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    I want to shout out a very boisterous, happy, delighted, almost giddy thank you to the HFCers who have been hoping that Dr. Bear (the TLE made for me in '86) and I (Dr. Bear, his very self) would be reunited. Today it happened. (Dave, you are a pleasure to befriend!) I think I've located a set of original OBL(s) and a set of original mid-'80s black knobs so, with luck and a following wind, within a few weeks I'll have Dr. Bear (the TLE of course) in kinda sorta the shape she was in when Jol Dantzig first showed her to me 33 years ago. As for this Dr. Bear, well, the hair is gray and there's considerably less of it, the bod is less spry, and memory. . . Oy, what was I saying? But the sheer pleasure of plugging in Dr. Bear into a '71 Vibrochamp and hearing the ol' JB singing away can't be beat. Y'all out there are just great. Here are the two good doctors, together again after decades....
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    Some time ago I picked up one if those cherry Gibson Explorers locally (pretty cheap) and thought... This would be a great guitar for a refinish. So, after doing my research, I learned that if you want metal flake, the best on the planet was Stike. Without much direction, I told him to have at it. I'm floored! Could. Not. Be. Happier! Got a few pics this week and it was shipped today. What an artist!!
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    I was asleep at the wheel when Mike started his own brand and completely missed out on the run of Ultimates. While I am now in the queue for a Shishkov, I've coveted the Ultimates since I started seeing them. That I got to see and hold @bubs_42's when I met him in Nashville a couple of years ago didn't help much. I've seen a small handful come up for sale in the past (this one included), but always hesitated. This time I didn't. I'm now a member of the Shishkov Owners Club a few months earlier than expected. No need to pour on the accolades, it's an incredible guitar top to bottom. I've had very little time with it, so perhaps I'll elaborate as I get more of a chance to play it. But, no surprise, it's gorgeous to look at and hold. From what I understand, it's the only Ultimate with multi-ply binding. I will say the neck is as big as any I've played. It's a full 1" from the nut to the 12th fret with full shoulders and a slight flatness at the nut that rounds out as you move up. I absolutely love it. I can't say that this is exactly what I would have ordered had I had the chance, but it's certainly close.
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    Hello all, It's been a while. Such a long while in fact, that I couldn't remember my password - and since my email also changed, I had to re-register. But anyway - a few evenings ago, I was lurking for the first time in a coupla years and this thread brought such a lump to my throat, I just thought it appropriate to reply. It's pretty common knowledge on the board that I had major problems with my left wrist, problems that surgery tried and failed to correct. On top of that (although I won't go into detail) one of the band members found himself in a domestic situation which simply wasn't compatible with recording and touring, so the writing was pretty much on the wall because this guy was our front man and he was irreplaceable. And then - Andy got the gig with Judas Priest which, to be honest, would have killed it anyway. I was (and still am) totally stoked for the guy - because without him, the whole Hell thing would never have happened in the first place. So after spending so much time throwing my whole heart and soul into this, the only way I could really deal with it was to draw a line in the sand and walk away without a backwards glance. Which is exactly what I did. Yeah, I could have carried on in a bar band or whatever, but my heart just wasn't in it any more, and when you've spent many years driving a Bentley, a beat-up Ford just doesn't cut it. Rightly or wrongly, I've never been a second-best kinda person, and just I took the view that nothing could ever top what I'd already done, and so I decided just to disappear and let the grass grow back over the battlefield. Within a month I'd sold all of my gear and cut my hair off, and just quietly slipped back into the world of being an ordinary carpenter. It was quite a cathartic experience in many ways - I never did the 'famous' thing very well, always feeling super-embarrassed when I had these huge bearded metalheads standing in line at signing sessions, with them trembling and being overwhelmed by the fact that I said 'Hi' to them and shook their hands. Minor fame is a strange thing indeed and I found it awkward to deal with. But - I was lucky enough to have seen, done and experienced things which most players could only have dreamed of - and for that I'll always feel incredibly lucky. I've toured 27 countries and played on many of Europe and Scandinavia's biggest stages alongside world-class bands, and I had an absolute blast doing it. Of course there are regrets - never hitting either North or South America, giving up #0666 with Mr. Shishkov's passion and skill hanging over me like a great guilty millstone, knowing that a killer 3rd album would never see the light of day - the list is a very, very, very long one. I'd like to close by thanking everyone on here for your endless support, enthusiasm and encouragement. It always felt like I was part of a family, and for that, I'll always be truly grateful. Thanks for the memories - and here's a bittersweet one which will always stay with me - it's the very first song from our very first album - but also the very last song of our very last show. Take it easy guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQHgP70vtx8
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    ...and my law firm is Howard, Fine & Howard...
