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  1. These are awesome. It is so cool to see these steps. t took me a little while to realize why the binding fell short of the tops. I guess we know the drum wrap top won't be carved.
  2. I'm going to play #12 for a while tonight (as poorly as I always do). It was my first Hamer, about a decade ago.
  3. I was wondering about him too. Hope he's all right.
  4. Excellent! It is great to hear you are making such solid progress.
  5. If anyone else wants an Earl Slick-owned guitar, check out Spindrift Guitars, in New London CT. The guys who run the shop are great. Edited to add: Nice guitar! Congratulations.
  6. I can't abide nearly anything by Yes or Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
  7. This is excellent news! Well done, and keep it up!
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