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    Finally: A Std., an 80 3HB-Sunburst and an early 78 Sunburst! Then some Monaco, Monaco Elites and SuperPros, Mirage Koa I and II, a fine Vintage S, Artist Korina HB with ****ing headstock-repair, Artist Korina 3P90 HFC, Artist P 90, Talladega, Talladega Pro, Special FM P 90, Special FM HB, T51, Special Jr. XT, Monaco XT, Sunburst GT XT P 90, 91 Sunburst with Stadium Logo, Prototype, Newport, Newport Pro, Duotone 3-hole, Daytona. And some Non-Hamers, too.
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    Fender Blues Jr., Fuchs ODS 30 112, AC 30 CC, Fender Pro Reverb, Peavey Delta Blues 115, Marshall 4110, Bulldog The Jack 18, Laney Lionheart, Soldano HR 50, and, hmmmmm!, some Komet and Gjika stuff.

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    My Wife, Music, Cycling, Literature, going outdoor

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  1. Have just discovered his current cd Neon Highway Blues. Hamerless, obviously, but a strong guitar-soaked album! Accompanied by Eric Gales, Lance Lopez, his own 17-year-old son and Josh Smith as guests.
  2. At least, it's not a Gildan! He's selling a beautiful 92 Sunburst on Reverb, too. A „10top“, easily, or even 1 more? Price maybe a little too optimistic as well. https://reverb.com/item/42097624-hamer-usa-sunburst-archtop-flametop-and-case?utm_content=feed_listings&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily-Feed-Email&utm_term=Feed Email
  3. Might perhaps react if you'd give him his „t“ back in the thread's title and his „f“ in your 1. post? 😎 Edit Sorry: Checked his name again, Jef doesn't own 2 „fs“, indeed. My bad!
  4. Said Sunburst is still up for sale and went down to 1990 Euros, meanwhile.
  5. Here you go, chap: https://reverb.com/item/41212015-hamer-usa-newport-pro-2000-2001-orange-sparkle-translucent-oshc-sd-seth-lover-pups?utm_content=feed_listings&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily-Feed-Email&utm_term=Feed Email Popped up on Reverb in my feed this morning.
  6. Hard to be surprised, after being onboard the HFC for all those years. But: This one from Reverb hit me like lightning (sic). Never seen an iteration of a wellknown shape like that before. Is it really calling my name? Regarding the name of the shop, it well might be, what you think? https://reverb.com/item/35517126-1997-hamer-archtop-korina-one-off-usa?utm_content=feed_listings&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily-Feed-Email&utm_term=Feed Email Breathtaking! No aff., just stoked.
  7. Watched the auction from here, Germany. Would have been a bit expensive to pull the trigger, with all that shipment, customs and taxes. So, happy to see it return back to the family! Congrats and play her loud.
  8. Could just be reason enough to say Goodbye to Munich, Bavaria and move to North Hollywood, CA. Let me think about that a while ... 😎
  9. He's one of my alltime favourite Tele whackers – by far! And such a humble guy, too. All two weeks he seems to have gotten another new Signature T-style axe. Was he ever seen with a T51? He should, imho. @mudshark: Thanks for digging this vid out!
  10. Fastest and most melodic fingers on the planet, ever!
  11. Well, that's the way books are made. No complaining. We can count ourselves lucky about The Book (and many more other books in general) came into existence as it is, at least. Thanks for that!
  12. Unfortunately, The Book doesn't mention the spoken 1990-Reissue of the flattop Sunburst. Or did I just not find it?
  13. Your tunes sound so smooth! I have a Fuchs ODS 30-Combo as my Go-to-Livingroom-Amp. Like it a lot.
  14. I doubt all my Hamers would fit upon a single gravestone. Should be an extra huge one, I guess.
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