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  1. The Hoodoo Gurus also come to mind. The Shark already mentioned the Raspberries. Go All the Way seems like a perfect Power Pop song - hell, it is a perfect song. Power pop is my favorite genre. Love it.
  2. OK, I give up. BFH... Fig Bucking Hammer? Best Friend's Hamer? Beastly Foreign Hamer?
  3. Wow! Fantastic and congratulations to your wife, and to you.
  4. Kiz, all of us are idiots. Mea culpa to (two, too), and so on. I cringe at some of my typos. I'll be at the CT HFC gathering with my best guitars, and look forward to meeting everyone else, coronavirus and whatever work-related travel obligations permitting! Thanks CEEB!
  5. Good luck, BB! I bet your note results in someone offering you something you want.
  6. I could show up, and would love to meet those who have already expressed interest!
  7. I'm green, because that guitar is lovely.
  8. That's quite a dog, between this and the 25th Anniversary Artist. I respect your commitment.
  9. Yeah, this went fast. When I first saw this I started compiling my explanation to my wife as to why this was necessary. I'm not sure she would have agreed.
  10. Let's thank Ted for his continuing work in some way that makes it clear we truly care. I, for one, am behind, and want to send some $$ his way. Please remind me how to do this?
  11. This reminds me, for obvious reasons, of the Night Fire Talladega. It is a gorgeous guitar. Loverly, stunning, like wow wipe out, etc. I'd love to have this one, and that Tally, but I'll have to make do with a couple of not-quite-supermodel surrogates. I'm sure this will sell, to a very contented buyer. Good luck!
  12. That's a very fair - even an advantageous, price on a lovely guitar. Good luck to you and the lucky buyer.
  13. Congratulations, Donner! I have its twin, but spent more than you did. You got a great guitar, and an excellent deal.
  14. If you or anyone else gets AppleCare, you are betting against all the data that Apple has. You are waging that the product you bought will fail, whereas Apple assesses that they built something reliable. You have little data upon which to make this decision, but Apple has all the data they need to make a profit from your choice. In effect, you are betting against the house. You know already how that goes. It is a gamble. The house wins over the long term, but stories of those who beat the house keep the money coming in.
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