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  1. I have a tobacco burst f-hole duotone custom but don’t think I could part with it. Great guitars.
  2. I guess that's part of it's charm. It has an enormous amount of tonal variety in it. It has two(2) 9 volt batteries to drive it's active circuitry. Here's a list of some of the ways this can be adjusted: The one humbucker can be turned to various angles The coils can be split Using the basic Volume and Tone controls, they would typically be in the middle. Minor movements can have drastic changes to the tone. Piezo can be mixed into the signal or used alone. Adding a touch of piezo can give some real bite. Parametric EQ with cut/boost. You can use this as a lead boost or to target specific frequencies to cut or boost. Hard/Fun part - Figuring out the combinations of these options that take it where you want it to go.
  3. I was able to move some other stuff so I don't really need to sell the Turner Model 1. If anyone is interested, I'll still consider it. The Hamer is still up for grabs. Thanks
  4. I need to payoff some debt and have to make some tough decisions. Up for sale are two fine guitars, hit me up with any questions. I have an exquisite Rick Turner LB Model 1 with a rare maple top. So many sounds available between the Humbucker, parametric eq and piezo. All can be blended together. It pains me so, as this was my dream guitar, but I'm really a tele guy and Hamer guitar fanatic and just haven't been doing justice to this gem. You will not find a more beautiful, hand crafted instrument. If you are in the market for one of these, you won't find a finer example. $4600 Paypal'd and Shipped. Hamer Special with p90's in the worst color possible but you can't help but stare at it and love it. Everyone here knows these are a great rock and roll guitar and if you haven't played one you should. A few nicks and dings, but nothing major. It's a thin neck and the frets are in great shape. $950 Paypal'd and shipped. Can meet up for Northern California deal.
  5. Congratulations, awesome story. Now where is my seafoam green Californian with boomers!
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  7. Hmmm, could you send me any pictures of that one? Thanks again.


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