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  1. Nice guitar and identical to one around here, but overpriced by almost a factor of three.
  2. The song Shine, from Be Bop Deluxe's album Live! In the air Age is what brought me here. I've spent more than 40 years trying to work up to playing something recognizably the same. I've experienced a lot of happy diversions along the way.
  3. Dixie Dregs, 1981 at Fredonia (or Genessee?) State College, NY. Doc Watson, 1980 at State University of Buffalo, NY. Mark Knopfler, 2019 at Foxwoods Casino (I think), CT. Lloyd Cole, 2018 at the Narrows Center, Fall River MA. The cool thing about 1, 2, and 4: I didn't expect them to be great (for different reasons) but they were. Now that I look at the list, it was basically 40 years between great shows. I didn't get out enough.
  4. Well done, and congratulations! You earned it.
  5. I was probably across the river (behind the amps) in Groton on a sub during this concert. I haven't heard Fashion of the Times in decades, and enjoyed hearing this. Thanks.
  6. These are awesome. It is so cool to see these steps. t took me a little while to realize why the binding fell short of the tops. I guess we know the drum wrap top won't be carved.
  7. I'm going to play #12 for a while tonight (as poorly as I always do). It was my first Hamer, about a decade ago.
  8. I was wondering about him too. Hope he's all right.
  9. Excellent! It is great to hear you are making such solid progress.
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