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  1. That guitar is all kinds of cool. Congratulations!
  2. As my avatar suggests, I have a very similar guitar. I've also purchased another Hamer from Al Pep, and found it a fair deal, accurately described.
  3. Hey K, Long time, no hear. We've missed you, and hope things are well. Those are both lovely, and the first one, is simply fantastic. Wow.
  4. Get well, Jamie. Hang in there - we are all cheering for you and look forward to your return.
  5. Hmmmm. I am TRULY loath to disagree with anyone (let alone someone in the next state over) who publicly admires The Only Ones, the Reducers, and many other bands I am particularly fond of, (and who has a purple Shiskov) but I am not ready to agree with the quoted statement. The greatest ever? Makes me think of many discussions I've had in the past about this. So, let's have at it. What is the best/greatest/universally fantastic/most awesome/goodest concept album ever? The Who's "Tommy"? Pink Floyd's "The Wall" or "Dark Side of the Moon"? (Well, OK, those were pretty good.) Beatles "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band?" Were there many others? Even if there were not, I'll offer my nominations: The Kinks: "Arthur". In close second place: The Kinks, "Village Green Preservation Society." Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can find better (or more technically challenging) guitar playing, better distorted tones, longer solos, and so on. But as an overall theme, and as coherent, insightful, and original expressions of what was going on at the time, (and which provided insights into the future) they were awfully good. They still resonate, and always have to me. (Guess I'm a true fan, then.) Disagree? What was better, and why was it better, as a concept album? Let's leave aside discussing why so many were British.
  6. Congratulations! That's a gorgeous guitar. You inspired me to get mine out (0029) and play it tonight. It had been too long.
  7. Stone cold, no-brainer, I-got-its-twin, but would get this one, bargain.
  8. I have a tobacco burst Tally. Was playing it tonight, as a matter of fact.
  9. Good golly. That's a lot of people. And now they are all at least 70 years old. Suppose you were there, in the middle of that crowd, and had to empty your bladder or worse? What is to be done? Like Shark, I shudder in horror. One has to wonder who that woman is inside the fence, and how she happened to get there.
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