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  1. Yes to that. One conclusion is that he "sold out". I think not. Here is what I gather. Ron has been successful, even loved by a lot of owners. My limited interaction with him was amazing. What a nice guy! A friend who lives near him has has more direct experience and reports the same, times 3. Ron ran his own show for MANY years. Made a LOT of people very happy. But it is a grind running a business. Maybe even more so in SoCal. For a long time, he worked with his father. And, as good as Ron is with the inlays and such, apparently his father was better. Well, his father died a while ago, and things changed. The grind of running a business, meeting payroll (for a small number of employees) and actually HAVING A LIFE became more difficult. Maybe less fun. He had been doing a lot of work for the FCS, so this seemed like a natural progression to actually having a life. The downside to such as myself is that grabbing his "artistry" through FCS probably doubles the price.DAMN! BTW, the Artisan above just MIGHT be the second best Thorn, I have played. There was actually one followup to that series of 5, since he had enough of that spectacular finish left over for ONE more. As much as I love the "hifi" tone of that FAT BRW neck, the one with korina (black limba) body (chambered) and neck, one piece (You would not believe the depth!) quilt top and abalone reminiscent of the Artist Ultimate model. MIGHT be better than the one pictured above. I will just leave this by saying it MIGHT have the most luscious sustain of any guitar I have ever played..... .
  2. While I am fessin' up....I did not exactly buy this one. A buddy got this one,. but hankered for a certain high end guitar I had, so he shipped it and a fair amount of cash in trade. This one does not show up in Ron's gallery. Apparently it was "work in progress" when he signed on with FCS and completed shortly thereafter. Korina neck and the same ThroBak pickups as on the Artisan (above). But it is a whole different animal. Hard to imagine too much better of a (slightly) "downsized" semi-hollow. All the praise offered up here for the Grantura model is confirmed in spades. Color changes with the light! ETA.....This is G-031, where only those up to G-025 (and some other specials) show up on the Thorn site. There is at least one after this one (I have that from a good source) so maybe they are slightly less scarce than they appear. I am not sure if it is a long term keeper, only because.......
  3. I am still very much in the downsize mode. but sometimes you have to move on something special or regret it....... Ron Thorn has a real talent for guitar building, and a great touch for inlays. Part of a series of 5 created 6 months or so before he went with the Fender Custom Shop. Autumn Leaves theme. A great "sunset" burst really highlight the quilted top. Not to mention a solid Brazilian rosewood neck. And the ThroBak pickups work beautifully. Something about the wrap tail too.....
  4. Guess I am late to the party. Anyone up for a THIRTY EIGHT CD set that has EVERYTHING including stage banter, for the whole experience? Sounds a bit like some of Elvis' later live albums. And ONLY $800! (Apparently missing only about 3 mysterious tracks for which they cold not get licensing). I am not sure there are enough drugs to get me in the mood for nearly an hour of Dark Star/Turn On Your Lovelight. Which I am given to believe Garcia never wanted to release because they played so poorly. But maybe i heard that wrong. But at least it might answer the question about who (not Who) some of those people on stage were. Sorry, count me out......But guess what, apparently long since sold out.....What was it P.T. Barnum said? https://www.rhino.com/article/woodstock-back-to-the-garden-the-definitive-50th-anniversary-archive-tracklist
  5. And, I dare say, much better in person. That one really is killer.
  6. SOMEDAY I will want a bass. But it would have to be fretless........That sorta narrows my avenue a good deal.
  7. Maybe they could license their designs to Epiphone. Oh, wait.......
  8. I am pretty sure that there is some game playing. I will watch things I am moderately interested in. I have received several notices...."Buy now before you lose out. Someone else has it in their cart!" I dunno. May be the seller's buddy. And yet the item is still for sale 3 weeks later. I did put one item in my cart a month or so ago. I am NOT in need of anything. There was something special and it was just beyond my self-imposed limit. Oh, WTH! Then I saw it would be $350 on top of that. Forget it! I am outta here! I have nothing listed on Reverb, so I do not know from the SELLER's side. I WILL confess that there was something that looked like a good buy. I did see the extra couple hundred to be added and walked away. For better or worse, the seller was anxious enough to sell that he dropped the price 2 more times over the next week. At which point it was within my budget. Long term keeper? I dunno. If I decide to sell, you will see it here first. VERY nice semi-hollow...... Note that some folks list in multiple places. For example, TGP AND Reverb........With "A discount for my fellow TGPers".
  9. At risk of stealing another member's thunder, these two that were at the top of the food chain. Why I let THEM get away..... Regrets? I have a few......
  10. I have had 3 each of the Talladega and Talladega Pro models. Here are 4, the one on the left is the ONE that I still have. Old picture. The other five have all gone to other HFC members.
  11. With a little extra special sauce on the Big McVie....
  12. My personal favorite is a song we used to cover. It was a kick to got to double time in the solo, though in our case we slowed back down and did a closing verse/outro. Stolen comment..... "Boz Scaggs says there is a original 20 min. of the song also which was reduced for the album he said the Swampers at Muscle Shoals actually stood back as a group and watched Duane solo, something which they never did actually".
  13. The good old daze, no? In my case, it was Eight 6L6s in a Mesa Two Ninety power amp. With, briefly, four more in a MK-II combo for the dry tone. Sure glad I do not have to tote that today.
  14. Here is a late add.....Do not be afraid of thinking outside the box, just a bit. Here is a quick example. This one (not made by Mike) has a 1 piece korina body, korina neck, BRW board. Near as simple as can be. But made by a guy pretty well known for making high end versions of "vintage style" guitars. (Ken's updated version of a 335 has a very vintage take, but at a price that is up there). As best I know, this is a one-off, though you can hear him saying he will do more....I was lucky enough to stumble onto it on the rebound. I have only spent a short time with it, but find the gold foil very well matched, volume wise, with the HB bridge. But if I roll back the tone (neck) it does nice clean jazz tones. Tone knob back up a bit, volume down, I surprised myself with some long since (almost) forgotten Ventures tunes. And I REALLY like the sounds out of this low fi pickup. Not to get carried away with that, but just to point out (as so many of us know) that if you tell Mike what you want, he will deliver in spades. Just one little sound clip of a korina guitar.
  15. I like the slight change it brings from mahogany. I was inspired by two CO Hamers, each of which had a korina body and neck, with ebony board (one) Brazilian (the other). Add a softwood top (redwood) over a chambered body and the piezo option and I am in love with it. This guitar has really spoiled me. It can do just about anything.....More than I am capable of doing, of course. Tone is in the ear of the beholder, but I like the difference in the mids, with a touch of "air" from the chambering.....Add a bit of "crispness" from a slight "acoustic" edge, as desired.
  16. That would be a good one to get back. But I gotta be good a while longer. I cannot for the life of me recall what the "Custom Order" pickups are. Lollar Imperial, maybe?
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