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    Finally: A Std., an 80 3HB-Sunburst and an early 78 Sunburst! Then some Monaco, Monaco Elites and SuperPros, Mirage Koa I and II, a fine Vintage S, Artist Korina HB with ****ing headstock-repair, Artist Korina 3P90 HFC, Artist P 90, Talladega, Talladega Pro, Special FM P 90, Special FM HB, T51, Special Jr. XT, Monaco XT, Sunburst GT XT P 90, 91 Sunburst with Stadium Logo, Prototype, Newport, Newport Pro, Duotone 3-hole, Daytona. And some Non-Hamers, too.
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    Fender Blues Jr., Fuchs ODS 30 112, AC 30 CC, Fender Pro Reverb, Peavey Delta Blues 115, Marshall 4110, Bulldog The Jack 18, Laney Lionheart, Soldano HR 50, and, hmmmmm!, some Komet and Gjika stuff.

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    Munich, Bavaria
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    My Wife, Music, Cycling, Literature, going outdoor

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  1. As a little Good Bye & Fare Thee Well to Wilko: Watch the precise choreography and those trousers!
  2. Hi BTMN, a link to that site could eventually be helpful for all of us. Just to update some dates 😉 Thanks and GLWTS!
  3. RR and Keef are definitely not in the same ballpark.
  4. Might be this time horror-affine period around end of October. Halloween is getting hyped more and more over here, lately.
  5. Meanwhile, I was able to find this old thread from 2005: He, and many others, is named as an „artist“, not as an endorser. Famous other names are listed, too. @Serial knew a thing or two. I would like to know which model he played. Probably one from Kiz' former stable? 😉
  6. On his album Loud Music Grissom thanks „Hamer Guitars“. Despite he's known and pictured only with his PRS-axes, does anyone know, if he might have been a Hamerist in his earlier days?
  7. It's pretty hard to find a Special with a serialnr. without a leading 3. I have 2 of them, and most Specials I see online are like that. Seems, 1993 was a/that „Special“ year. (Ad-theme „Modern Vintage“; another time frame for hoarded Specials was around early 80ies. Anyone knows, why?
  8. Welcome to the club. Imagine, how this stuff would have impacted the nerves of a 20-year-old-self 😉
  9. ...and a 1984 Steve Stevens SS1 FR with a fitting T-Shirt (only in S, unfortunately), now too. Hell, yeah!
  10. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-musikinstrumente/hamer/k0c74 As there are atm: 1980 Special 1993 Special FM 1991 Sunburst Archtop 2004 Special Korina Jr. 1999 Standard Korina 90ies Centaura 1992 Special P90 Another 1991 Sunburst Archtop 1983 Phantom (I guess) 1985 Miller Music No affiliation as usual, just sayin'!
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