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    Finally: A Std. and an early 78 Sunburst! Then some Monaco, Artist Korina HB with ****ing headstock-repair, Artist Korina 3P90 HFC, Artist P 90, Talladega, Talladega Pro, Special FM P 90, Special FM HB, T51, Special Jr. XT, Monaco XT, Sunburst GT XT P 90, 91 Sunburst, Prototype, Newport, Monaco Super Pro, Duotone 3-hole, Daytona. And some Non-Hamers, too.
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    Fender Blues Jr., Fuchs ODS 30 112, AC 30 CC, Fender Pro Reverb, Peavey Delta Blues 115, Marshall 4110, Bulldog The Jack 18, Laney Lionheart, Soldano HR 50, and, hmmmmm!, some Gjika stuff.

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    Munich, Bavaria
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    My Wife, Music, Cycling, Literature, going outdoor

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  1. Hm, me thinks he mumbled Holy Grail. These would be the ones, everybody's been talking about for ages, no?
  2. Good idea, your headline saying “furniture“ guitars. Not “firewood“.
  3. Wow! That is clearly one of if not THE the first Hamer: A very scarce early 1952! Any early Les Paul can definitely go home! 😎
  4. To lead this thread a litle more back to its basics: A real sharky one's coming up over here at the Music Zoo. The story about it is to be read here: https://www.themusiczoo.com/blogs/news/evh-sharkhead-demo?goal=0_63363c100e-a91a661a37-263339625&mc_cid=a91a661a37&mc_eid=8e04d47dac
  5. Paging Terry McInturff: What odd model of Mirage could this be? Clearly a Mirage II with 2 HBs and volute, but sculpted neck heel like only a Mirage I had? Serial# is not clearly showing, could be a leading 8. This would make it one of the last Mirages. When experimentation started. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/hamer-studio-koa-natural-used-s698/15907602
  6. That one is sitting safely in Brent's man cave. Will turn up on TGP or MLPF, exclusively.
  7. Arlington Heights even delivered a manual/How-to-use-best, then:
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