and pleasure as he faces death. When you consider all the jokes and memes about husbands vs. wives vs. the husbands' guitar obsessions, this is certainly something touchingly different.
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    Since the op is asking what we hate to see then for me it's a heavy relic, extra points for the finish over finish jobs.
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    Decided I really wanted one of these. A buddy in Jacksonville has been bragging about his for years. This one popped up on Reverb (five months ago) and I couldn't pass it up.
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    Needed a Tele with a trem for a new project. This is where my GAS led me. Found it on the Guitar Center website. Just showed up yesterday. I think I am gonna like it. If you ordered this from Nash it would be high dollar. The thinline body, Bigsby, binding and maple top are all options. Has Lollars in it. I'm going to send the neck to Murkat Jay to put the period correct Fender decal on it, like he recently did on my Nash S63.
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    Let me know if you see any issues. There are a few new features along some substantial changes to theme files. Hopefully all is good. Testing as some have reported issues editing old posts.
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    As of today, I have 23 electric guitars. They are all sunburst, every one. Missus Camstone can't tell the difference between any of them, cause they all have the same finish.
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    So who needs a great 1991 Sunburst Archtop. This is a really nice one. Looking to clear $1300 for it shipped lower 48 states. More on shipping elsewheres. Duncans JB/59, few little dings to surface of back and a couple spots on edge from sitting on a stand. Photos of them if needed. No dings trough the finish and no chips. Thinish neck consistent with that time period. Nice HSC too.
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    Dude! Do you know how much cover you give me? Every time my wife pipes up, I just point to your latest NAD or NGD post. She mutters something about that bubs guy and I'm off the hook. Your addiction is a charitable service to the rest of us. I thank you for your service.
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    If you can do part of this you have bragging rights.
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    Got another update yesterday.
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    I was doing my normal rounds, when I noticed this on a guitar stand in front of the racks. I saw the $100 price, but I thought for sure it was an MIM. Couldn't believe they were asking $100 for it. Took it to the counter and wanted to haggle because of the scratches and dents around the body. They said it just came out and they wouldn't budge on the price. I asked for the case and they said it didn't come with one. I said it should have one, and I wanted a case. They looked but couldn't find one. I told them they owed me one, and I be checking back later for one. They were OK with that. I haven't had a chance yet to put is through it's paces, but the neck feels great and it doesn't weight a ton. I don't normally post a pic of the receipt, but I didn't want anyone to cal BS on me.
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    And, in late breaking news........
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    Just a few pics of what's been underway in April... More than meets the eye with these, for sure!
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    I bought this Daytona from Patrick and it’s all original with a matched set of factory SD’s, trem bar and factory warranty card. The Trans Blue finish is awesome and was one of Hamer’s less common finishes. This is a great looking and playing guitar with factory HSC. There is an 8-10 inch faint worm that lengthwise down the back of the guitar that did not break the finish. It isn’t very deep or wide – but it’s there. Its faint enough it’s difficult to get to show up in the photos. Otherwise the guitar is in very good shape with great frets and no other issues. The HSC is in great shape except the cleats and hinges at the bottom/back of the case have some rust on them from sitting on a floor. There is no indication this case has actually been in water though. Other than that the case is in great shape. I’ll post photos tomorrow. $850 shipped to your door. CONUS only – no trades. Payment - Cashiers or personal check.
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    OP never mentions buying it in this thread so maybe you should get your cart off the street ya negative nellie. Whether they work a deal or not, guy shows up looking for a specific guitar made over 30 years ago and within a week it appears it's been located. That's a win all day in my book.
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    Did you at least tie a yellow ribbon around it? \
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    I don't count 'em. Plausible deniability...
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    English names: Doohickey Thingamabob Gizmo Whatchamacallit Thingamajig Whatsis
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    I went from 1986-2007 with only one guitar and it was a Hamer. Now I own multiple Hamers (mostly USA but one MIK) & a couple of partscasters based around Fender USA necks... oh and a travel guitar that is a GFS Xaviere. Hamer guitars are an incredible value... the sort of Hamer you can get for less than $1500 used is miles above any other USA brand. I’m pretty Loyal to Hamer.
