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    1979 Sunburst Custom, 1979 Sunburst Custom natural, 1978 Standard, 1980 Standard, 1986 sustainblock archtop Sunburst Custom, 1989 Snakeskin Steve Stevens II, 1995 Korina Standard,
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    Marshall JMP 2104-1984, Marshall 4140 Club & Country-1980, Marshall Artiste 2040-plexi modded-1973, Fender Super Champ-1982.
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    Playing with the left and dipped in taco sauce, for that extra flavour.

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    Stockholm SWEDEN. Home of the Pripps Blå and skärgårdsbrännvin.
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  1. 4-digit or Korina Standard Korina Vector 79 Sunburst Custom Monaco III
  2. I hope they had fun, but I don't feel a need to listen to this twice. Not that it was bad. I miss INXS.
  3. Neither the Newport or Super Pro that Ting Dung Who asks about have solid wood under the bridge pup. The are hollow bodies. The pickup basically sits in the cavity, only held in place by the pickup frame.
  4. The Super Pro and the Newport are different animals. Both are hollow bodies, but with different scale length. And the Newport has a spruce top, Phat Cats and a Bigsby. The Newport is twangier in sound. I have never tried the Monaco Monaco, but I suspect I'd like it a bit more than the Super Pro even, as it has a center block. The lack of center block under the bridge pup in the Super Pro can make it sound like a big acoustic if the bridge pickup is of a low output type (PAF type of output). I must have had about 7 to 10 humbuckers in the bridge position in mine. I liked an old Burstbucker and the old Duncan JB I have in it now the most. The Burstbucker made the SP sound like a Keith Richards wannabee through my Fender amps, just awesome and Stonesy. But the guitar sounded to acoustic through my old Marshalls, when driven harder. The JB keeps the SP tight and focused when played through a cranked amp through a 4x12 cab. Then it can sound fantastic. But it has a ballsy bass output and it's pretty middy too. I try to dial that out a bit. It's a great rock guitar with the JB in the bridge. Sounds like a fat baryton Les Paul, kinda. I have an old Custom in the neck. It's a great neck pickup in this guitar. And oh, I keep the volume on both the neck Custom and the bridge JB on around 7-8 almost always. Makes them sound like a good pair of PAF's. And when I need more humph I roll up the up JB to 10, for solos and when I want to make a lot of evil noise.
  5. I've seen Mothörhead perhaps 10 times over the years. First time must have been in 1984. One of the two loudest concerts I've ever been to was an outdoor festival Motörhead show. It was so loud it was really painful. And back then I was hardened. But Mikkey Dee's toms were even louder in the mix. So everytime he did a roll over the toms it actually became silly loud. All I could do was laugh. The loudest show was Spiritualized, indoors, at a festival. I was drunk out of my head and that volume just sent me into some shaman trip. My ears rang for weeks. The bad thing is I can't remember if I ever saw The Ramones. I have been to festivals where they played. I might have been there. For sure not sober if I was, 'cause then I would have remembered. Bums me out.
  6. I've tried a bunch of overdrives with my Marshalls. Some sound just about the same when heard through the bands full blast. Some does sound differend. In the end I have found that I try to dial them in to sound pretty much the same. I love the Fulltone Catalyst. It's supposed to be based on the OCD. So a OCD is on my list to try. So far I am pretty happy with the Solodallas STORM. Great with the JMP, can ad a bit to much brightness to the JCM800.
  7. What's a "GE"? I am looking for a v1,4 version.
  8. Is that his real hair? Looks funny. But he comes off like a really nice guy,
  9. Billy on this one as well. Not TOTP. It's the Old Grey Whistle Test.
  10. I was dodging work and took a trip out surfing the waves of the world wide web (youtube that is). Holy malony Batman. Crapped my pants. Phil and Brian, with Huey Lewis (The New guy) and Billy Bremner doing a song I never heard Phil do. And that guitar!!!! The holy Rockpile Grale! The Dan Armstrong Sunburst. This song was a single B-side on the "Together" single. It is not included on the Phil Lynott Solo Album. Way cool that he choose to perform it on TOTP. This is a rare clip!
  11. Love me some Joe Walsh and Sheryl Crow, with Audley Freed playing rythm, on a Thursday morning!
  12. You went blind because the horns poked both your eyes out.
  13. This looks promising. Way cool. We could all form a long distance HFC Allstars! https://elk.live/
  14. Conny is a more fun player than the True Temper guys in that video, and the girl too, who I never heard of. This interview is from last night. With Ryan Roxie, Alice Coopers guitarist (ex. Slash Snakepit). I just found out that Ryan rehearses in the room next to ours, funny. He lives in Sweden. Conny is an old friend and he is 100% for real, and probaly the best player I know.
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