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    After a few changes, here's the Duotone Custom I bought here several months back. All the gold hardware was swapped for nickel and all the Lollar minis were swapped for Fralin hum-canceling P90s (much of that work done by @Jeff R at The Fret Shack). Super cool guitar that I've admired from afar for many years and it will be with me for a good long while. Not a perfect photo, but you get the gist.
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    Thanks for all of your kind words and support guys! It means a lot to me. I have a genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden Mutation, which makes me prone to clot unnecessarily, a dangerous condition. I almost died five years ago from it. I had a bi-lateral pulmonary emboli with dozens of clots in each lung. I take warfarin (blood thinner) as a prophylactic. I come off of the warfarin five days prior to any procedures and take another drug as a bridge before and after procedures. I had an upper-endoscopy and colonoscopy done to remove a few polyps last week. There was a problem with the bridge med and two days after the procedure I began hemorrhaging internally. I didn’t know until I’d already been bleeding for two days. I woke up one morning, stood up to walk to the bathroom and fainted. I passed out every time I stood up. I had a movement that was black and tarry and I knew immediately I was bleeding internally. Off to the hospital I went, I wound up needing a blood transfusion. I’m home now, but on bed rest, being monitored and will hopefully be back to normal by next week. Right now I just feel like hammered shit. It’s the oddest feeling of fatigue I’ve ever experienced after losing a lot of blood. I don’t recommend it. I have to say, seeing this thread and everyone’s good-wishes really warms the heart. I just love you guys! HFC RULES!
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    Needed to have another guitar to gig with and avoid me having to tote the custom Chap around. Our very own Stike finished this one. Thank you kind sir! Whatcha think?
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    A while back I went on my town Facebook page and offered to give a guitar to someone in my community to, hopefully, share some of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I've had. I picked one of the stories and got to deliver on my offer today. And yeah, it feels good.
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    I don’t buy guitars often, but when this one popped up, I knew I had to have it. I’ve always wanted one with Jim’s beautiful artwork. Other than some minor finish scratches, it’s in absolutely fantastic condition. I don’t think it’s been out of its case very often over the past 32 years. The icing on the cake was an OHSC! After a minor tuneup and new strings, this baby plays and sounds fantastic! Lol, I just realized I’ve never done a NGD post - Guess there’s a first time for everything! ?
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    It appears it was dropped a day ago. It looks and sounds good... if youtube did anything to the audio or video, it was minimal. The clean guitar intro piece got a little more compressed but the rest of it sounds pretty close to the 24 bit uncompressed WAV file I handed youtube. I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out. The backing track sounds great. I think I am getting closer to the mixes I hear in my head... the cymbals are always a bitch and I think I tamed them enough to finally allow the resonance of the kit shine through. Sort of inspired by Tim Pierce for the solos... I copped a Tim Pierce lick from his Rick Springfield "Love Somebody" solo and Tim's slide solo from the Goo Goo Doll's "Iris" crept into my consciousness enough for me to play two slide solos in standard tuning. Hopefully y'all dig it and enjoy rocking out to some original music while looking at some filthy budget-guitar porn.
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    It took some time to get these back together. Thanks goes out to Snake Sabo, Scotti Hill of Skid Row. Our own Peter Fung. And Jon Maye I have a few more from SR to dig out.