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    Here we have a special model of a mid-90s Hamer. This is part of a special, Japan only run called, I believe, the Special FM-LE. It is essentially a Special FM with body binding (the normal Special FM is unbound). This particular guitar has a nice thick quilt maple cap over a 1-piece mahogany body. The neck is also mahogany with an unbound rosewood fingerboard. The frets are in great shape with only the tiniest of wear. The neck is a nice vintage medium C shape and the guitar plays nice up and down the neck. This guitar originally came to me with a set of Duncan pickups, a 59 in the neck and a Custom in the bridge. However, the neck pickup had an issue and needed a rewind repair. While waiting, I dropped in a pair of JM Rolph pickups that I had. These pickups are a nice match to this guitar and I saw no reason to put the original pickups back in. The original pickups (including the repaired neck pickup) will be included. The guitar is in very good condition. There is a small ding through the finish on the corner near the bottom tone knob and a small indent close by (see pics). The original hard shell case is included $1,700 shipped/paypal'd - NOW $1,100 I posted a couple of pics below, there are more on the reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/26020571-1994-amber-hamer-special-fm-le-w-jm-rolph-pickups
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    I can't dig this one enough: Replaces my longtime Tech21, which replaced my Boogie Studio 22+. Compared to the Sock Monkey, the Boogie is just too heavy and TOO LOUD (and it's not bad at all).
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    Hamer guitars have always been a good deal used. If it weren't for this forum, I'd have bought the last dozen or so for a lot less. I'm just sayin'... My favorite forum. And having Mike S. forwarding the legacy is just icing on the cake. Here's me with my first Hamer in 1979. It's a 1978 bought from Jimmy Head at Music City in Orlando Florida on my birthday (March 28th, 1979). It hung there for six months. I think dad paid less than $600.
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    Got a text from a co-worker hipping me to this FS Axis. Basically a NOS ca.2000. The guy I got it from is 6’5” (“it’s just too small on me...”), but it fits me perfectly. Excellent quality guitar. Now I see why Axis owners rave about them so. It came strung with .010s, a non-starter on a guitar this Floyd-y. The Floyd was pitched forward into the cavity. Wrongo!! Why do, “repairmen”, constantly get it wrong with decked-FR setups? I did a factory setup with .009s, balanced the FR and this suckah is a PUH-layuh!! Some pics (not mine), but I’ll take some real ones later
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    Well, call me crazy but after much back and forth deliberation, I have decided to teach myself to play pedal steel guitar. And since I rarely go into any endeavor lightly, I bought a really nice one. A late 70's Sho Bud D10 Professional. She's a beauty. We'll see how long it takes for me to be proficient enough to bring it out to a gig. I'm guessing two years. But I have a music room where I can set it up plugged into an amp and just go sit and woodshed on it. There's dozens of instructional videos on youtube and I figure I can loop some rhythm tracks with my 6 string and play over them for practice. Stay tuned.....
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    It doesn't have Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone?
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    Check out this pair Firstly thank you to @carfish7 for selling me the maple necked sunburst, and @currypowder for gallantly agreeing to handle the CITES bollocks to get the 2HB to me from the US. They are both 1990 guitars, the HSS appears to have the SD pickup set (JS and 2x SSL1s), the 2HB has a pair of Slammers - check out the neck pickup - the slugs face the fingerboard Both have some nice figuring on the necks - some flame on the HSS, and a spot of Birdseye on the HH. They are both VERY light and feel great - comfy necks (very similar) and low actions. You can see that they are both honest well played guitars, which I like - and oddly enough, just like my '86 Fuchsia SS1 - the guitars what have been well used, seem to be particularly good 'uns. Cosmetic knocks here and there - but importantly - all the playing surfaces, fingerboard, frets etc are perfect. I've had a bit of play of both of these, by no means much of a play, and not hooked up to any of the rest of my gear - but I'm very optimistic. In a sea of awesome Cali's - I'm going to assemble a pile of awesome Centauras. I think most HFCers know that a Centaura HH is something I've wanted for ages, and I'm not disappointed so far. I'm definitely looking for another one of these and currently tracking down others... Thanks again guys!! Cheers, Ben. PS. Better pictures as soon as the sun comes out
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    Not mine...his appreciation...kind of cool seeing the fan come out in a seasoned pro
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    Mike invited me to join him as his “+1” for the event, and I was more than happy to oblige and check this guitar out in person. The guitar perfectly balances on a strap, has a nice weight and a really comfortable neck profile, total fret access all the way to 24, and it played like...well, a Shishkov! Sounded great through the guitarist’s rig and there was lots of fantastic feedback from guitar players and non-players alike in the crowd. The guitar even got a nod from the CEO as he took the stage to address the company. Being a Washington Capitals fan for decades, I insisted that the visiting mascot, Slapshot, get a crack at the guitar and pose for a shot. After the event ended, I took Mike to a Caps game downtown, and we not only got to see a win over Calgary, but the Leidos Zamboni taking care of business between periods. This is obviously a bit of a departure from the usual fare, but the story is too cool to not share!
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    Isn't funny how people don't want to be burdened by taxes but demand services ?
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    I'm having similar issues - will reach out to Ted, as I'm not sure what's hanging these up. In the meantime...digging out the ol' Photobucket:
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    I’ve given this one a new home.
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    It won’t be long. 😃
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