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  1. Original or not, I have loved that guitar since it first saw it some years ago. It's stunning. Keep it. Save up for another Standard. A man need at least two. That is minimum.
  2. Yes, the one on Ebaykleinanzeigen. Had a hard time deciding if to buy it or not. But the price was okay, the guy selling her seemed legit and I even did two video calls with him before I pulled the trigger. And the guitar definately needed to be resqued from the madness. So I took her to a safe house for molested Hamer's. Fed her new pickups and a new, original type, bridge and now she's her normal self again.
  3. Haha, no shit they don't accept that! I went to some therapy after this mishap, this past fall. And I'm am 100% sure it's borderline. But when I have mentioned it to her, suggesting she should get more help, she just blocked me on Instagram, Whatsap and Messenger. Pretty funny, actually. edit: she also stole the cat we had bought together. A Russian Siberian cat. Cost a fortune. Claming "we never bought it together, it's just mine".
  4. Good and bad things happened. Bad: got covid in March. Was sick as a dog. But recovered in full and I came out sexier than ever. The lady I have been living with for two years turned out to be adhd and borderline, the whole 2020 was terrible as she got diagnosed and got of her antidepresants in January 2020 (it was hell) and then got on adhd medication which was equally bad. We sold the house in June. Got an okay price and I moved into town, short term lease, with my two kids. We have had a great time since, the three of us. Good: I found a great apartment just north of town that I
  5. That guitar is cool and ugly at the same time. Quite an achievement. I kinda like it.
  6. If the finish looks like a pro job I'd keep it. If it looks and feels dodgy then I would seriously consider a re-fin. If the guitar is a keeper that is.
  7. Thanks for the info. As I figured. Here is mine. This is a photo from one of the previous owners and when I now look closely at this pic I think I see a Nashville bridge. Good, as I just bought a new original type Schaller bridge for it. Just ready to be installed to bring it back to it's original glory. Lollar P90's in this one though, they sound good.
  8. Yes, it was a scene. Everyone stole from everyone. But look at it this way, KISS has led many rock fans to discover The New York Dolls later on. Probaly more interest in the Dolls over the years thanks to KISS makin' it big time. It's like saying Billy Idol sold out punk. Well, perhaps he did. But he was still great in his hay days.
  9. Is that a TOM bridge on that one? Is it a Tone pros? I have that one mine. Always thought it was a replacement. But is yours original from the factory? It looks just like on mine, with the saddle adjustments screws facing the pickups. What year is that MIII from? Love it btw!!!
  10. In the mid 70s I was six. We loved KISS. And we heard stories about the crazy Dolls. The record cover for their first album was just for real, compared to KISS more McDonald like approach - which hit us right where it was supposed too. And the stories we heard about the Dolls.... That they took turns shitting on the floor in a super market, and other weird stuff. They were just to much and to wild for us. I don't think I even heard their music until I was a teenager and saw Buster Pointexter on some tv-show (and thought he was just about the coolest dude...).
  11. There is a documentary on Kane too. Very much worth watching, if you are into the Dolls and the scene they represented.
  12. If you have not seen this, it's a must see. It looks so innocent now. But then they were considered a dangerous band. Priceless fotage.
  13. So you actully have to meet the guy if you buy it? That is a deal breaker for me. I don't like his looks.
  14. I saw the reunion version of The Dolls around 2006. Great show. Syl was on fire and looked so happy. Great memory. Fuck cancer.
  15. MIII's are some of Hamer's finest indeed. Not many out there. Hope you find one! Good luck.
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