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    This was annoying. But, the guitar is a keeper, so I decided to experiment to see if I could remove whatever was applied over the logo. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser turned out to be aptly named. With not too much effort, the original logo was restored:
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    Recently got a line on some old Honduras Mahogany, so I took a ride and found some massive blanks that had been buried at the back of an old barn. Love it when I find these old treasures.
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    Speechless. and something special.
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    Hello HFC Friends! Once a year I like to do a special run of pickups at a deliciously discounted price to support all of you here on The HFC, to encourage casual participants to join up properly and be Supporting Members, to keep Shishkov Guitars on peoples minds, and to do good by/for the best and only internet guitar forum I will align myself with. It's now 2020 and this amazing New Year deserves some amazing new pickups! The cost of parts, coil wire, and all of it has bumped up on my end but I'm going to stick to last years prices of $220/set. Shipping to your doorstep with insurance and a tracking number is $8.50, so you're looking at $228.50 Grand Total per set: handwound and assembled to exacting specifications using the absolute best top-tier parts, as always. Ivory, Black, Parchment, and White bobbin colors are available, 49.2mm, 50mm, and 53mm string spacing, and your choice of output lead wire. Let's start with 8 sets of Charlotte and 8 sets of Schlabotnik ok? Why 8? Because it's also symbolic of "Infinity" and I think it's appropriate. If I need to make more, I will. To claim your set, send me a message with your bobbin color choice and output lead choice. I will consider magnet swapping to your specifications if I know it works with the wind also, but would really prefer to put these forth per the proven recipe. If you want covers (only the best USA made), add $30 for a set. For Gold, + $40. If you live in a different country other than the USA, please mention that so I can quote exact shipping costs. Payment accepted via PayPal, Personal Check or Money Order, and of course Cash Money. These custom built pickups will start shipping in 3 weeks. Or less if I can manage it, which I probably can. Under-promise, over-deliver right? Right. 8 Standard (Charlotte set, UOA5 Bridge/A2 Neck, 10.9k/7.7k) : $220/set + $8.50 s/h 8 Ultimate (Schlabotnik set, A2 Bridge and Neck, 8.7k/7.5k) : $220/set +$8.50 s/h Get in touch, claim your set, and let's rock forth in 2020. HFC! ♥
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    I finally got time to take some shots of the 1978 Hamer Sunburst Custom i recently picked up in Copenhagen. November weather here, very gray today, and dull. But the shots turned out good. Enjoy! I adjusted the neck which had some buzz. It's 100% dead straight. So I had no problem getting a great low action on her. I don't know if the frets ever have been polished, but they are in good condition. No cowboy chord wear, they look fine all over the fretboard. The neck is wider than on any other Sunburst I've played, more of a nice C shape than a D. Very nice rosewood fretboard. The top is almost quilted and has a nice flame. It's not heavy, but not super light either. Rosewood shimed bridge. A damn fine Sunburst!
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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    Like most of you (I hope), I end up with parts laying around for longer than planned. This one in particular has been on-deck for about a decade. One-piece swamp ash body w/ belly and forearm contours mated with a fairly recent Fender Tele neck & tuners, Callaham bridge, and Kinman electronics that were dated 11/2010 (when I ordered them). I finally got off my ass and sent the body to Shane at HEL (absolutely Nailed it!) who did the trans-white finish and a couple pickguards to fit the slightly misshapen cutaway. It arrived back from him yesterday (Merry Christmas!) so I set aside my duties as official cookie taster long enough to slap it together. It still needs some fine tuning (and strap buttons), but so far I'm really digging it.
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    Maybe not “in action”, but I was at a different rehearsal spot last night and our very generous host pulled out this gem...
