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  1. i've also been drawn to the jazzmaster/jaguar/offset style lately. i've found myself watching and listening to quite a bit of sonic youth, dinosaur jr, st. vincent, nels cline, elvis costello. any opinions on the thurston moore model? the lee ranaldo model has humbuckers and so wasn't as big of a draw to me, i don't think. there's also the costello model, which i like the look of.
  2. since i'm listening to them right now: r.e.m. w/o bill berry.
  3. 1. ninety pound wuss - a.s.d. 2. echo & the bunnymen - over you 3. operation ivy - jaded 4. starflyer 59 - no new kind of story 5. the crucified - the pit 6. social distortion - down here (with the rest of us) 7. 7 seconds - the music, the message 8. sun kil moon - salvador sanchez 9. the black keys - art nice and gentle 10. blindside - cute boring love
  4. I really dig my Barber Tone Pump. I use it with both a Traynor YCV-40 and Pro Junior and it sounds good with both.
  5. hahaha...but they had double the bass! really, who here has actually even heard of them? (actually, I like ned's...probably a nostalgia thing.)
  6. I've posted this recently, but since you so nicely asked... here's the brother of yours, also from bruce919: was playing it yesterday. sweet guitar. michael
  7. jazzmaster? thought you were talking about a jazzmaster or jaguar before. nels cline and all... michael
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