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  1. BTW, if a ram is a male sheep, and an ass is a donkey, why is a ram in the ass called a goose? Inquiring minds and all that.......
  2. Best of our prayers going to you. As inevitable as it all is, none of us want to face up to knowing the time is getting short. I have to admit that a good part of my "decluttering" these past 3-4 years has been with thoughts of reducing the things people have to deal with when the time comes. Knock on wood.....At this point, nothing imminent, but the age is creeping up there. It is good that you have someone in the family tree that will appreciate the quality things that you can pass to him. Meanwhile, keep the chin up! Thanks for sharing......
  3. Adirondack Spruce Bests any other acoustic I have ever played. Too good for my ability.
  4. Nearing completion of my slightly larger Forte 3D cabinet. I may need some help getting it outta the shop and over to the gig.......
  5. Askin' ain't gettin'..... I've sold 11 thus far in 2021, with a few more pending. I am getting fair prices, not fire sale prices. Nothing like what comparable ones are being priced at on Reverb.
  6. Second on the thumbs up. I used mine (awhile ago) at a jam with a shop built 8" speaker(!!) cabinet. I did cheat in the sense of using my Ethos OD in front. Nothing else. Whole thing was not much bigger than an oversized lunch box. I was told after that it sounded better than any other amp on stage......Which included some vintage and boutique combos, as well as the jam leader's Orange half stack. He kept looking down and mouthing, "WTF IS that thing?" And, BTW, I had it set at about TEN watts. More than adequate for a small club.
  7. In 2013, Gibson is making Les Pauls using hide glue on the necks/fingerboards rather than Titebond, thereby making it unnecessary to use "condoms" around the truss rods. While more authentic, and they swear it makes it sound better, the undisclosed truth is that the condom is there to prevent Les Paul Jrs.
  8. Check out BTPA.com. You can get the "high def" cable in custom lengths, colors, etc. As in 20 feet for under $40. They have a difference you can hear over standard cables. To my ear, at least. They do have periodic sales. One caution......Their shipping costs are on the high side. Pencils out better if you are buying multiple items. https://btpa.com/Guitar-Line-Level/High-Definition/GI1GOF-XX.html
  9. Nirvana baby rethinks his position......Almost like predicted above..... https://madhousemagazine.com/nirvana-baby-drops-lawsuit-after-scary-visit-from-courtney-love/
  10. Clapton speaks...... https://madhousemagazine.com/eric-clapton-interview/
  11. PS.....One other fun (to me) story. We wired up our drummer's kit with contact switches. When he hit each drum/cymbal, each would trigger a different light fixture spread across the stage during his very extended IB drum solo. It would create quite a light show. Meanwhile, I would extend a mic on a stand in and out of his kit as he played, so we got a pretty powerful sound over the PA that built and receded. Add in the fluorescent paint that lit up under the black lights. Stupid stuff.....The bass player painted his desert boots flo orange. The lead guitarist painted the frames of his glasses (he looked like Buddy Holly) flo lime green. My fingernails were assorted colors, so that was all you could see of me in the dark. What can I say. It WAS the 60s!
  12. Those of us of a certain age have stories.....We had a gig at the local high school. The only electrical outlet in the girl's gym was on a wall far removed from where we had to set up. Twice during the dance. some wise asses kicked the 100 foot extension cord outta the wall. Our drummer didn't miss a beat......Straight into that drum solo until we got power back. BTW, we also did the Iron Butterfly Theme with our lead guitarist recreating the "crash" at the end by kicking the holy shit outta his outboard (now vintage) Fender reverb unit. A buddy had a college apartment directly underneath a prof they did not like. Late at night, they would crank IAGDV while holding the stereo speakers against the ceiling. He would apologize the next day to the class for being groggy......."Some idiots were playing that terrible shit all night".
  13. I finally broke down to define specs that (I think) would make for a great second take from the man to join # 88. Waiting now for confirmation........
  14. You'd have to be a boobie to buy those toobies.
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