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  1. As long as you have a solid block underneath the bridge then it's possible for sure.
  2. I think GHS is a great album. It came out after Exile, so it's was a pretty impossible task to top that album to begin with. But it has some great songs on it and it's just as good as It's only RnR and Black and Blue. (...Black and Blue being on of my favourite Stones albums, they were never as groovy as on that album). But I am one of those who thinks that Stones best period was between 1971's Sticky Fingers up until 1981's Tattoo You. Those 10 years are remarkable, not one bad album in that streak. I know many will dissagree with me. Its kinda impossible to discuss which reincarnation of the Stones that was the best. I grew up with this music, and these albums in many ways moulded my musical taste. The mix of RnB and disco grooves and even the influence of new wave and punk. The sound of 1970's production. The horn arrangements and the saxophone parts. The guitarplaying styles and the way Mick delivers his vocals. I grew up with Rod Steward and the Faces and Ron Wood era Stones. And I think Ron is way underrated. I compare him a lot to Jimmy Page. Kinda a sloppy player, but the same unique groovy timing and great with riffs. Compare his catalogue of work: with The Faces, Rod's solo album, The Stones, his own solo albums and other releases, with the output of Mick Taylors catalogue. It says a lot.
  3. A great way to start of a friday afternoon. Drinking a cool amber lager, checking out the new Stones video.
  4. That is what I do when it comes to CD's and LP's. I don't know how many times I have bought something I already had. "Wow! I found this LP at a bargain, I need it so bad". Comes home. "DOH! Had it already...!"
  5. Most cables sound good to me, exept for this one old Schaller cable that I have, perhaps four-five meters long, might be a 70's or 80's cable. It sounds like shit. Kinda harsh and unpleasant. I would really like to know why it sounds so different. It is just twisted copper wire in a long plastic tube, with a tele plug in each end. Could it be the quality of the copper wire? Things like this makes me lie awake at night....
  6. Just got this brand new release - Blueray/2xCD pack - in the mail. Will be a good view, with a mandatory beer.
  7. That is not how it works for me. I am kinda focused on getting a guitar just right. If I like the guitar then I might spend time finding the pickups for it that works best for me (sounds the best). Or if it's an older Hamer then it can take time to fully dial in the old Dimarzios. Or I might like the guitar but there is something in how it sounds and plays that is not fully right, so I have to leave it for a fret dressing or a set up. When I finally am 100% happy with how the instrument feels and plays then I hate to let it go. Then another Hamer pops up somewhere where I can lay my hands on it, so I buy that too telling myself I need to let one go. But I can not part with one of the old ones. I like 'em to much. So the pile has been building. I'm in Europe and as everyone knows Hamer's are not that easy to find here. I know that if I sell one I will most likely not find one like it again. So I tend to hold on to what I got.
  8. I love that SS, one of the coolest I've seen. I think I'd hit it if I'd been in the states and if that is not a broken headstock. Why are there no screws for the tuners, that is suspicious too.
  9. That was a great clip! The good old days! Some questions: 1) can you use that rig at home to get Teds sound at bedroom levels, if you use an attenutor? (if you have a big bedroom....) 2) is he chewing a gum or is he on speed?
  10. Very interesting. Waiting for @JohnnyB to chime in.
  11. Never heard of this? Explain more. Do you play the records wet? What kinda vinyl player does that? What's your setup? Pics, youtube clip?
  12. Cool. My 2nd guitar, that I worked a whole summer to afford, wishing it would not sell from that shop window, was a white Ibanez SG (old Ibanez logo on headstock) with a bolt on neck. It was white and someone had added a third humbucker. Loved that thing. Can't remember why I sold it...
  13. Moz has done some good stuff. He's weird. But that cool. His latest album is pretty good actually.
  14. That is because Swedish Heavy Metal hits harder. It's better for you. edit: I was talking to a guy who toured with Watain in Australia. Upon arrival the band bought all this raw flesh and meat and skins and stuff to put on stage, as they could not bring their own props due to import restrictions and what have you. After the shows the just threw it in the back of the van. At the end of the tour the it was kinda moving by itself because of all the maggots and stuff. And the smell, he said. Haha, these guys are 4 real.
  15. The guys haircut does not really do the guitar justice.
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