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  1. They should definitely give us free samples of the new stuff to try out. One guitar for each member. It's called "a focus group".
  2. This is the new 2020 Hamer (made by Washburn) model apparently. They improved the Sunburst/Studio and made some tweaks.
  3. I bet in less than three months time you will have place a custom order for a Hamer Scarab with a Wonder Bar tremolo system.
  4. Nice colour on the guitar. The woman with the page cut shure had an annoying voice. Good to see that Brian seemed to have fun.
  5. I never really liked Jack Whites voice, it's kinda annoying. Love Grohl. One of the last big rock stars.
  6. Good speakers is a must. Once you have gone down that way it's impossible to choose another route. I have a pair of Swan M1's and a Swan sub. Ribbon tweeters two way speakers. Very revealing, but they sound totally awesome. Looking however to change the system out to just a pair of active monitors, a sub and a good RIAA, vinylplayer and a CD player.
  7. He was ill for over 10 years. I would suspect he had this shit taken care of. If not, then he was a fool. If I ever get married again I am gonna have documents signed that sees to it that my kids get everything, if I pass. And right away. Only stuff or property that I would buy together, after the marriage, would go to my new wife - her rightful 50% share - but that would require that she paid for half of it. I don't think I will ever buy property with a woman again. If I pass on I want my property to go to my kids right away, not sit there for years with my new wife, so they won't get an
  8. The more you drink the better the Gerdishswermanish gets!
  9. A friend in class, when I was 12, brought the first VH album, and Women and Children First, to school. And we all know that Jimi Hendrix and Eddie were the best players in the world. So we hard rockers were listening and talking about how great and unplayable (for ordinary humans) Eruption was. But I never really got in to VH more than that. I was an AC/DC and and Iron Maiden head then. But I remember when Diver Down came out. That was a big thing in school. At 13-14 I had my first summer job at the back office of Lintas ad agency. One cool guy at there in his early thirties gave me a 90
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