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  1. Prices in Europe are uneven. On a good day even a dot neck Sunburst (78 to 80 perhaps) can fetch a bit over 2000 €uro. But I've seen them go for much less. I think that in those cases the sellers don't know what they have been worth. I scored a 78 Sunburst at a stellar price in Denmark last year. Flamed tops seem to go for more than the ones in solid colours. A nice flamed burst bound and crowned from 78-79 could go for over 25000 €uro. Guitarpoint in Germany has sold some old Hamer's at quite high prices in the last couple of years. Some examples: https://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/hamer/1979-hamer-sunburst-flametop1 https://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/hamer/1982-hamer-sunburst-flametop https://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/Hamer/1979-Hamer-Sunburst-Sunburst https://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/hamer/1980-hamer-special-cherry If your red one (81?) is all original exept for the pickups, and else in good condition I think you should try to sell it somewhere between 2000 and 2500 €uro. The natural one, if all original and in good condition should be worth about the same. If the pickups are non-original you should deduct about 200-300 €uros at least.
  2. I have not done this. But on my only bolt on, the Hamer T51, the fit of the neck pocket is Hamer superior. No need to do anything there. What I have done though is a trick I learned some years ago. You loosen your strings a great deal, but they should still have good tension. Then unscrew the four bolts holding the neck just slightly. This could create slight little "pop", when the neck jumps back in it's pocket half a millimeter or more. It did so on my T51. Then tighten the screws again as much as you can. I did this and to my ears it improved the tone slightly. Could be imagination. But still worth doing as it is such an easy fix.
  3. Some had the Copeland some had the EMG Hex-A cirquit. I don't know which years Hamer put in either one of these systems in to the T62 and Vintage-S models. But I think the EMG Hex-A is more reliable. The Copeland cirquit seems to have a tendency to break down.
  4. I wonder how many parts of wood are glued together under that finish? I looked at one of these new Explorers the other week. It had a three or four piece body. Did not look all that great up close. Kinda sloppy put together with very visible seams between the parts. The other guitarist in my band bought one of these new Vee's recently. Almost unplayed, from someone who got it in a trade from a music store. It's an okay vee. But it also looks a bit cheap up close with visible seams. More than two pieces of wood in the body. And the mahogany, or what ever kinda wood it is...?, does not look nearly as great as the mahogany used in my 1991 Les Paul classic, or any of my Hamer's for that matter - but they are in a class of their own.
  5. This makes me really sad. I saw Rush once. One of the best gigs I've ever seen. I wanted it to never end, and it was a long show as it was. Pearts lyrics took me through some tough times when I was a teenager. I started to listen to Rush with All The Worlds A stage and the earlier stuff. But it was Power Windows and Hold Your Fire that were the most important albums to me at the time. Perhaps because I bought them when they came out. They were not "old" records at the time. Grace Under Preassure also made a big impact then, due to it's apocalyptic soundscape and dark futuristic lyrics. Great great great drummer, one of the most technically skilled ever. I would not use the word "groovy" and Neil Peart in the same scentence. But he had such feel in his drumming, such musicality. He tought me a lot about listening to music. And as a lyricist he always wrote from the heart. Honest, thoughtful. Sometimes a bit goofy, but still great. My teenage dreams were fueled by those lyrics. And when I read Ghostrider I think my eyes teared more than once, such a tough thing to go through. Losing your child and then your spouce. He lived a great life for sure. But also had to see a lot of tragedies. And then to get brain cancer at past 60. When all he should be doing was to sit back, enjoy life with his wife and children and get older with grace. This is a great watch. Not much Neil innit. But what a cool show. Alex just rips on that 335.
  6. No Floyd Rose or Kahler on that thing. That makes it so desirable.
  7. Forget about his bloody voice. The way he moves, the way he moves....!!!! He looks like he's a 90 year old woman and in desperate need of a stroller.
  8. I have heard that those guitars are a total knock out!
  9. Never tried one of those. Almost bought one a couple of times. They used to be the only option for a good low wattage Marshall ten years ago. Now there are many models out there between 1 to 20 watts, so these Studio 15's are not so hot any more (if they ever been?). Saw and ad for one just now for 400$. I sent the seller a message. We'll see if it's still there, then I'll take it. Would be fun to try it out.
  10. What's a Marshall Studio 20? Do you mean the 80's Marshall 6V6 amp, the Studio 15?
  11. I put this on my will listen asap list.
  12. @AndyD and @Kalessin - and there might be a few others...?
  13. Hope all is well with all you Australian HFC'ers. It does not look good on the European news channels
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