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  1. I am so glad I scratched my Shishkov itch a few weeks back, I would have a hard time resisting.
  2. Very nice. I'm pretty sure the seller is our own @KofSeattle. I've purchased from him in the past, his gear is well cared for and he's great to deal with.
  3. Trogly did a pretty good review on this. He was generally positive on the system, especially for guitars without cases. When you factor shipping in, even if you buy a 10 pack, it's a little pricey and I have an abundance of boxes and materials. So I haven't taken the plunge. But if I knew I'd be shipping several guitars in the next year or so, I'd probably get some.
  4. Isn't that one of the 3-4 Mandocellos? When Cheap Trick was on Darryl's House, I seem to remember him bringing it out.
  5. Somebody is going to have to go ahead and buy all three of those, they should not be split up.
  6. Glenn's wardrobe selection notwithstanding, the Squeeze set was outstanding. I only wish they were in a later, longer slot as they only had 45 minutes. Except for the opener, Hourglass, they stuck to the earlier hits (every song was included on Singles 45's and Under) and had the crowd into it. Dave Grohl stepping in was a fun touch. My pictures aren't any better then what Chris posted above, so I won't bore you with them.
  7. I'm at the festival for day 2. I expect it to be a short one. Although I loved seeing the Foo Fighters for the first time and John Fogerty was sensational, I'm seriously geeking out to see Squeeze for the first time.
  8. It's always awesome to connect with HFC members, I'm glad Chris and his family let me hang with them for a while. BTW, I also fondled that MY Gretsch and agree, it was by far the coolest guitar in the music tent. This was my HFC week, as I was travelling and got to hang with RobB over a few beers on Tuesday in CA.
  9. You guys are funny. I've had it for 3 days and already the line is forming. I guess my reputation for rotating gear has preceded itself. Methinks it's going to be a long wait, though.
  10. This is the one I've always said would be the last one should it ever come to that. It was my first (but certainly not my last) foray into MIJ guitars, and I started with a bang. 2003 Tokai LS-320. It was the top of the line at the time and spec'd similar to an R9 w/ Brazilian RW fretboard. It plays low and smooth and has a tone that is pure LP to me. I now have a few other single cuts that come close to this one, but for a long time everything just paled in comparison. A close second would be my 2005 Revelator T built when Eric was still taking custom orders to a Marc Ford tribute. I got luck and snagged this one when it was done. Eric is no fun to deal with as others here will agree. But he really got this one right.
  11. Thanks. More of a Who fan than Kinks. I just like the Union Jack pattern and ran across these chairs at the local Marshall's. I do have a Union Jack guitar refinish in the works and will share it when I get it.
  12. I was asleep at the wheel when Mike started his own brand and completely missed out on the run of Ultimates. While I am now in the queue for a Shishkov, I've coveted the Ultimates since I started seeing them. That I got to see and hold @bubs_42's when I met him in Nashville a couple of years ago didn't help much. I've seen a small handful come up for sale in the past (this one included), but always hesitated. This time I didn't. I'm now a member of the Shishkov Owners Club a few months earlier than expected. No need to pour on the accolades, it's an incredible guitar top to bottom. I've had very little time with it, so perhaps I'll elaborate as I get more of a chance to play it. But, no surprise, it's gorgeous to look at and hold. From what I understand, it's the only Ultimate with multi-ply binding. I will say the neck is as big as any I've played. It's a full 1" from the nut to the 12th fret with full shoulders and a slight flatness at the nut that rounds out as you move up. I absolutely love it. I can't say that this is exactly what I would have ordered had I had the chance, but it's certainly close.
  13. Years ago, photobucket was a free site. Then they got a wild hair and decided their picture hosting was better than the other thousand hosting sites and started charging a fee. If you're a long time photobucket user who decided not to pay, any old threads where you linked pics to them will look weird. I saw the same blurred pics you did.
  14. I didn't capture any pics from this listing, but did find a couple from an old thread.
  15. That would require me to be in a gigging band, which I'm not at the moment. I'd like that to change, though. I've lived in Louisville all my life and spent very little time in Lexington. Until last year when my son started at UK. I do believe that I've visited there more in the last year than in the past 54.
  16. It's coming to Kentucky! I'm still kicking myself for being asleep at the wheel when Mike opened shop. I've hesitated the last couple of times an Ultimate has come up for sale and regretted it. Didn't want that to happen this time.
  17. I guess it's one thing to ship one guitar across borders, which doesn't seem to get too much attention from anyone 10 is a totally different story. Send you'd just be asking for trouble. In this case, trouble answered.
  18. The interesting thing here, as a couple have already pointed out, the rosewood restriction is just one thing that can snag a guitar being imported. In the last two years, I have heard of no confirmed instances of a guitar held up due to rosewood. I have, however, heard of snags (and been questioned) due to questionas about mother of pearl and MDF material. And as Studio Custom mentioned, just hung up for no good reason other than insufficient paperwork.
  19. CITES update. Not final, but the first big hurdle cleared. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/27/754509680/musical-instruments-to-be-exempt-from-restrictions-on-heavily-trafficked-rosewoo?fbclid=IwAR1P_ax6ssnOObIzHWdx51Rg2m2zENXpTsFhC5epQHld-pge_2-fhg86SK4
  20. https://reverb.com/item/25155693-hiwatt-custom-100-dr103-head-ex-the-who-2014-black
  21. Give it a couple of weeks and CITES may not be an issue. CITES is having their meeting right now (it was postponed from earlier in the year due to the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka). I believe one of the agenda items is excluding musical instruments from the rosewood restrictions that came online in 2017.
  22. I heard back from my contact at Rockin'. He confirmed that they are not shipping rosewood internationally at this time. From his message, I believe the main reason is that they are waiting to see what comes out of the CITES meeting happening this month. The exclusion of musical instruments from rosewood restrictions is on the docket.
  23. Possible. I did reach out to my contact at Rockin' to see if he can help. I've purchased several guitars from them, don't know if that will make any difference. There's no telling why Customs might delay a shipment. The last 2 delays that I've heard about had to do with them checking to see if the guitar was made of solid wood vs MDF (medium density fiberboard) which, apparently, gives off formaldehyde. I've had customs question me about any shell material. I still have not had any issues with rosewood.
  24. Sorry to hear that. The last time I asked them about shipping a rosewood containing guitar, they told me it would take a few weeks for them to get the expert paperwork together. There are other ways, but it would probably add $3-400 to the cost.
  25. https://www.rockin.co.jp/shop/archives/76184.html NOT the Rick Nielsen model, part of a special run of Korina Futuras for the Japanese market. I had one for awhile, it was a spectacular instrument. I have purchased directly from this shop in the past, they will ship to the US. I also believe they will get the proper CITES export paperwork. By my calculations, it would be around $2,400-$2,500 all in depending on final shipping cost. Here's the international contact form: https://www.rockin.co.jp/forinternationalcustomers/contact/?id=76184
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