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    Sunburst 1979 with Crown Inlays Serial number 9 0751, Fender Strat 1979, GIBSON Les Paul Studio`50s Tribute
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    Kitty Hawk Supreme II, Marshall Class 5
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  1. Starting price was 2400, -. Now 1800,-. It is a shame that they are worth so little. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-sunburst-b-c-baujahr-1978/1302796831-74-2067?utm_source=email&utm_medium=system_email&utm_campaign=email-responsive/followAd/priceChange&utm_content=Button-view
  2. Maybe he's a collector. What do you think of the prices?
  3. wow: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-bestandsliste.html?userId=45231502
  4. What a beauty! Congrats! You must be a lucky man.
  5. we warned everyone: one click in this treat and you are addicted ... forever :-)
  6. Brentrocks. Hell. What a Flat Top. Close to mine, serial number 9 0751 :-)
  7. Thanks! I did't know that. You never stop learning
  8. Your sunburst is in amazing condition for its age. WOW! One question: is the bridge with wooden base original?
  9. Uhhhh, these fine cracks in the paint surface, beautiful!
  10. hi folks, I try again :-) this is my Sunburst from 1979, crown inlays, serial number 9 0751. all original except for the bridge pickup: a Seymour Duncan 'MGJ' Stag Mag All the best Frank
  11. You may answer your wife: But I'm sure to need one wive, if I can keep the two. Absolutely great looking guitars!
  12. Hi Disturber, thanks for your information!!! I am searching for a long time to get a matching bridge pickup for my '79 Sunburst ... and haven't found it yet. Do you have any information about DC Resistance in k for bridge- and neck pickup?How much money will it take to get them? Thanks !!! Frank
  13. Hi Todde, you wrote: "Amber Spirit of 59, specially wound for the guitar." Do you mean that this is not a standard "Spirit of 59"? Is the pickup specially made ​​for the your sunburst? Thanks, Frank
  14. Hi Todde, I think, to get a more than 30-year-old guitar in the original condition and without any "scars" is almost impossible. This is a wonderful instrument. It looks excellent. With a little work, it will again look like the original. No I'm wrong, it is an original. My one is also missing one of the original pickups, but what does it matter? It is and remains a Hamer Sunburst. The best guitar I have ever had and will have. The most important thing for me is the sound. And the sound is amazing. Enjoy it ... and have fun!
  15. we are all waiting Todde :-) if you like, this is my beauty :-) E-Gitarre (6-saitig) -> Hamer -> Sunburst -> Hamer Sunburst
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