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  1. This thing is still here. I need it to go to pay for something else. Anyone take it for $1400 shipped and PayPal'ed? It has the stock TonePros hardware (okay, saddle because it has a bigsby, but it's something, right?), and it is all original except for ebony tuning buttons (which I think is an upgrade, but I can probably find the originals if you disagree). I know there was a few MIII's for somewhere in the $1300's. This is newer, and is relatively light and in really good shape. Hell, maybe I should just keep it. I'll sell a kidney instead...
  2. Nicely done! How much would this be for a regular Joe or Jane?
  3. I really did break my neck in 2001. The doctors say I was lucky that I was still able to use my hands. ("15%-er," they called me.)
  4. Stock pickups. I wish it had Lollars so I could take them out and sell them separately and actually recoup some cost.
  5. I updated the price - $1400 if I can ship it to you before or on Monday. Amazing price for the guitar, if I don't mind saying so...
  6. Thanks for the bump. If anyone wanted to give me $1500 for it, I wouldn't say "no" (shipped and paypaled or not). This is in MUCH better shape, probably lighter, and has newer TonePros hardware! than the Craigslist one, but that one is a good buy...
  7. Is that too much? It is in good shape, but no takers so far...
  8. Bump it up again. I'm not desperate (yet), but I would like to get this a good home where it would get more use...
  9. I have a Monaco III that is in great condition. The only non-stock items are the ebony tuning pegs (I think I can find the original chrome ones if you insist). I'll take $1400 shipped and paypal'ed to continental U.S. I'm happy to ship elsewhere, but it can be a pricey proposition, and I won't do the "gift" thing. Edit: If it helps anyone, this one is about 7.75 pounds or so (as weighed by Wildwood when I got the guitar). It definitely feels like a lightweight, given the bigsby, etc. Here's more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fractalbifurcation/sets/72157639954300623/
  10. Are you sure? It looks and sounds like he has a Whammy pedal going for that.
  11. Right hand!!?!?!?!?!!!! Ouch. That's the saddest part. I hope everything heals up soon, and gets back to 100%.
  12. I really didn't see the attraction of these strings. I tried a few sets a couple of years ago (I guess when he was still shipping), and they really didn't seem all that. They were slightly different, but I really like my EB strings, especially at $4 a set or less. They certainly didn't hold up any longer, either. I understand about the feel aspect, though. Have you tried Thomastik? DR Blues? I like both of those strings for their feel. (But, then again, I like the feel of my EB power slinkys, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt.) Good luck, Dave, on resolving this!
  13. Wow, that is really sweet looking. Doesn't that have special pickups? ...Drool...
  14. I bet he figured out how to remotely drain your battery so he would have to come back...
  15. Wow, RoyB, That looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  16. It actually sounded better than when I saw VH about 10 years ago. Alex was missing beats right and left, and everyone else sounded drunk. ...Sorry, but true. Maybe I saw a bad show?
  17. Nice read so far, some great music. Here's what mine said: Sultan's Boogie - Scott Henderson Someone to Watch Over Me - Mimi Fox It Ain't Easy Bein' Me - Tommy Castro Corrido de Boxeo - Ry Cooder Waiting to Dance - Jim Hall and Pat Metheny Heysátan - Sigur Rós Walkie Talkie - Mike Stern Cry Me a River - The Jim Campilongo Electric Trio Nothin' for a Broken Heart - Vince Gill Leaves of Life - Martin Simpson And, since everything is better turned up to 11: Casino Boogie - The Rolling Stones
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