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  1. It is times like this that (almost) make me forget the Standard/Ultimate is not the best fit for my particular body. Still, it tugs at me......
  2. A slightly different take on the business model. Clearly, he can produce at a profit (meaning cover all parts and labor, plus allocated overhead) by cutting out the middle men and having only periodic sales where HE can control the supply/demand mix. No need to pay third parties for distribution, carry inventories on speculation as to future demand OR pay for advertising....Build in batches and cut off sales when it reaches his current limit as to what he can crank out and ship within a reasonable time to satisfy expectations. When he sells though the traditional outlets, he would still have to charge enough to cover his costs. So, they then mark them up (quite likely double his selling price) then sell them in dribs and drabs, often discounting them 20% or more at periodic "sales". Who wins? And the scarcity (real or perceived) does a couple things....It gives incentive to sign up to get a notice of every sale. It makes people want to jump on something when it becomes available, as the sale can end at any time.....Which means a goodly number of us jump on things we might take a pass on if we knew we had time to "sleep on it". I think the "broken" on line access is a rational part of the strategy......,He does not have to bother with orders until heis again ready. And if people can make a buck by flipping, that underscores the value and makes it easier to sell more in the future---I mean the market is clearly not saturated, nevermind those amongst us that already have a drawerful of pedals we have "outgrown". . Meanwhile, the flippers spend God only knows how much time and effort in selling individual pedals to make a relatively small amount. I am with you on the BF Deluxe and Super Six. Great stuff at a reasonable price.
  3. I also have no "inside knowledge". But it would not be unusual for retailers to be able to buy products for 50-60% of list price. How else do they run their periodic sales of 15-20% off, sometimes more? Selling direct, with an accumulated following, has little in the way of marketing costs. The prices asked must be enough to cover the direct time and materials cost of production, plus overhead (rent, utilities, whatever). And getting people to sign up for pedals TO BE BUILT cuts the cost and risk of carrying an inventory. Which makes it easier to "cut out the middleman". Risks to us, as consumers?......"Damn, I did not even know I needed one of those, but I better snatch it before the offer expires (at any time)" Yes, I do have a few more than I "need".
  4. I am a big fan of the Super Six (SRV), but got the version with the built in boost......It makes it that much more versatile. Meanwhile, an Amp Eleven for $70? Hard to believe anyone would be unhappy with that.
  5. Hey Jamie! Hope to see you up and about ASAP, adding to our daily collective wisdom. Or at least amusement. I gotta tell ya, these health "setbacks" make us stop to think......
  6. Several things there I would love to own. Placed bids on a bunch of items. Already outbid on at least half of them....with a week and a half to go. To be honest, I very much doubt that I will win a single one. But I can dream.....I have no idea what sort of premium might be attached to him having owned select gear. I DO have a pretty good idea that the premium to me is just about zero. But WTF, I still know a few folks in BH (some of whom I used to jam with or play with at charity fund raisers). If I DO "win" something, perhaps they can pick it up and hold it for me. Not holding my breath......
  7. Well, maybe a Les Paul IS essential...... New marketing campaign?
  8. So, now there is an EIGHT knob version with, apparently, the White combined with a "Zen II" unit that replicates the original that had a preamp tube in the circuit. The demo sounds great. Damn.....I need to clean out the box of drive pedals that somehow seldom get used.......Not get tempted by yet another.....
  9. Depends upon the size of the crypt! 🙄
  10. I like Tanqueray Ten and their "Perfect Ten" Martini. (Vermouth? Well, if the bottle sits on the same shelf, that is close enough). Hendrick's is also a good choice. If I am going to mix gin, it will more likely be Bombay Sapphire.
  11. GT? Gold Tops. Great Tele-types. Gin & Tonic. Groovy Tuesday. Good Time. Maybe all of the above.... Truth is, with an injured shoulder, there have been days lately when I did not even want to strap on a guitar. So I had to break myself out of that this afternoon. I have a soft spot in my heart (or is it my head?) for Gold Tops, so that was a good place to start. I guess both of these have a slightly different twist or two from the standard Tele, but that is okay. One seems to relate to the Tele in (sorta) the same way as the Hamer Talladega model. And that is a good thing. Rosewood neck? Another twist, but it really plays well..... Does Shoreline Gold count as a goldtop? Well, it works for me. Anyway, it was fun. A picture or two.... The Twangmeister has a really nice and lightweight swamp ash body. And a powerful bridge pickup that is great. Weighing about a pound and a half less, it wins more favor from the injured shoulder. But Ron Thorn does such good work. The rosewood neck plays so smoothly, adds a bit more "hifi" tone and sustain and the "staple" bridge pickup adds some grunt. So my shoulder did not complain too much. The winner this afternoon? I would say the second G.T......Gin and Tonic that is......What shoulder? 😉
  12. Tom Petty fans? Okay, I'm free fallin' outta here.......
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