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  1. Checked with my buddy, who was a DJ in the early 70s. Here's what he said: Mason had a fair number of guitars. I recall him telling me that a Strat was heavily featured on Alone Together, but I don't remember discussing which guitars were on which tracks. If I remember correctly, he did like the red Strat though. (I was trying to keep the guitar geek discussion to a minimum though, so those parts of the conversation were short and restricted to off-the-air commercial breaks.) Also, at the time I interviewed him (74 or 75) he'd recently switched from his red Strat to a Firebird as h
  2. Great song, and album for sure. Tom Terrific actually saw him, and I can't say anything to contradict that, but... A buddy (who knows his stuff) interviewed Mason at about the same time this album came out and told me Mason told him it was recored with a Strat and a Cerwin Vega amp. I'll double check, but that's what I recall.
  3. Yeah, the shock can get your attention. I've gotten one or two while walking around with the collar with less care than I should have while verifying the new battery, the new lightning arrester, and so-on worked. Turned out all that stuff worked JUST FINE. Dogs are tough.
  4. Impressive as always. Good luck with your continuing recovery from the COVID.
  5. Like Lockbody, I've had good luck with the Pet Safe product, even with the original wire, which hasn't failed in 11 years. The collar I've use has a 9 volt battery, which is good for two or three months. I buried the wire using a rental edger to dig the "trench" a few inches deep. The household hound was a feral rescue, who wanted to return to her free-range honey-badger state and terrorize neighbors' screen doors, of which I've replaced a couple. The fence kept her in, as long as I replaced the battery except for one or two memorable occasions which thankfully didn't make the local
  6. Awesome! Congratulations!
  7. Steve Haynie's post hits pretty close to home - after all, Rhode Island (where I live) is not an especially big state. A woman I used to work with was at the Station nightclub the night of the fire. She was pressed up against the emergency exit door's panic bar, as the fire took hold, but couldn't open the door. As she told it to me "It was broken; I couldn't open it, and I woke up in a snow drift" or something like that. Horrifying. I think what actually happened is the crush of the crowd pushed her so hard against the door that her body was pressed against the panic bar, fo
  8. OK. If it were me, I'd take the safe route and not install the styrofoam. I'm pretty risk-adverse in that sort of thing. I'll cut corners in plenty of things, but not with safety. Good luck!
  9. Nicely conceived and executed! It's a stunner.
  10. Is it/ are they a flame retardant version of styrofoam designed to be insulation? Otherwise it might be a pretty significant fire hazard.
  11. Hi. Lovely guitar. Apparently, you've listed the same guitar on Reveb for $1450, with free shipping.
  12. He was my introduction to reggae. His voice is unmistakable, and will be missed.
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