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    1979 Sunburst Custom, 1979 Sunburst Custom natural, 1978 Standard, 1980 Standard, 1986 sustainblock archtop Sunburst Custom, 1989 Snakeskin Steve Stevens II, 1995 Korina Standard,
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    Marshall JMP 2104-1984, Marshall 4140 Club & Country-1980, Marshall Artiste 2040-plexi modded-1973, Fender Super Champ-1982.
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    Playing with the left and dipped in taco sauce, for that extra flavour.

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  1. I still have my signed picture disc EP of Fu*ck like a Beast. It's a classic!
  2. I get the best tones from this cap. Much better than any other.
  3. I bought two. Soon I will be super rich. When I sit in my new luxury castle and are buying up all the used Hamer's on the market, you will be sorry that you did not buy one too. Muhahahahaha!
  4. Rich is not a lightweiter, like Chris, looks like he could pack a punch. Good job. What a nutter, how old is the running guy? Like, grow up and get a life.
  5. Jimi learned Tax Free from the Swedish duo Hansson & Karlsson, which he jamed with in a basement in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. Fun story told by Hansson: Jimi told him to play a "G-minor". Hansson did not know what "G-minor" was, so he just "pressed down all the keys". Bo Hansson also wrote and recorded the album Music inspired by The Lord of The Rings, released world wide in 1972. Here is the original version of Tax Free:
  6. Great price. I just bought a '93 Special like that but converted to humbuckers. I had it at band rehersals friday, saturday and sunday last week. Man, it is a really killer guitar. It will be my main stage guitar from now on. (I can let my old Sunburst's rest a bit.) This Special is just as well built and it has got TONE. Plus, it has a super comfortable neck carve.
  7. Sunburst, Studio, Special, Special FM, Vanguard, Artist, Newport, Mirage, Phantom, Prototype - they are all great. The 70's to early 80's have their thing, if you are looking for something vintage to rival and old Gibson. The mid 80's to 1990:ish, if you are into the 80's. The 1990's come back of the Vintage Modern, which I love. The 1999 up until the end when it just got better and better, kinda. They are all great, but have differences. You have to try them until you find what you like, or buy one or more of each.
  8. I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you after. There were hardly any pictures of Hamer's on Instagram when I started it. I thought I might be a good idea to create something similar to the "member pages" we once had here, where you could share your Hamer pics. So, I am sharing common and rare Hamer's. It's supposed to be kind of a picture museum, and very much affiliated with the HFC. Anyone who want me to post something can send a pm. As long as the pics are of good enough quality I will put them up there. And if I have "borrowed" a picture or two from members here (or others), that for some reason wants them removed, just let me know.
  9. If this pedal gives you that guitar face, it must be awesome!
  10. So, the Mirage's has a volute. That is interesting. It must be the only Hamer model that had that, or am I wrong? @Travisyou are a lucky guy, all three look killer!
  11. I downloaded Little Radiator - thanks! I'm getting an awesome bass sound through my DAW with the Little Radiator and a little touch of the Steinberg DaTube plug in. KILLER! Just what I was looking for. Didn't cost me a cent, and I could play with this sound forever!!
  12. I would like to mess around with my bass at home. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on an amp. It's just for practise and noodling around. So, do you have any advice on how to get a good home bass sound with a very limited budget? It does not have to play loud at all. But bonus if I could use it as a pre-amp for recording with the DAW. No metal tones. Think groovy bass sounds.
  13. Who cares about the acoustic voice. HOW DOES IT SOUND CRANKED??! 😆
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