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  1. Hamer headstocks often gets chips of paint missing around the tuners. I don't think I've ever seen this on old Gibsons etc. Why is this?
  2. Cool stuff. But, are you in Glasgow, Scotland? Why then are the lyrics in German? Not that I mind. Like I said, cool stuff, ineed!
  3. Looks cool all the way. I have a problem with those satin finishes. This one looks a bit like that. Some swear that the LPs made with satin finish years ago sound awesome, like from the first year they made those. My friend had one and it sounded great. I just could never bond with the feeling of that finish. But he could, so I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. Congrats on finding a good LP.
  4. I found this info " "We were touring in the US and a vintage guitar dealer came down to a show in Boston and flipped open about six boxes and I made a bee-line for this one guitar. He told me it was a ’59, but it was actually a ’57. I picked it up and it felt right. It sounded like a Thin Lizzy guitar. I asked our sound guy, Pete, what he was hearing and he just looked at me and said, “Buy it.” I looked down at the dealer and said, “Well, that just blew any negotiation on my part.” After a while, the wine red finish began to wear off and it appeared to have a gold top finish originally, so who knows what that guitar was."(from http://www.woodytone.com/2009/05/08/...t-gorham-info/ ) Its been covered many times on this forum. Its a '56 conversion with early Dimarzio PAFs. If i recall, someone on here worked at the shop that did the conversion. " https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?127565-Scott-Gorham-s-Deluxe
  5. Great tone. Great playing. Very inspiring to hear this. Thanks!
  6. His 2nd one, right? The first was the Deluxe that later got humbuckers. Scotts two, and Brians one, are my most legendary Les Pauls. The tones they created. Moore on Greeny was great too. But not as great.
  7. Bigsby ever time. Looks way cooler. Works like a charm. Easy to use. Not a Floyd Rose, but you can sound like Chris Isaaks rythm guitarist any day of the week.
  8. Who tried this? An interactive HFC jam? https://jammr.net/
  9. This is what you need. Buy it now. You won't find one again at this price.
  10. I will go down to the rehersal place tomorrow or thursday I hope. I might cook up a video for you all then. As I will there alone I might even wear womens lingerine.
  11. Some Marc Bolan for some Saturday night groove.
  12. I use the red jazz III Dunlops. Most of the time.
  13. Practicing a fast metallica style riff. Trying to get it right and tight. Whats your best pick hand practice routines for fast riffs? Whats your favourite fast riff pick design and thickness?
  14. Man, I've played those three Television albums so I amost wore them out. Even the 1992 reunion album is great. I came to realise just now that I have not heard the live album. Need to check that one out. Tom Verlaine has done some great solo albums too. I picked up a bunch of them in 2nd hand vinyl shops. Very much worth checking out. Richard Lloyd is a killer guitarplayer. But Tom is not bad either. Richard and Robert Quine, those two guys pretty much defined the New York guitar sound. Edit: I just remembered this from Richard Lloyds homepage. About how he recorded his 2nd solo album in Stockholm, Sweden in the mid 80's. It's a good read. https://richardlloyd.com/rlnotes.htm
  15. You refret it. And the nibs will most probably have to be sacrificed. No biggie. It's what happens. The guitar is great, you played it a lot. It will need maintenance. Some luthiers can do it and keep the nibs, but it's very expensive. So unless you have a 50's LP I'd say don't bother. Live with it. And be proud that you are infact a player, not a guitar collector. https://hazeguitars.com/blog/the-great-big-gibson-fret-nib-debate
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