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  1. Disturber

    Newport Pups

    What I was asking in a thread last week. I'm still considering trying them out. I'd prefer, 'cause they look fancy, to keep the original metal pickup surrounds. But the Triple Shot pickup surrounds might be nescessary to bring out the best of the P-rails... That is a bummer.
  2. Disturber

    MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams': 50th anniversary

    Kick out the Jams. A milestone. A blue print for many bands who followed. None as great as the original.
  3. Disturber

    Buying a guitar from Italy (to the UK)

    If you hurry before you Brits leave the EU there will be no extra tax or custom fees etc. And hopefully no cites issues as it won't pass through any customs.
  4. Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley. Because when I was six I did not know what a bass guitar was. I thought all three - Gene, Ace & Paul - played electric guitar. And Keef and Ron Wood.
  5. Certainly not. Done by a moron.
  6. It's here in Sweden. But not in Stockholm. If anyone is interested and need some assistance drop me a p.m. It seems the guitar is missing it's original Hamer Case. One, or all, of the pickups might not be original.
  7. It has been re-fretted, says so in the ad. Nut might need adjustment, or replaced. It's a 37 year old guitar.
  8. Disturber

    Lubritrak Nut

    I think he ment "soap impregnated plastic". Soap is slippery, and also stays clean, so you don't have to clean the nut either.
  9. Disturber

    Newport Pups

    Also interested in trying TV jones. I never bonded with the Phat Cats. Just to shrill and metallic sounding. Have humbuckers in it now. Much better. Been thinking of trying a set of 57 Classics too, or to go down the TV Jones route (Powertrons), just because....
  10. Disturber

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    Does it come with a JB/59 combo?
  11. Disturber

    Is it possible to learn the drums at 48?

    I'm playing drums as often as I have time. I've recently moved to a new house, so the kit has been stored away, but I will set it up any day. Also plan to practice more skateboarding. This guy learned it when he was in his 60's. Such an inspiration: https://truththeory.com/2018/10/03/meet-neal-unger-sixty-years-old-skateboarder/ You got to live now.
  12. Disturber

    Glenn Tipton

    If he was a serious drinker, alcohol might have made it worse. I still think they should bring KK back. Maybe he was not as speedy in the fingers, but he always looked way cooler on stage. 😄
  13. Sick top on that Studio. That is a bargain price!! 💗
  14. Disturber

    Ace Frehley Anomaly

    Have they asked him now? https://tonedeaf.com.au/ace-frehley-kiss-farewell-tour/ If he's on board, and they should bring back Peter too, then I will be there to see this charade of a cirkus one more time. Only seen kISS once, in 1986. Paul fell of the stage. I think he was drunk or stoned. Very funny it was.
  15. Disturber

    Glenn Tipton

    Is he drinking still? http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/k-k-downing-says-he-tried-talking-to-glenn-tipton-about-his-drinking-that-didnt-get-me-anywhere/ Rob should bring back K.K. He should be in the band. "Rob and Scott knew why I quit. They knew exactly why I quit. Once that wasn’t going to be an issue anymore, I thought they might say, “Well, this happened. You fancy another crack at it?” I don’t think they’ve got a voice, if I was honest." https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/ex-judas-priest-guitarist-kk-downing-talks-heavy-metal-new-book-jimi-hendrix-728477/