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    This arrived yesterday. Custom made (1 of 3 ) Vox Virage SC in Korina, made in Japan. I'd seen pictures of these for years, never thought one would pop up for sale. I'm unsure when this was made, but the Virage line ran from 2007 to 2012. There are no markings on this guitar other than the VOX on the headstock. Fully chambered, it is really thick but weighs 6.5 lbs. 25 1/8 scale, medium neck (butterfly inlays), light cast aluminum 1 piece bridge/tailpiece, two DiMarzio 3-90 pickups (made custom for/with Vox), although I think these may have been wound differently from the stock ones (I also have a Vox Virage DC that has the stock pickups). Each has a 3 way switch to change the coils from a single coil, P90, and (mini) humbucker sound, all noiseless. The body is arched both from top to bottom and side to side, so it wraps around your body, making it super comfortable to play. The build is AMAZING. Just getting to know this puppy, but I'm smiling after the first session through my Boss Katana. Will upload larger pix soon.
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    ....and at it's Hamer peak: I only have 4 of those now....and a couple others....
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    To much time no posting nothing so here you got a little history ( sorry if i dont write in english, i dont like to use the translator) My kids , wife and me had the oportuniyy to go Florida for holidays, so one of those days we went to NASA , my unconclused dream was/is to be a civil or military pilot, all about fly i know it and i love it , so my kids are in the same way , specialy my liitle 4 years boy This thay the weather was hot but was imposible for us make he take out his jacket?‍♂️, he was very happy walking betwen rocket with this, was fuuny how all the people look at him and make a smile? At the end of the day we was walking to the exit and front of us we saw an army boy walking with all the equipment i never saw in my life , my little boy saw him and freeze? The guy look at him and star to walk to us and stop in front of my boy, he say hello to everybody and with tears in his eyes he start to toll him: When i was young like you, a soldier come to me and give me the US flag he had in his arm and this is my first time i will do the same with you So he put his hand in his arm and take out something from his military wear, yes......a US flag My kid dont move a hair, he continued freezze, the soldier take his hand and put the flag on it. He says to everybody thanks for give him this moment and go out, its imposible for me write this situation and dont cry. Nobody of us will never forget this moment
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    The other day Bennyboy-UK popped over for a catch-up and brought along some toys. He brought his awe inspiring SS1 Marble O'Connor, his Chaparral Snakeskin O'Connor, his magnificent Vintage-S Custom order and a few others. In turn he had a play on the majority of my Hamer's in addition to the Shishkov's. I love playing guitars, and especially Hamer's and Shishkov's, but sharing them over an afternoon will a like minded soul is fantastic. Ben's SS1 O'Connor really is a special guitar. It was an uber clean example and oozes class as the best O'Connor finishes always do on a Hamer. Lovely combination of sound's too and I swear the O'Connor finish makes you play better. His Chaparral was lovely in an honest rocky 80's way and did all the right things. The Vintage-S Custom. Wow. Serious custom order that one and spec'd by a player. 3 on/off toggle switches for pickups, volume, mid-boost and "stratifier" pots. I don't actually know if its called a "stratifier" but turning the pot up to MAX elicits a very useable convincing strat tone. Wind it back down and you're in rocker territory. It's like witchcraft. Ebony board, micro dots and get this - how often do you have a 1 piece QUILTED maple body? Nearing "home time" it was suggested that we, at the very least, get an O'Connor group shot. Also a few of Ben's lovely O'Connor Marble SS1 in isolation. I'm into double figures meeting HFC brethren now and its always a pleasure. Rock on!!
