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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't see/think of the headstock when I play?
  2. Damn, I realized how long it's been since I've owned a Hamer. I do own a Shishkov. Can I still hang out?
  3. If it makes you feel better, that's probably an easy fix.
  4. I put Magnatrons in my Shishkov too after I got it. They're awesome.
  5. Nothing on any poster here, but I sure see a lot of people looking for validation about these things. If you like what you hear, isn't that good enough? "If it sounds good, it is good." - Duke Ellington
  6. Just stop! I had to go back to the site again today and try to wrestle with spending $450. My only out is how much time it would take, and I don't have any extra at the moment.
  7. Here's the chart of permanent hearing damage and times: Time to reach 100% noise dose Exposure level per NIOSH REL 8 hours 85 dB(A) 4 hours 88 dB(A) 2 hours 91 dB(A) 60 minutes 94 dB(A) 30 minutes 97 dB(A) 15 minutes 100 dB(A) I can't imagine you need that much loudness for nearfields that would blow them up... The proximity of mine makes it a level easily in the upper 90s.
  8. Whoa, that's pretty close to my story. I started electric with a Squire Strat (super nice guitar I didn't appreciate as much as I should have) and a Fender Sidekick 10. This resulted in a terrible sound, so I put on a Floyd and replaced the pickups with SD Alnico Pro IIs. Still bad until I saved to get a Boogie Studio .22+ in '86. By then I was hooked.
  9. Great look, great guitar. But, that's not really binding... It is just scraped paint to simulate binding. (And super-nicely done btw, since it is a Shishkov - go team Shishkov!) I have built one acoustic, and the binding helped make some joints look like they weren't done by my 2-year-old self. So, I'll go with the "clean up sloppy bits during construction" and "edge protection for the wood" reasons for it.
  10. I was a total thick-neck person until I realized that I prefer jumbo frets. I have a Suhr shredder guitar with jumbo frets and the smallest neck imaginable (to me). It doesn't cause hand pain - go figure. ...I still like huge necks...
  11. As a very amateur guitar woodworker, I really appreciate your posts.
  12. Must...not...buy... Damn, that looks great!
  13. I got suckered in by Source Audio's "Win a Pedal if you submit Patches" nonsense. I bought a C4, which is kind of fun. I have to get over some of the programming limitations, but it does track pretty well, and some cool sounds are to be had. I've been submitting some patches to their website, which is also fun because it forces me to make a sound clip at the same time. I think I would love one of those Boss units..
  14. It's just another resistor in parallel in #1, so less resistance and more signal (at least for the Fender stuff).
  15. That's a LOT to do in one night. Sleep well.
  16. Thanks. I did end up finding that you can start with that, and opt for a two pickup version. Must resist buying one.
  17. That's super nice. Do they make SGs? I'm reminded why I shouldn't cruise this forum.
  18. I think I'd rather play guitar.
  19. Totally agree. I can use it by itself, or as a power amp for a modeler - in both instances it works great as a practice amp at home. (I haven't used it out, but we have a 100 watt one in the school's studio that sounds great when the students use it for parts.)
  20. I'll second this. I use the power amp in if I'm using a modeler, and that works well too. Although, the stock sounds (I go for more clean than not) are pretty great. I've tried the Yamaha mini things more than once and have never been able to get something I like out of them.
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