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Help w/ Standard pupp change!!

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Guess I just got myself in trouble (and I know BCR will laugh his ass off) but here it goes.

I'm testing these german puppies which sound killer in our Hubers so I ordered two in zebra and am proceeding to swap 'em out into a standard custom.


the wiring channel is so tight it took me 20 something minutes to get just the neck pup wire (plastic coated) thru the first channel (the one between the two pup routs) and almost out to the control cavity.

This is insane...

How am I going to get the bridge lead thru the same hole, which is now reamed full with the pup selector lead (shielded w/plastic sleeve) AND the neck pup lead??

I could pull an old string through that hole to use it to eventually pull the bridge pup wire thru to the control cavity but I have to find a way of tying both together tightly and solidly....

Any other ideas / experiences you may care to share?

Thank y'all!

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Maybe a stupid idea but could

you use some lubricant like

teflon spray or something


Idea nr two: Remove all wires

from the hole, take a bass string and

run it through the hole and use it

to try and file the hole a little


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The swedish way, huh? :blink:

I'll try some lube with the bridge pup - the neck went through, at the end.

I would actually have to ream the hole wider with a drill bit, if anything - as the hole is too big for a bass string - but I don't want to do something even more stoooopid.

Tomorrow you'll know how it went...

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This thing is going nowhere.

I tried to make a noose out of an old G string (no pun intended, you perverts!!!).

Applied lube and tried pulling the whole thing through.


The noose simply skinned off the outer plastic layer and then severed the connectors.

This is sick.

Any good ideas are highly appreciated...

"JJ" Paul

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