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  1. Takes the term "Goldtop" to a new level.
  2. You can use a website like https://www.pedalplayground.com or http://pedalboardplanner.com (second is Pedaltrain only) to see which one your setup would fit on, and how you'd like to order them.
  3. Mine's a semi-hollow spruce top...
  4. This year I bought a Moog Modular IIIP for work. Next semester classes are online so the students can't use it in person! They'll have to suffer watching videos of me patching it.
  5. @shankyboy mentioned it above. "Rocket 88" is widely regarded as the first rock song - definitely U.S.
  6. Studio rooms ARE expensive. ?
  7. Wait, you work for Rivera? http://www.rivera.com/product/attenuators-cab-sims/rockcrusher/
  8. ... and all this time I thought it was hemorrhoids... (Thank you, autocorrect!)
  9. Dude, what have I done to you?!?
  10. <cough...> Suhr <cough> custom order <cough> how you <cough> want it <cough...> Sorry, I had a bit of a cough there...
  11. Great amp. I love mine. Congrats to the new owner. BTW, if you can find a TransAtlantic 1x10 cabinet, they make a great pair that defies their small stature.
  12. Here's a quick comparison into a Princeton clone from old (neck position - tone at 5): to new (neck position - tone at 5): These are as bright as any single coil (with no hum, of course) and really are clear. I played with some gain (something I never do, really in the real world) and it sounded like AC/DC. PHEW!
  13. Hi all, Korina and Spruce semi-hollow body loves these TV Jones Magna'trons! Before: After: I realized that this guitar needed more clarity in the top end. There was a sale... The rest is a bunch of solder wick and a bit of elbow grease. Love it even more now.
  14. I think I've bought three guitars from Wildwood (including a Hamer!), so I was a reasonably good customer. I called them a few months ago though, and they said that I should call back because "they have someone really famous they're selling a guitar to right now." Fuck 'em.
  15. I like it. I have no idea why (drums similar?) but this video came to mind when I was watching it:
  16. Just an update to say that the Ukulele is gone (knock on wood I don't get it back - although it was a pretty good uke!). Others are available. I can do better for the HFC. Thanks everyone!
  17. Sounds like a joke, but I have 3 items for sale. Let me know if you are interested, and I can do better than the listed prices by a touch. https://reverb.com/item/28353857-maton-concert-ukulele-2015-natural-with-b-band-pickup - This one is sold. https://reverb.com/item/28352642-gretsch-g6120rhh-reverend-horton-heat-signature-hollow-body-with-bigsby-2018-orange-stain-lacquer https://reverb.com/item/24990634-suhr-classic-t-2014-black-custom-order-huge-neck Sorry no Hamers, but a Suhr and a Gretsch almost make up for it... Thanks for looking!
  18. How much is not expensive? The Elektron Model:Samples is a great unit that is really easy to program. I think it is about $400 though.
  19. Remember that I wanted a thick neck!!! (I can't wait, so I'm pretending he's working on mine...)
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