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  1. clmazza


  2. Awesome story with a Happy Ending (Brandon likes that!) Great to hear ya' got her back buddy! Kudos to everyone involved.
  3. Beats me... I never got a response. I assume somebody beat me to it. Congrats to the new owners! The P90Z is totally SWEET Gene... Love it!
  4. Wow... just WOW! I can't believe what a total misrepresentation the auction turned out to be... Unbelievable restoration work!
  5. Bingo! I've used Heritage to insure all of my guitars and amps for two years now. I filed a claim with them when FedEx damaged a prototype that I shipped to the West Coast. They were fantastic, however, I ended up getting the claim settled by the shipping agent. In this case, it was The Shipping Depot (a certified shipping center for FedEx) They actually filed a claim through their private insurance carrier after FedEx only offered to pay a $100.00 on a $2,000.00 guitar that sustained $400.00 worth of damage (long story)
  6. Yes and yes...what are you the CIA?!! Actually, probably DOA (Dean Owners of America) ; ) I got a pic in my post above. Congrats on a really fine Hardtail! I know the previous owner (Scott). That is indeed a great find... I was seriously contemplating buying it when I was speaking with him earlier in the year. He's a great guy and I'm sure you'll find that the guitar is in spectacular condition!
  7. Well... as long as I won't offend anyone! I don't want to derail the thread... The pickups simply KILL! I understand these are custom wound by DiMarzio for Dean... I need to slap a meter on them and OHM 'em out. The body is slightly thicker than a typical singlecut axe mainly due to the chambers which I believe adds substantially to the resonance. This thing rings forever after you strike a chord or single note. Grab the headstock after hitting a note and you can feel it vibrate and sustain until the least audible sound is heard. SWEET! Sonically it's a beast! I don't know if it's the chambers, the pups or just the lumber chosen for this beauty... but whatever it is, it can scream or purrrrrr! With the bridge pup engaged, it can spew venom. Flip it to the middle position and I can manage great rhythm work with surprising clarity. Slam her into neck pup land and the "womanly tone" can be coaxed from her gullet. Overall a superb axe and the finest USA Dean I have.... Dean really hit on a wonderful formula. A pretty cool bonus for me... this actual Soltero appeared in Dean's ad in November's Guitar Player Magazine.
  8. What?! Man, you hit the jackpot...I'll trade ya! ; ) CLMazza, Nice Dean Soltero!! Incredible. I just got a USA Dean as well...the first puclicly available Hardtail, Serial #3...Crap it won't let me attach a pic...says something about permissions etc. oh well. SWEET! Does it happen to be blue? ... and does it have the standard stoptail piece rather than the traditional Dean one?
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