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  1. Lexicon Signature 284 5 watt stereo tube amp, old G-Major for a 'bit of 'verb and chorus as needed mounted into a 2X10 cab. Great sounding setup that doesn't wake up the dead.
  2. Had a AE-185 12 string.. Kinda Carvin's take on a 12 string duotone. Every now and then get the 12 string itch, play 'em for about a month and then they sit. It wasn't a bad guitar, used it more on the piezo pickup more than anything. The only true pawnshop score I ever got. Paid $200 or so for it, flipped it when the economy was at it's strong point for $600.
  3. Michelle Shocked, wow - hadn't head that name in awhile! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cJZyjF9PlQ Nicole Yarling -
  4. Had a EBMM Steve Morse for awhile, just wasn't my thing, but the Albert is. Fun guitar, very well balanced and sounds great with the stock pickups.
  5. Not "legally". EBMM patented and/or trademarked in the USA 4+2 on guitar headstock and tries to enforce it as well. Kind of a bogus patent as there were a few guitars out before them with 4+2 headstocks.
  6. 2nd on GTR - Even worse (guess I just wanted to be punished in the day) I bought a Steve Hacket solo tape as he was supposed to be a guitar god, never made it through the first two songs before putting tape over the erase protect tabs and using it as a blank cassette. Hate to say this, but never really got into Frank Zappa. Bought "Live in New York" for his novelty tunes. Some were OK (Titties and Beer), but his guitar work just didn't cut it for me. For someone to be surrounded by great musicians like Terry Bozzio, I always thought they could have done better. Kiss was OK when I was a kid (Ki
  7. How about a F-Hole USA.. Really good condition, factory case. $700
  8. Hamer makes a great guitar as well as EBMM, and both brands don't have to many overlapping products, otherwise it would be a hard choice between them... Own two hamer's, Duotone custom - bound and crowned and a P90 artist. Two EBMM's, Albert Lee and a Steve Morse models One Warmoth parts strat, EMG's and a GK3 pickup All are totally different sounding guitars, and I'm pretty much done with GAS for awhile, unless a Newport for a heck of deal comes around... I hate mail-ordering anything, all my purchases have been made locally in the Tampa area. The Duotone was purchased new from a guitar shop
  9. Spotted this one tonight... Hellecasters!
  10. Steve Lukather - While My Guitar Gently Weeps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_ExP-cyRGE Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather - Freeway Jam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FuAZrsjYok
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