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    Finally: A Std., an 80 3HB-Sunburst and an early 78 Sunburst! Then some Monaco, Monaco Elites and SuperPros, Mirage Koa I and II, a fine Vintage S, Artist Korina HB with ****ing headstock-repair, Artist Korina 3P90 HFC, Artist P 90, Talladega, Talladega Pro, Special FM P 90, Special FM HB, T51, Special Jr. XT, Monaco XT, Sunburst GT XT P 90, 91 Sunburst with Stadium Logo, Prototype, Newport, Newport Pro, Duotone 3-hole, Daytona. And some Non-Hamers, too.
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    Fender Blues Jr., Fuchs ODS 30 112, AC 30 CC, Fender Pro Reverb, Peavey Delta Blues 115, Marshall 4110, Bulldog The Jack 18, Laney Lionheart, Soldano HR 50, and, hmmmmm!, some Komet and Gjika stuff.

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  1. But he was always a brutally honest guy. Remember his signature line in RED, he's still using it: "I'm just a few hundred lessons away from being a great guitar player."
  2. Great, man! Longtime fan here. Saw him live some years ago (maybe 20 or so) over here in Germany. He had a neck like a butcher, a wild beard and an astonishingly powerful voice. And vibe, too. Have very deep respect for him how he's dealing with the untimely death of his son. Great man.
  3. Dear sonic, do Steve a favour and give him back his „e“ in the title of this thread. He deserves it.
  4. Hank did it old school, Thorogood did it the rough & rowdy way. I think, he was thoroughly as good as he could be around 1978 & 1979 😉
  5. No doubt, Hank did a great one. What I love, is George Thorogoods absolutely smoking interpretation from 1978: That song got me smitten in the guts, when I was bloody sweet lil' 16.
  6. This popped up today on ebay-Kleinanzeigen: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-vector-flying-v-limited-edition/1703096063-74-2147 Ad looks legit, though shitty pics and asking price a little too far up in the skies. But that is the 2nd one within last 1/2 year up at around 2K Euros over here, already. No affiliation, but could assist if necessary.
  7. Ok, I'll promise to keep it more privately, word!
  8. Not to derail your thread, but it's funny: I've got one, just the other way round! That's one of the scarcer Heritage 127 and therefor, it's got one of „these headstocks“, too. Only a lil' different 😉
  9. It should better be able to deliver that, too. At least, that's what i hope about that slick smart box. But: The QC has not arrived in the real world, yet. So nobody really knows, except some beta-testers and NDSP themselves. March/April seems to be the best guess for the release, momentarily. We'll see then, how it handles my Hamers 😉
  10. You might head over to the 16K-post-thread at TGP... Kidding! The QC is a Linux-based 4-core computer floor modeler and capturer of amps, pedals and things like that. 2. sentence: Very userfriendly and connectible via wifi for backups, updates and interchange of presets. Now on to the videos, lazy bone!
  11. It's even got a touchscreen in color! Very intuitive to operate, as it looks in the videos. That was, beneath it's sounds, what sold me immediately.
  12. These hairy youngsters making my head swirl with their gopro-perspectives and all that headbanging. But, good taste and humour they seem to have as well! Respect!
  13. Thanks, Ting, for posting! I'm in for one, too. It should be, as of now finally, rolled out around end of March/first weeks of April (this year! 😉 ) There is a huge, mighty long and, partly, cockfighting thread about all things Quad Cortex over on this other forum https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/neural-dsp-quad-cortex.2110791/page-805 If everything turns out as planned (and hoped), this lil' thingy will be magic and act as a pleasureable gamechanger (ssshhh!, don't mention that over at TGP. There's always someone upset about everything).
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