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  1. Brian is always an inspiration. Not that I have even 1% of his talent when it comes to lay down a guitar solo. Kurt Cobain has been an inspiration, which might sound weird. But his style is just so raw. John Frusciante is in that category too. Just digging in, all levels up. And they can both be soft when needed. When ever I feel shy because I lack chops or techique I think of Kurt. Let your emotions out, does not matter if it's not all flashy and tight. Just dig in, do your thing.
  2. Big Black Crowes fan here. There is no Crowes for me without Gorman. He is one of my favourite drummers. And it should also be Sven Pipien on bass, or Johnny Colt. I think The Magpie Salute are a good subsitute for the Crows. I rather go see them than a "Crows" gig without Gorman. It would only be about the money. Chris Robinson Brotherhood are to weird for me. I hate that bloody organplayer who never shuts up. It's like Lord of the damn Rings every time he plays his jolly licks. Really, really irritating sound on that damn thing he plays. I picture myself that he is wearing a jester hat on stage, and boots that has curls by the toes. edit, found this. Gorman does not seem up for it. Sad. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/steve-gorman-black-crowes-2019/
  3. Kids do still play. Here is from last night. A guy I know arranged a rock/pop night for young kids. This young dude showed up:
  4. I have never had a problem with an ordinary tuno-o-matic so I would not see the point.
  5. I think it would be a cool device to cut vinyl of your own material. We recorded our album digitally, and mixed it digitally through an analog board, then we sent it for mastering. We paid for a CD mastering, an mp3 mastering and a vinyl mastering. We got the files back in digital format. And we used the files mastered for vinyl to cut 500 LPs and a good pressing facility. The vinyls came out fantastic sounding. Im very happy. A machine like this could be cool to cut your own EPs in smaller batches. Lets say we cut 10 EPs and sell them at our next gig. Now that is pretty limited an unique. A very cool thing to share. I think that if this machine works it could be a great thing for artists who wants to do smaller numbers of vinyl. Just need to be very careful with the mastering. I don't think it is something one should do at home. So there is the catch.
  6. 4 real? Very cool if it is. https://www.nme.com/news/music/phonocut-machine-means-you-can-make-own-vinyl-records-2556107 https://phonocut.com
  7. Peter. The Yoda of Hamer Guitars! I will mail you! Cheers!!!! 👿😄
  8. Something popped up, unexpectedly. (Like you ever would expect a 78 Custom Sunburst to just pop up....). I found this one in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sent the seller an email. She responded that she did not want to ship the guitar. I was abroad on a trip, but she kindly agreed to hold it for me until I could work something out. This Saturday I jumped on a train at 06:20 a.m. Five hours later I was in Copenhagen and met the lovely Camilla, who had inherited the guitar. From a guy who had approx 200 vintage guitars. She did not get all of them, but she also got a 1954 tele, a Gibson es335 sunburst from 1967, a Gibson les Paul custom from 1955, Gibson les Paul SG from 1962 and a Gibson les Paul reissue from 1994. (These are all for sale, except for the 1954 Tele. Not cheap, but if anyone is interested I can set you in contact with her). I got to try the guitar out at her home, got to look at some other cool old guitars and her husband fixed me some coffee. Just great people. Then they drove me back to the station and I took the train back, on the same day. Guitar safari at it's best. I will post more pics as soon. But this early 78 Sunburst Custom is in great condition. Frets are good, no repairs, the b&c neck is dead straight. And the neck shape is very similar to the great 1995 Hamer neck carves that I love.
  9. I need to read that book! Are you following him in Instagram. The short videos he does are totally funny. https://www.instagram.com/jonesysjukebox/?hl=sv
  10. Congratulations. I found a snakeskin Chap a few years ago. The seller sent the guitar in the case, no cardboard box or anything. It arrived with the headstock broken. Glad your Chap arrived safely!
  11. It is a bloody great album. His first solo album is also very good, maybe even slightly better. He wrote a lot of the material for Iggy Pops Instinct album. And he was in the Neurotic outsiders with Duff McKagan. Good album. And The Professionalls with Paul Cook.
  12. Found this on Wikipedia. Anyone seen him with a Hamer? Pics? He's a great player. And one hell of a funny dude. Hi's Instagram account is priceless. Love the part with stolen amps. He was known to steal whatever he could lay his hands on. "While Jones typically since the 1980s plays through Marshall JCM 800 Stacks, he used a silverface Fender Twin Reverb (reportedly stolen from Bob Marley at the Hammersmith Apollo) with Gauss speakers to record Never Mind The Bollocks.[24][25] He also used Musicman Amps and a Fender Super Reverb during the 1978 US Tour. Currently, Jones also plays Hamer Sunburst double-cut guitars, and prefers the White Les Paul Custom as his primary guitar." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jones_(musician)
  13. A hard decision. If they would make me dig my own grave, then I'd take the one most useful as a showel. But if it's to play, then these two, most probably. 2005 Korina Standard 1979 Sunburst Custom
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