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  1. FWIW, I am still of the opinion that the Talladega Pro might have been the best Hamer model ever. Unfortunately, it came out so late in the game, that the company was already circling the drain and it never got out there in sufficient quantities to break through. The current market equivalent (arguably) from either a Huber Dolphin or Dantzig whatever it is called would be priced way higher than $3500. Highly recommended!
  2. Since I opened my trap about BTPA, let me give a followup. Their low capacitance cables are more or less half the regular price on the roughly equivalent Lava Ultramafics. And available with the silent plugs and tweed jackets, if you find that useful. And they do have a 4th of July sale continuing with 20% off those prices. (Take note of their shipping costs!) I do much prefer the more open tone using the low cap cable. Sort of like the proverbial "removed the blanket from the amp" cliche. Which I first noticed when I found some "Lightning" cables at a store in West Los Angeles a few decades back. Very noticeable difference. Low caps may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some cat named Jimi did not need it when he used "tone choking" cheap coil cords in the 60s. But if you try it next to a "standard" cable, I think you will hear the difference.
  3. The nice thing about it is that you can compare the name cable to theirs and select exactly what fits your needs and budget......I actually found them to be about the same cost as the higher capacitance name brand cables. Sample of the "better" cable.....Easy to compare since they carry the name cables as well. https://btpa.com/pdf/CA-0446-NN.pdf
  4. I have ordered several "custom" cables from BTPA.COM. They advertise as "Ultra Low Capacitance - 20pF/ft" and SAY they outperfom Canare and Mogami. Do they? I dunno. But I have been happy with them. IMO,. they have less dampening of the highs than many cables. I am pretty sure you can simply get pre-made versions....I like to be able to select the exact length and the jacks I want. As well as color, if anyone actually cares. I have also had good results with Lava, esp their low capacitance versions like the Ultramafic. Seems like there were some strange goings on with those folks, so I am not sure about where they stand today, relative to the old days when they regularly offered 40% or so off list, esp for veterans.
  5. I refuse to count. Shortly after discovering the 'net, it ratcheted up to about 100 when we were in Los Angeles. Eventually wound that down by about 2/3. Got hooked here and got reckless. Fooled myself by keeping a relative handful out in rotation. When I finally DID count, about 4 years ago, it was probably about 120. Maybe half of them Hamers. And way too many sitting in "the vault". If anyone has paid attention, some awfully nice instruments have moved along in the 4 years since.....I HAVE acquired some, but I have been trying to adhere to a "one in, three out" policy. Very little I lust after these days. But I never say never. I KNOW I am above the 35 or so I got down to 10 years ago. And it is a constant that there are always 8-10 I SHOULD cut loose. But I move slowly. BTW, I do not forget the various dibs requests folks have made for several guitars, Hamer and otherwise. There are at least a dozen on that list. I am just not to the point where I want to part with them. MAYBE if/when those next 8 or 10 pass out the door....... In theory, a couple folks from out of town will be visiting soon to check out a couple higher end things and that might convert a couple into a stack or two of Benjamins. Never count on it until it happens.....
  6. What a talent. Even in his later years, gripped with Alzheimers. Way underappreciated. As are Hamer 12vers, BTW. Shameless pron.......
  7. My answer is almost always the Celestion Alnico Cream. But very costly. Not sure how it would match your amp. i also like the Cl-80 a lot, for a lot less. But you could start with the V30 unless you want to keep your cab intact. Is Bubs still trying to offload some very nice speakers?
  8. https://madhousemagazine.com/dna-confirms-elvis-presleys-love-child-with-hollywood-starlet/
  9. Such a great find! Nice to know such things still exist. Many years ago when I visited Sam Maloof's workshop in SoCal, I was amazed by the HUGE slabs of walnut he had stacked up. I think they must have each been 3-4" thick, a couple feet wide and 8 or more feet long. I could only dream about the beautiful work that would result from them......And lament that I was undeserving of working with such nice wood. I am envious of your customers who will get a real piece of art from your stash!
  10. I never quite sorted it out until I ran into this demo a few years ago. Probably still have an old compressor pedal that I got and tried, maybe in the 80s, then stuck in a drawer. I do not know if this one is the best, but it works well for me.
  11. Sorry to disappoint. After 3+ years of downsizing, I am down to a single digit number of closets full......
  12. Seems like I have arrived at the point of not looking at the fretboard when I play....So it is not me that is bothered. Everyone should get a chance to play one of these. It is tTHEguitar that lead me to HFC, to the detriment of my bank account......
  13. Thumbs up on the Blue Angel. If we were in closer proximity, we could work something out.......
  14. I have generally been doing good at sending things out the door and avoiding new stuff........I mean I pulled the plug on "the band" two years ago. But whether it is boredom or something worse after being locked down.....Or just old habits that are hard to break. One of the relative unknown guitar builders is David Myka in Seattle. He is probably the only remaining person I would commission for a custom order IF he ever reopens his order book. As best I know, his total career production is not a lot over 150, that over about 17 years or so. Anyway, one of his earlier pieces popped up. Such sightings are rare and hard to ignore. Spruce top thin hollowbody, lacewood body (seems similar to mahogany, tone-wise). Ebony and claro walnut. Some other little wiring niceties (as is typical on many of his builds). Carbon fiber in the neck, alongside the truss rod for stability AND to eliminate possible dead spots. Great quality and one of the nicer (IMO) neck/body joints around. First impressions are very good. It inexplicably arrived strung with 9/42 strings on an archtop (and shorter scale) guitar. I will put on some fresh and fatter strings. For now, I will just say it makes me think of a Hamer Improv in some respects. Interestingly, it seems much more resistant to feedback than the Improv ever was. 'Nuff said......Pix:
  15. I cannot locate a bugle, but I will plug in and do it on guitar. A short cut if anyone needs it..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taps e|----------------9------9---9---9-------9--12--9--------------------------| B|------10-----10------10--10--10-----10----------10-----------10----------| G|--9-9------9--------9---9---9----------------------9-----9-9-------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  16. Did you say George Benson (as in GB10)? I have had a s**tload of guitars come and go over the past 50 years or so. IIRC, the one I have had the longest (since the 80s I think) is a GB10....Original Japan model. Somehow I cannot let that one go. I understand there are much cheaper imported versions now available.....I briefly owned one (Korean, I think) long ago. I did not like it as much as the original and quickly sold it. I have no experience with the entry level versions now available for under $700 (new). If I was to look for another, I would prefer one with the floating Johnny Smith style pickups.
  17. Find the right recipe....... The JonBenét Ramsey: This is your classic Shirley Temple with a twist: Simply mix grenadine, a maraschino cherry, lemon-lime soda, and enough Scotch to make the unforgivable mistake of wetting the bed.
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