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  1. That's me at the moment as well. Our space needs are changing a bit, and the plan to move to a different house is on hold with interest rates / price where they area, so I'm working to try to consolidate down a bit.
  2. Hi Tildeslash - feel free to send me an email at WorstBandNameEver[@]gmail.com regarding that Hamer Artist
  3. Hi Tildeslash - feel free to send me an email at WorstBandNameEver[@]gmail.com regarding that Hamer Artist

  4. HFC price is local. Not looking to ship at this point. If you are in NJ, feel free to reach out.
  5. Yup, it's a nice guitar and the pickups are fantastic. I just play my BCR Junior more often and they overlap enough where I don't grab this one too often.
  6. This is mine. My actual price for HFC is lower. Just have to pad the numbers due to all the low ballers on FB Marketplace. If you are local, feel free to reach out.
  7. Congrats! I picked up a BCR Junior this year and honestly was tempted to buy this as well as I like mine so much. I'm a little excessive at times and I'm glad this thing is no longer up for sale. That was a great price for a guitar that comes up so rarely.
  8. Beautiful! Where did you find that one? Neck profile seems on the chunky side compared to those I played from that time period, at least in the profile you describe. I tend to like thicker necks but less shoulders myself. Enjoy!
  9. I think the blue sound better in demos than the red. The blue appears to have a lot of versatility with the low, medium, and high gain settings.
  10. red - https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EcstasyRMini--bogner-ecstasy-red-mini-overdrive-pedal blue - https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EcstasyBMini--bogner-ecstasy-blue-mini-overdrive-pedal They were sold out but back in stock now for preorder.
  11. Same one back again on GC? https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/2000s-FLYING-V-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar-117646555.gc
  12. Thanks for the run down there! I happened to find that I liked these newer Summits after getting one used for what felt like a great price, prior to grabbing this blue one as I have a thing for blue guitars. Trying to keep their model names and changes straight took me a bit. Like this one is called, "Summit Classic LTD Desert Blue w/ Bare Knuckle." Classic CT, LTD, Supreme, etc. didn't really make it easier as all those seem to have different specs within their groups. It seems that the run of ones I was into was only around from 2015 until about 2020. Seems like their new Summits are bassword, In house pick ups, and simpler colors.
  13. Too bad. That looks like a beautiful one. Would some fret leveling solve that sort of thing?
  14. How cheap were they going for? The ones like this? I grabbed this one from them this year and it was like pulling teeth to get a discount, which surprised me for a guitar from 2017.
  15. I have a few Godin Summits. I like what they do. The seems like a reasonable price for a North American made guitar.
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