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    Here's an interesting one that I just won. It's the Greco Mirage similar to the mid-70s Ibanez Artist 2663TC that Steve Miller played in the "Fly Like an Eagle" period. I'm pretty sure this one is from 1981, at least that's the only catalog that this model with these features showed up in. There is a similar one in the '78 catalog, but it has dots on the fretboard, not parallelograms. The seller blocked the serial number, so I won't know for sure until it gets here. I've owned a couple of Greco Mirages over the years, most notably the blue M1000 (Same model that Rick Nielsen played at Budokan). But the ones I've owned were of the standard double humbucker configuration. I decided to go for this one due to the unusual triple coil pickup with a 4 way knob switch. Apparently you can switch between: Single coil (coil closest to the neck) Humbucker (coils closest to the bridge) 3 coils in series (hot output) 3 coils in parallel. The Ibanez version is nearly the same, though I think they only made the official Iceman versions in the late 70s, they didn't carry over into the 80s. The only difference is the little cloud chrome thing under the tailpiece, the later Ibanez version doesn't have that, just the tailpiece. Here's some pics from the listing. Bonus is that it has the original form fitting Greco branded hard case. So many of these old Grecos get separated from their cases (sound familiar?). Finding a form fitting Iceman case for less than a few hundred $s is near impossible.
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    The Shishkov was on stage a lot last night. Getting a good photo was impossible because Dustin is rarely playing along the front of the stage. He mostly stays on a platform while Chris Caffery and Joel Hoekstra take the spotlight. The only time Dustin gets a spotlight is when he is singing, and he does not sing while playing guitar. For all the great lights in the show, the performers are not often in enough light for taking photos unless they are featured at the moment. After the second show all the performers sign autographs. Last year I got a tour book signed by everyone. This year there was only one new person, and I was not spending another $20 to get another tour book signed. A friend who loves TSO gave me some of her extra photos which I got signed by some of the members of the group. They just zip everyone through quickly, and conversation is extremely brief. When I got to Dustin I said, "So, blue guitars sound better." He immediately went off on how there is this guy building incredible guitars like he had discovered the greatest guitar builder of all time, but he was not looking at me while he was talking. I told him to look at my shirt. I had on a Shishkov shirt. He just went, "Oh, ****!" and laughed. When I got to singer Robin Borneman he was asking about Shishkov guitars because of my shirt. I had to tell him to talk to Dustin.
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    Here's the thread... Took the strings off, found that with a little damp cloth with a drop of soap - and a LOT of polishing with a soft cloth - it cleaned up pretty nice. Swiped the fretboard with oil and dried it (it was pretty dry) and put new NYXL strings on. Truss rod was a wee bit overtightened. Got the wonky pickup straight, which took taking it out, as it had somehow been walloped hard enough to tuck the lip under the wood (sounds filthy). Action and intonation were easy to get right. The nut is cut or worn just a smidgen deep on the D string, as it faintly buzzes against the first fret when plucking it: with comfortable action and no other buzz on any string anywhere. I'll put a micro-drop of superglue in there tonight to build it up. The wear around the bottom strap button is weird, but eventually I'll wet sand it and then build up a couple layers of clear so at least the wood isn't bare. I'll be on vacation for ten days in October so that will be a good time to let it dry. There are I think six little dings in the top, all between pinhead and um... big pinhead sized. Back has some light jeans button wear and some shallow fine scratches into the clear. Turns out it fits my existing Mono case perfectly, so I'll juggle the other four guitars around so someone ends up in a cheap gig bag and the Monaco gets the Mono. Love love love the weight and the neck and the medium-tall frets. Sounds great unplugged and we'll have a rehearsal today plugged in. I think this is a pretty nice top even by Hamer standards. So $1150 for a dang nice-playing 2005 Hamer that needed cleaning, setup, a drop of superglue, and if I'm picky some finish work on a place no one ever looks. The other damage all falls inside "gigged" territory so I won't be nervous about playing it.
