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  1. I tried to send a message to another member but I don't get the text editor to open. There is only a box for attachements. I can fill in the members name, and subject of the message, but no box to type the actual message. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Very sad to hear that. I will play my guitar with him in my thoughts tonight when I rehearse with the band. RIP HFC brother.
  3. How was Ratt? No Warren or Blotzer... Can't sound right at all.
  4. Korean is okay! These days I try to stay of anything Chinese, if I can. Lots of stuff is made in China, so it's hard. But I do what I can.
  5. Oh, think of all the lint, dirt, dead skin cells and sweat that can gather upp in there. Such a treat!
  6. Did I sell that to you? No, but seriously I had a blue one that I sold in the late 80s for 200 bucks. That was so dumb. I have wanted another one for years. But ad a zero to what I sold it for, to get a new one.
  7. That is a great song. And a great video, thanks for sharing. I loved Wilco up until Jankee Hotel Foxtrot. And the two albums they did with Billy Bragg. But after that I think they lost the plot. I think Tweed listened to much on Radiohead albums or something. I also liked the Mavis Staples albums that Tweedy produced. Good stuff.
  8. Does anyone have the "The Ultimate" logo scanned or in some other type of high res digital format? Like on Jols T.shirt. Now I expect two or three "no, I don't have the logo" replies in this thread. Zero "I have it and can mail it" reply. And 35 replies that in some way or the other comments or making fun of Jol. Edit: I think there was a store online that sold repros of this T-shirt some years ago. Can't find it now, anyone have a link?
  9. I had a friend who was from Isle of White, who was at that festival and saw Hendrix. My friend passed in 2002. I still miss him. We had loads of fun over the years, even though he was 20+ years older than me.
  10. My fav guitar duo, next to Gorham & Robertson, and Whitford & Perry.
  11. In a very peculiar non particular order I give you the first that comes to my mind, more than five (I give you some bonus names cause it's Friday): Phil Lynott Lemmy Bob Babbit Geezer Butler Bootsy Collins Paul Simonon Geddy Lee Duff McKagan Carol Kaye Prince
  12. That is sooo cool. Who never heard of Robin Crosby?? I'd trade my Dan Armstrong Hamer for that one, gawddammit. Here is Jol with Robin, and that very same Firebird.
  13. This is the story behind that cover: The band got the pressing for On Through The Night and were furious at the cover. The label choose it without the band even knowing. They hated it, such a bland design. It looks like a cover for your standard 70's AOR band. Just meh. So for their next album they wanted something special. They contacted the guys at Hipgnosis, who had done all the cool Pink Floyd covers, Led Zeppelin, ELO, AC/DC etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hipgnosis . They were THE art agency for cover art in the 1970's. Look at all the great covers they've done. But, as the band was still kinda un known, Hipgnosis presented them with this idea of the diver and the empty pool. The band loved it and took it on the spot. In later days Joe Elliot found out that this cover was initially made for PInk Floyd, but they rejected it. So it had been sitting on a shelve collecting dust for some years. Joe still loves this cover though, and it's a great story behind it. I love it too. Great artwork. Weird. But that album stood out on the shelves in the record stores, and I for certainly choose to spend my hard earned money on that album over some run of the mill Tygers of Pan Tang album. Most probably because of that cover. It told me this was not just another nwobhm album, it was something more. And it for sure was!
  14. The Monaco III and the Newport are not that similar I think. The MIII is like a maximized strat mixed with a Gibson JR. It has fat tones from the neck pickup and can sound awesome for harder rock on the bridge pickup. Killer tones. It does not have the same clean tones as the Newport either. It always keeps a little grease under it's finger nails. I love the MIII, one of the best Hamer models ever. It covers just about everything, you can get so many sounds out of it. The Newport does much, but It's not so good for harder rock, as it is more bright. It was designed to do the Gretch thing, and it is what it does best. The Newport is great, but not nearly as much fun as an MIII. My 2 cents on the matter....
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