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  1. Some idiots should be banned with using any tool what so ever. And wtf is "sex wax". Oh, really, I don't want to know. Now I have pictures on my retina of Brent pouring wax all over his body. And them putting the wax in the pickups. That is sick, for real. But other than that, great story!
  2. Congrats! Love black Studios. I too prefer Dimarzio's mostly. Got Duncans in two of my Hamer's. The rest have Dimarzio's.
  3. https://reverb.com/item/5686660-hamer-usa-flying-v-vector-korina-1995 https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/hamer-usa-korina-vector-sale-or-trade-for-r9-or-black-beauty.2178581/ https://www.guitarhouse.net/listing/hamer-korina-vector-v-1997/13871181 https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:r_FA7MrZg-UJ:https://www.gbase.com/gear/hamer-vector-korina-2005-natural+&cd=1&hl=sv&ct=clnk&gl=se I think asking price was 4500 for this one, can't remember. But it sold pretty quickly. https://guitarpoint.de/en/product/2006-hamer-vector-korin
  4. Still cheaper than this one. https://reverb.com/item/39185963-echopark-flamed-korina-flying-v-albert-58-custom edit: price for the one in the link the OG posted is 6100$? Going rate recently on these that I've seen has been between >3000 to 4500, (even up to 5000 $ and above on rare occasions).
  5. Yeah, true. I was just making a joke. That price is 1000 to 1500 above todays going rate I'd say.
  6. Depends on your aquired taste I guess. 😅 But the restored film quality is fantastic. Like it was shot yesterday.
  7. It is standard procedure on this board. I saw the same thing last week on the Hamer Facebook page. 😄
  8. If you like early Genesis then this is a gem. I am one of those guys who perhaps prefer the years with Collins as a singer, (part from their 1991 album We Can't Dance). But this is going to be a good watch. Have only seen parts of it so far. Might be time to get in to those Peter Gabriel albums a little deeper.
  9. He's doing some serious shredding at the end. But more beautiful playing earlier on. Looks like the Newport has humbuckers, not Phat Cats. Is that Kenny Aronoff behind the drum kit? It's hard to see, but could be...?
  10. It's been so many shows and my memory slips me. But I only saw Rush once, and it was really one of those show I never wanted to end. Magic. Prince, every time. But the Lovesexy tour was special with the basket ball court, the Thunderbird on stage. And he and the band was on fire. And Prince Superbowl on youtube. Although I only saw it on the screen, still the best performance from anyone. Ever. Green Day, indoor show at a small arena. I don't know if you remember, but between the mega success of Dookie and the comback with American Idiot, the band had some tougher years whe
  11. Wish I'd been there to see it. Sounds legendary! I saw one of The Jesus & Mary Chains last shows before they called it day (they have later reformed). The Reid brothers were drunk. At least one of them was. And they started to fight on stage, throwing fists. It was awesome. Bad gig perhaps, but so legendary. Would now have missed it for the world. Worst gig I have ever seen: HOLE in 1999 at a Swedish festival. Courtney was high or drunk or just out of it on her own love for herself. She kept spitting at the security and calling them names Then she urged the crowd to come up on
  12. 100 posts. Lame. I thought this thread was about that you just bought your hundred guitar (preferably hundred Hamer guitar). 😄
  13. He is great. I had tea with him once (true story).
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