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    I wanted to share photos of my recently completed project. I found a beaten, battered and butchered 1970-72 era Gibson L5-S at my local GC a couple of years ago. For those unfamiliar with the model, It was, at the time, the most expensive electric guitar in Gibson's catalog. It had a body shape similar to the Les Paul, but wider, thinner and with pretty extreme carving of both the top and back. It had elaborate appointments including inlay borrowed from the L5 arch top, wide multiple layer body and neck binding and highly figured maple. Gibson added an ebony fretboard and gold hardware. The model sold in small numbers and went through a few iterations before production was stopped in the early 80's. Notable L5-S players include Pat Martino, Carlos Santana and Mark Farner. The guitar I purchased had been heavily played and irreversibly modified. I decided to enlist the help of Murkat and Stike to turn this badly abused wreck into a very different version of it's original concept. Jay got it first for a complete rebuild and repair including replacing broken, stained and missing fingerboard inlays, a re-fret, filling and re-routing pickup cavities and drilling new bridge and tailpiece holes. Once that was done, it went to Stike for a complete re-finish. Both Jay and Ben did amazing work as you can see in the photos. I'll add before, during and after shots. Installment 1 - Headstock
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    My guitar tech had a beautiful LP that he had shown me a couple of months ago, that he wanted to sell It was a beautiful LP and told him I wanted it and I'd sell some gear to take it off his hands. Well with all this C19 stuff going on, NOBODY is buying anything off CL or FB Marketplace. Anyway he called me this weekend and asked me if I could please buy his LP ASAP. He told me his guitar tech work is pretty much nonexistent, and his wife lost her job 3 weeks ago. I had to talk to my wife about getting money out of the bank to buy the guitar, and she gave me the green light. I talked to my buddy, and we came to a price that was fair to both of us. I was happy to help him out with all the work he does for me. My new to me 2000 Gibson Amber Classic Premium Plus LP Standard:
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    Put the last one back in the rack last night, and figured it was a good time for a couple of group shots
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    … 'bout that bass, no treble, I'm all about that bass … And I'm not even a bass player! It's such big fun to play this fantastic instrument. Thanks to "filtre" for posting this PSA. Except from an annoying scratch near the controls it seemed to be in a decent condition, and after a few hours of TLC it looks like this: As promised, here are some pics for your entertainment, and maybe some of you can provide a few more informations about this cool bass. It came to me with its original case in like new condition, inside and outside!
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    Thanks @Toadroller! It was a blast working on it with you. Since the best part of these threads are the pictures - Here are a few we took - The lemon color was hard to capture. I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Toadrollers pics ?
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    Ya know that issue bubs_42 has with certain amps? Yeah well, I got the same problem with flashy Cail's. This thing is in transit as I type. Gon' be some anxious moments between now and when it arrives.
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    Here's to a safe and happy new year for all of us here at the HFC. Hoping this year will be a great one for all of us, with good times with family, friends, and good guitars!
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    That's "Joe" for "I wish you all the best."
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    This one's on the way. I've had a love hate relationship with P90s since I was a teen. We'll see what happens!
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    This is my brother playing the guitar!
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    It’s a bit of a long story, but I am now the owner of this 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Chicago Blue. The only thing that separates this guitar from “mint” is the previous owner had Guitar Center install Schaller strap locks before he brought it home. There are no marks or scratches; he never even changed the strings. The receipt from Guitar Center is still in the case. I swapped out the Schallers for Dunlops (none of my guitars leave the house without Dunlop Straploks), put a new set of strings on it and found an appropriate Couch strap. I still need to put it on the strobe tuner and check the intonation, but I’ll take care of that soon enough. The neck feels just a shade thinner and the frets are a little smoother than my 2014 Trad, both of which are good things.
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    Went to see Living Colour last night in Manchester. Vernon had the yin yang Hamer and his new PRS. Played the whole set with the Hamer ?
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    4/5/2020: A very nice, original example of a USA SoCal Model 1HH. Plays and sounds killer-diller. @diablo175 was right about the neck pickup. Smooth and pronounced, ballzy. I've ordered two pickguards (B/W/B and mint-green 3-ply) from Reverb, but I'll do a separate post on that install. I did put in three fu-tone.com, light springs. Much smoother trem action, now. Anyway, enjoy!
