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  1. Congratulations! That's a gorgeous guitar. You inspired me to get mine out (0029) and play it tonight. It had been too long.
  2. Stone cold, no-brainer, I-got-its-twin, but would get this one, bargain.
  3. I have a tobacco burst Tally. Was playing it tonight, as a matter of fact.
  4. Good golly. That's a lot of people. And now they are all at least 70 years old. Suppose you were there, in the middle of that crowd, and had to empty your bladder or worse? What is to be done? Like Shark, I shudder in horror. One has to wonder who that woman is inside the fence, and how she happened to get there.
  5. I'll nominate Bill Nelson, in his 1977 version of Be Bop Deluxe's "Shine", from Live! in the Air Age. Here's a you tube version of all 9:22 of it: If you like that, check out Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape, from the same album.
  6. www.wigginsbrand.com/glassknobgallery.html Thanks! They look great. I'd never seen their website before, and was intrigued by another guitar with similar glass knobs recently. It's a great idea, and yours look fantastic.
  7. Cool. Any way you can show a better picture of the knobs, and tell the story behind them?
  8. Or maybe you are speaking truth. I wonder "Why are they doing that?" countless times daily. I still don't have a good answer.
  9. Nice score, but I'm surprised this one got past Belgian!
  10. That's a very fair price on a lovely (loverly) guitar. I'd love to have it here, but unfortunately, that can't be. Good luck selling it!
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