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    My .02..... I worked for Jol during the early New Hartford years. I can share the following: 1) Arlington Heights was run like a factory (a good one but still a factory). New Hartford was run like a shop. That was because of Jol’s presence in New Hartford. 2) I left Hamer in July 2000. Most, if not all, of the customer order rejections I was aware of had a pretty good reason. What people don’t understand is many fixtures, patterns, etc necessary to do the old models and custom orders were trashed in Illinois. A lot had to be recreated. It is very likely the first “no” was because it wasn’t possible. If several requests were made then it was probably considered and tooling was made. He was also particular about the way Hamers looked. I wanted an all mahogany Archtop Custom goldtop. Jol wouldn’t do gold over mahogany because it would sink (even though I worked there and Jol had an all mahogany 57 Gold top that he loved). I remember another order specifying ugly Korina was rejected because he didn’t want it to look like a factory second and no one “will remember the story three owners down the road” or something like that. 3) He could be opinionated and would sometimes act superior. Most of the time he was a very pleasant person to be around. 4) I probably wouldn’t have moved to New Hartford if Jol didn’t go. I think most of us felt that way. If he didn’t go to New Hartford and a few of us decided to stay in Illinois they would have built Hamers on the Ovation line and the New Hartford golden age wouldn’t exist!
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    I have a Korina Standard #36... So I’m browsing Ebay, I see this. Always wanted a Korina Vector but the prices are out of reach for me at this point. I’m looking at the pics and that’s when I get the chills... can it be? I run to my guitar room and yes, it’s Vector #36!!! I'm floored!! Contact the seller, who is really nice guy. He gives me more than a fair price... And.... thanks to my wonderful woman Linda, it’s now shipping to me tomorrow!!! Not sure how many people own a matching set but I’m now in that club... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223644392992
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    Hamer forum, I want to take a minute to thank all of you for your help locating my Brother in laws Red Snakeskin Chap and a SPECIAL thanks to Hamer-on for his help and generosity in reuniting this guitar with Randy's family. We reached a deal and I want all of you guys to know how much I appreciate him, and the awesome care he gave this cherished instrument and how much I appreciate this forum. It would have never happened with out all of you. My family is grateful to Hamer-on and to all of you. I just wanted to round back and let you all know the outcome. God bless all of you thank you once again!! Just Crazy!
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    When my Dad passed away, I wanted to pass something along to my sons that represented something from him. I ordered a Teal B-4M Bass with Boomers and a Cadillac Green Monaco 3, both pretty tricked out. My father was a huge fan of guitar music, and encouraged Serial and I to play, no matter how loud and obnoxious we were in middle and high school. The man couldn't play a note, but always made requests of songs he wanted us to learn and play for him. Miss the guy! Serial and I also came up with the harebrained scheme to order "twin" basses - at the time, we were both playing bass in bands and I was looking for a custom 32" scale 12'ver. I saw 32" scale forms at the factory @2002, when Hamer was ghost building instruments for TV Jones, and although I had been shot down a couple of previous orders for the same thing (and being told that a 34" scale wouldn't work with the double cut body), I think I finally wore Kim Keller down and Steve and I placed orders for matching basses - the tops and backs are split from the same maple billets and the specs are identical except for the fact that his is an 8 and mine's a 12, and his headstock reads "NOTCHRIS" and mine reads "NOTSTEVE" under the HAMER logo.
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    Thanks for letting us know, Sue. It is greatly appreciated. Eric was an amazing, left-of-center guy. When he posted pictures of his stitches after his brain surgery, I told him his head looked like a baseball and it was on from there. There was no jab or barb we wouldn't inflict on one another, and the Wisconsin/Illionoise rivalry was always on the table. We had countless PMs and/or emails back and forth about gear or sports or Madison (he went to the UW here) and he always had the funniest stories - some of them hilariously out there - and never, ever failed to make me laugh. His perspective on the world was unique. I don't know if it was from the brain work or from living in flatland, but he could drive a nail from faaaaar left field with such effortlessness it was profound, scary and dead-on all at once. He had a love of golf and the movie Caddyshack. He will always be Noonan to me. I will forever kick myself for never meeting him in the flesh, as dangerous as that could have been. He will always be my friend, and I will always miss him. Rest easy, Noonan. We'll carry the bag from here.
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